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N Nov 20, 2017

Good Morning... I would like to share with you our experience on the Carnival Sunshine...
First, I would like to say my husband and I were first time cruisers. We took a year to plan our trip and made sure we added all the extras because we were not sure of what we would like. This trip was suppose to be a time for my husband and I to reconnect after my battles with cancer. Instead this trip became a nightmare. I am going to give you a run down on our experience...
Trip information:
Carnival Sunshine---- Nov. 12-18, 2017
Ward-- Folio number 6772
Cabins- 7236 and 8244

When we arrived in Florida we were greeted with friendly faces in the actual loading area where we get our keys. Because we had purchased the faster to fun the getting on the boat was pretty smooth. But once we got on the boat that was the last time the staff was friendly. It was complete chaos on the boat and being that my husband and I were new cruisers we were not sure of what to do or go. Our first experience was going to deck 9 where the food and bar was. We were greeted with a server who offered us a bar drink. We thought hey we are on vacation lets get a drink. The server stated the drink was 7.95 and if we got the drink in a souvenir cup it was 12.95.. We decided to get the souvenir cup for 12.95. He scribbled the info on a tab and took my folio number. Pretty simple, right? Two drinks @ 12.95 each.. As we wandered through the ship we were unable to connect to the Wi-Fi which I had prepaid for so we headed down to the guest service area to ask a question. This is where most of our issues stem with. The guest service staff were not friendly and were not trained well. We waited in line for 45 minutes to speak to someone to only find out later because we purchased the faster to fun pass we could of skipped that wait but no one ever told us that. Once we could speak to someone about the internet she was able to get it connected for us. I asked her about our billing and all the items we pre-paid for. She printed me a printout so we could see things. That is where we saw that those 2 drinks that we had purchased a few hours before were on our bill and the cost was $51.00... I am asking how 2 drinks at 12.95 each can add up to $51.00.. The guest service rep is clueless.. And continues to tells us that is the charge and we will have to pay it.. This is DAY ONE!

On Tuesday in the early hours (4am) we were woke up by a lot of noise outside of our room. My husband gets out of bed and to his horror steps onto the floor into at least an inch of water. Your first thought is the boat is sinking. He wakes me and I jump out of bed. Our cabin floor was flooded with water.. After we realized we were not sinking we called guest services who acted like we were exaggerating on the situation. 2 hours later, yes I said 2 hours before someone came to our room to investigate. The floor was indeed flooded and it was a lot of water. Every question we asked was either responded with a clueless look or with no answer. We were told to go to cabin 8244 which was one deck above us to sleep if we could. We were told to leave all of our items in our cabin 7236. And they will resolve the problem. We grabbed a change of clothes because it was port day and never went to room 8244 because who can go back to sleep after that. Later that night as we got back on the boat from our day at Amber Cove we went to our cabin 7236. To our shock we found the room torn apart and all the wet stuff, bedding pillows, etc on top of all of our personal items. My make up, medicines, clothes, wig etc. And like I said in the beginning of this post I have been battling cancer and my immune system is compromised. So I was not happy to see such disregard for our personal items. We immediately went to Guest services. We spent another 45 minute but this time speaking to the rep who could NOT give us any answers. Where did the water come from? Was it sewer water? What are they going to do? No answers to any of these questions when I asked if there was anyone that could help us we were given the blank stare again and told they would get back to us. Later that night we went back to guest services and asked to speak to the hotel director. There was resistance on doing that but eventually we got a housekeeping manager that stated they were trying to dry out the carpeting and were still investigating the issue. We were told to go to cabin 8244 and sleep there but again we were told to leave all of our personal items in cabin 7236. I am now very upset and the housekeeping manager tells us that she will refund us one day which was 229.60 not sure where that amounts came from but that is what she did and offered for us to eat at the steakhouse ( which again comping us a meal is no money out of carnivals pocket ). Its late now and we head back to room 8244 and decide to sleep with the thought that someone would get our room fixed and will keep us informed. Wednesday morning 11/15 we wake up and decide to check on our room cabin 7236. Again the carpets are still soaked and the blowers are in there trying to dry them out, again all of the wet items are still on our personal stuff. Its a port day so we get off the boat but by now my vacation has been ruined and I just want to go home! We get back to the boat go back to guest services and we are told again that they are working on the problem so again we are in limbo with no cabin. By 10 pm we go back to guest services and we are told that they think a pipe broke and that is where the water came from but still are not sure and they are working on the problem we are told to sleep in cabin 8244 again. Still all of our things are in cabin 7236, including all the water we purchased, the alcohol and coke we purchased, the fruit and cheese basket which is now covered in all the wet bedding and my wig which was on the table. Also, the refrigerator was unplugged so they could plug the dryers in.. Anything in the refrigerator is now no good..We are literally wearing the same clothes.
Thursday, 11/16 we wake and go back to cabin 7236 to check on things the room is torn apart and the carpets are still soaked. Now there is a smell of mold and burnt hair from the dryers.
We go back to guest services and are told that they are working on the issue and someone will let us know something! I want you to know no one EVER let us know anything we always had to go back to guest services. Thursday evening we go back to guest services because you can only sit in an area so long and I was tired and just wanted to be able to rest. I am now crying and asking for someone to do something. We are told by the guest service rep that again he has no answer. I am now bawling. I just want off this boat. I ask to speak to someone anyone. We were finally after an hour wait brought back to Milla in her office who told us that there was a miscommunication between housekeeping and guest services and our cabin 7236 will not be available and that we need to move to cabin 8244.. 3 1/2 days later you decide we should move. I told her this was unacceptable... This was the worst vacation ever for us. Milla refunded one more day at 229.60 and another specialty restaurant( which again costs you nothing). I am so upset and disappointed in the way were treated by everyone on this boat. To top things off all of our clothes now smelled and we were told to put them through laundry. On Friday evening we finally had clothes to wear but half of the clothes were ruined. Anything that was white including dress shirts and dress slacks were now blue. My expensive dress was now 2 sizes smaller. Everything we took on this cruise clothes wise was now ruined and I will be discarding, that is over $ 1000.00 in clothes due to this mess. My wig is also ruined and smells and I will have to replace it at another cost ... I am asking for your help in this matter!
Nicoll Ward

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Carnival Cruise Lines Customer Care's Response · Nov 21, 2017

    Good afternoon:

    Thank you taking the time to document your concerns.

    As a first time guest with us, we know you were looking forward to an amazing vacation experience and we regret to read of the disappointments that transpired during your cruise with us.

    Our aim is to provide our guests with a fun and memorable vacation. We realize that a friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, and comfortable accommodations is fundamental while our guests enjoy a great cruise, which is why we are so sorry to hear that you weren’t fully satisfied during your voyage.

    We also truly regret that you did not receive the kind of high quality service each guest has every right to expect from our shipboard staff. The situations you’ve brought to our attention are not at all what we want our valued guests to encounter. Hence, we extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you were met with. We have made sure that this feedback was shared with the relevant managerial team members as part of our drive for continuous improvement.

    So that we can further assist you, we invite you to contact our Guest Care Department directly by dialing toll-free: [protected], or locally at: [protected], extension 76400. Please also note the department’s hours of operation, which are: Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM and on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. However, we will be closed this Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Our team members look forward to hearing from you.


    Carnival Cruise Line

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