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Carnival Cruise Lines / delay of departure-late ports, lack of service

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We went on a New Years Carnival Ecstasy cruise to celebrate a wedding anniversary. The previous Ecstasy return voyage was several hours late to port according to officials on shore prior to departure. As a result, embarkation was a nightmare, with 2 hour waits to board. Because we were the last in priority of the three cruise ships to load potable water for the trip, the port water pressure was very low by our turn. Consequently, we left over 8 hours late. We missed our first port of call (Cozumel) by 10 hours, and had only 1 or 2 hours of real daylight there, depending on how long it took you to get off the boat, so we had most of the excursions cancelled or shortened, some on the mainland dock as we lined up to leave. Because of the high number of excursion cancellations ,we waited for over an hour to attempt to find an alternative. There were also water pressure problems on the boat during the cruise, resulting in either no water (all morning) to rusty water later. We had water pressure problems for one entire morning, and rusty water for several hours afterward. Because of the dire need to make up for time, the boat was pushed to its limits, causing pitching and rocking that made us sick the entire first day. We had very limited activities on board and no compensation for the missed excursions/late port of call. The second port was also abbreviated due to "unforeseen circumstances with the port authorities waiting to approve our docking" (why do we have to wait over an hour if they know we are arriving? Whats THAT all about?). The lunch buffet was unfit to eat, consisting of vegetables (of which we would not eat, not knowing the cleaning standards of the ourdoor buffet) and some breadsticks. When we returned to the ship, and complained to request our money back, the lines were always long at the Shore Excursion booth, with ONE person attending at excursion times, and during complaints. When you finally got to the head of the line, they either sent you back to the info booth to repeat the story again, and then you were told to return at a later time, wait your turn again that you had to come back when the purser was there and available to answer your questions. We were finally told we HAD we had to complain to Miami, that they were NOT authorized to reimburse any amounts to customers. Now we are being told by Miami that if we did not correct the problems and notify the purser to remedy them immediately, once we left the ship the complaints will not be resolved. There has to be some sort of guarantee of performance these cruise lines are required to provide. If not, someone SOMEWHERE should find a way to put them out of business until they deliver what they promise. I am certain we will never receive compensation, and the promise of 10% off our next cruise is a JOKE. Thanks alot, Carnival! You ruined our anniversary, and we can't replace a milestone such as this, but do you care??? No way! So just keep on booking people who are mistaken enough to think these are just one time occurrances. Also, customers are on to your ploy of having Carnival employees who respond to these complaints with rebuttals about their own "utopia experiences", hoping that people will discount the complaints. All they have to do is take a look at the wrongful death suits and the barrage of complaints about their customer service. In fact, I challenge them to find an ACTUAL CASE that was handled to the party (ies) complete satisfaction that can be verified by written/verbal confirmation. Let's see if they meet that challenge like they meet their complaints - empty handed!

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  • Mi
      22nd of Feb, 2007
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    First if you are going to complain, make sure you know what you are talking about. The ship does not take on potable water, it is generated on board. As far as getting into ports.. well that happens, you ask why they waited so long.. well dear, it is not as if the ship is some Hyundai that can be turned around at the drop of a dime. You seem to think there are not logistics involved with operating a cruise ship.. well there are..

    Maybe you should read your carriage contract, and understand what can happen on cruises before you plunk down $$$ on a anniversary that is so important to you. Hmmm, if It was important, maybe you would have done some research and realized what could happen, and been prepared!

  • Wa
      18th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree one should read the contracts before money is deposited. Elderly people should buy cancellation insurance to protect themselves financially. All cruise ships sail in the same water, enter the same ports, and generally serve the same mediocre food. If all one is going on a cruise for is the food, then why go? You can buy the same cheap food at a cheap buffet and not have to pay for the cruise. Finally, cruise ship companies sell rooms to make money. When people don't show up or cancel, why should they lose money? When people choose to cruise they should plan carefully and be prepared not to blame some one else for all their misfortunate woes.

  • Ja
      19th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Let's be honest here. Most of the people go cruising onboard the ship hoping that everything they may need or imagine would be free during those 7 or 10 days. Inlcuding merchandise in the shops, photos in the gallery, massages, shore excursions, etc, etc... And it usually comes from the people who take the cheapest cruise possible with all discounts on Earth they could find.
    And then, upon realizing that, of course, thing won't go as they planned they start making up thousand and one complaint hoping they would get at least something without having to pay for it. Furthermore, some people take even 10 or more cruises with the same company and complain every single time until they get what they want. Well, if the service is so bad, why do you keep coming back???
    Not the mention always the same complaints that have no ground in reality or common sense:
    Complaining that they paid for the ocean view suite, and all they can see are buildings (although the ship hasn't left the port yet, not to mention reaching the ocean) and of course as a compensation for this "disgraceful fraud" they're asking for free upgrades...
    Or complaining they cannot sleep in their rooms caused by "the helicopters that pick up the crew members every night and take them home???!!!" ana again asking for free upgrades..

    Come on, be real!

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