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Carnival Cruise Lines / complaint against carnival cruise lines

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My family and I (wife and two children) took a 5 day cruise on the Carnival Inspiration going to Cozumel, Mexico and Grand Cayman Islands departing on March 29, 2008 and returning on April 3, 2008 from Tampa, Florida. I paid $3107.12 for two rooms for this voyage.

We left port in Tampa, Florida and on the following day were notified that we would only go to Cozumel, Mexico and not Grand Cayman Islands due to mechanical problems with the ship’s propulsion system. We received notification via letter and over the intercom.

The only compensation we received for these problems is $50 added to our sail and sign cards and a 25% discount on a future 3-5 day cruise departing prior to December 15, 2009 and they say this excludes holiday travel.

I believe that the problems experienced by Carnival is a reflection of the organization cutting corners to save money to included taking short cuts on maintenance. I also believe that we should not bear the burden of their bad decisions. If I hadn’t paid the complete cost of the voyage, we would not have been allowed to travel on Carnival. It was their expectation to receive full payment prior to travelling. It was my expectation to travel to Cozumel, Mexico and Grand Cayman Islands on a 5 day cruise. That is what we (the cruise line and I) agreed to, that was what I paid for, and that is what I expected. The only circumstance that should have interfered with this plan was weather problems.

However upon these change of events, Carnival Cruise Line management felt that the only compensation we deserved was $50 and the opportunity to spend another $500-$1000 on their ships (my family and I spend about $1000 on this cruise outside of paying for the trip itself) at a future date, and then they place restrictions on using this discount. I have no intentions of travelling on Carnival again so I guess we are screwed.

I looked on the Carnival website and noticed that they have a 4 day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico from Tampa, Florida. In my opinion, we took a 4 day cruise because we only went to one location during this trip. The organization should take the lost on the extra day for inconveniencing their customers. I looked at the cost of the exact same accommodations my family had on this cruise and found the cost to be $532.74 per person including tax and the fuel surcharge. The cost per person for our voyage was $776.78 including tax and fuel surcharge. This is a difference of $194.04 after subtracting the $50 credit to my sail and sign card. This difference multiplied by 4 (my family) is $776.16.

I have no intention of travelling on Carnival Cruise Line ever again and believe that they owe me $776.16 for the maintenance deficiencies and not fulfilling their commitment to my family.

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  • Ja
      23rd of May, 2008
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    Dear Madam & or Sir:

    I responded to your survey and wanted to expand on my answers of not being totally happy with your cruise.

    My first incident occurred with my 12 year old daughter . I signed her up on your Carnival camp program for her age group. When I went to pick her up they had her and other children on a small stage practicing as far as I was concerned on how to say or create pick up lines.
    Your director in charge of their group I believe her name was Nellie she was from Croatia.
    She had my daughter and two more girls on one side of the stage and the same number of boys on the other stage.
    She asked contestant #1 ( to the boys) " If you wanted to meet contestant number one what would say?
    Contestant number one responded " That she is pretty and I like her dress"
    Carnival Counselor: " contestant #2 "What would you say to contestant #1?
    Boy #2 responds " That contestant number one is a liar and that I would not pay .25 cents to be with her."
    At that point everyone in the room starts laughing and the kids are cheering him on the counselor continues to contestant number three as if nothing offensive happened.
    I pull my daughter off stage and send her to her dad who was at the arcade and waited to see the outcome of this ridiculous display of 12 year olds trying to give each other pick up lines and insults with this idiot of a counselor not correcting the situation at all.
    The outcome Counselor named contestant number #2 boy as the winner for the best answer because of the applauding.
    This should have been a moment for her to correct this little jerk and explain to him that girls are not purchased and that derogatory comments should not be addressed to anyone.

    I waited for all the children to exit and spoke to the counselor and told her she allowed this boy to ridicule my daughter in front of everyone and that she was promoting pick up lines and solicitation among 12 year olds and that her behavior was apprehensible.

    At no point did she ask for an apology or ask to speak to my daughter to explain anything of course my daughter did not return . Every time she ran into one of the kids she would remember and would start crying again.
    So thank you for the well supervised camp carnival cruise. Let me not mention that also my 6 year old was allowed to call us 10-15 minutes after we would drop her off to come back and pick her up because she was so bored. This little girl is a straight A student goes to school full time she is in the 1st grade, participates in soccer and dance, and never calls us to pick her up.

    Your camp counselors should take lessons from your counselor from England that took care of my over active 10 year old . She was bright, energetic, fun, caring and very in tuned with the kids. He loved her.

    So here we were really relaxing on your cruise with a hurt 12 year old and a bored 6 year old thanks a lot!

    But let me not forget the garbage bar filled with bloody kotex in the open hall, and that I complained 3 x so some one would tell that passenger to stop discarding them in the hall & the "Real Gold Jewlwery For Sale" That when I asked your gift shop girl " Is this pure real gold?' I was told "yes it is" That was a bold face lie. I have the pictures to show of the real Gold deceptive sales writing & the Kotex!!!

  • Do
      14th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was on the March 29 trip... You forgot to mention how it smelled of sewage for 2 days. It was the worst vacation of my life... I have 2 pages of horrible things and will not use the 25% off coupon because I would rather work than spend a vacation on this poor excuse of a business. I hope everyone stays way clear of Carnival. I'm going to tell EVERYONE to NEVER go on a carnival ship. I'm so mad at how they handled things (one thing was my husband was thrown off a horse during an excursion and it took the ship 24 hours to check on him!)... I'm not even going to spend my money on any of their other businesses. (holland america was going to be our next cruise... not now).

  • Lo
      4th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dear Madam & or Sir,

    This is an unusual complaint but none the less, we think you should know what is going on at the Grand Bahama Shipyard.

    On the 21st of August, an incident took place where management terminated two of the unions Shopstuart's unjustifiably.
    As a result, the situation is now getting out of control. The Union was only asking for the two Shopstuart's to be reinstated but management, after knowing they were wrong and being told by members of the Government's Labour Board, has refused to reinstate them after being advised by the Labour Board to do so. The action now, by the union is to push forward on a Strike Vote set for the 17th of September, 2009. We are asking you to intervein and stop this matter from going any further. The only thing to stop it is the reinstatement of the two Shopstuasrt's.

    Yours sincerely,

  • Su
      3rd of May, 2010
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    Read your cruise contracts you sign and agree to, a cruiseline is not responsible for any mechanical failures, missed ports, etc. They do not have to compensate you at all although most cruiselines will give passengers something.

  • Ma
      27th of Jul, 2013
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    Carnival Cruise lines are the worst. I spent 3000 dollars for a 7 day cruise alerted the ship that we were on our way, they left us and we were only 10 minutes late and they were still at the Port and refused to hold the ship. So me and my 4 little girls were stuck in Florida alone and no place to go. Carnival only offered us 450 dollars of the 3000 and never tried to reconcile. My children were devastated and on top of that, early that year I almost died from a Blood Clot in my lung and was unable to afford anything for kids because I spent the bulk of my money on this cruise. They never offered us a thing. Shame on you Carnival...
    Signed a devastated mom of 4

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