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Carnival Cruise Lines / misinformation

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Carnival Cruise Lines is not doing the job it is expected to do. Has the company become so large that it is disregarding its most important people: its customers. I recently awaited boarding the Carnival Splendor to sail from Miami to Buenos Aires. Arriving at the terminal entrance, I was asked if I had a Brazilian Visa. Having none, I was placed in a small group and escorted to another line at the terminal. After a brief wait, I was told that I was not allowed to board the Splendor since I did not have a Brazilian Visa. To my great surprise, I was escorted to the building exit, told by a Carnival that she suggested that I go to the Brazilian Consolate on Monday, apply for a visa, meet the Splendor in Barbados the following Wednesday and finish the cruise. Well, $2, 000, four lost cruise days, and much bewilderment, my wife and I awaited the Splendor in Barbados. We concluded our cruise on Feb. 17 when we disembarked at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our entire cruise was a trip of unexpected events and mistakes. First, the manner of treatment by Carnival is totally awful. I called my Carnival Trip Planner who totally apologistic told me that she was so sorry. She stated that she did not know about the required visa and that she would have infformed me had she known. He supervisor, after telling me that he just found out about the problem upon arriving at work that day, told me that he knew of no solution. After a long wait while he contacted his superior, the supervisor told me that he was sorry for my problem but Carnival would do nothing for me. What a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach! I expended $2, 00 extra for my cruise and Carnival would do nothing for me. I booked directly with Carnival, didn't they serve as my agent? Wouldn't they have an obligation to inform me of the requirements for the cruise? Even a little notation on their "Fun Pass" requiring a check mark indicating visa completed could have helped me avoid this problem. No, Carnival says it can not do this since individuals are responsible for taking care of all issues like this. Wow! I don't need to be served; I just need to be informed! The same problem was experienced by the Matre De's wife who flew to Barbados with many guests. Carnival didn't even inform their personnel!

Upon arriving on Barbados, I was informed to see the lady outside the terminal. She informed me that my wife and I and three other couples were being transported to our hotel. That's fine except at least a doxen other couples coming to Barbados to meet the Splendor also deserved transportation. The lady called her superior and was told that only the four couples were to be transported. The rest were left to fend on their own. Why would Carnival doscriminate by serving only four of the group coming to meet the ship? We were told by the driver that he would come back the next day to transport us to the ship. We waited for an hour and half after the pickup time and finally took a taxi to the ship. Upon boarding the Splendor, I asked the Purser what was happening to resolve the whole issue. His reply was simply "I don't know". I told him that I was not picked up this morning and he took my Taxi reciept and said he would check into it. Several other couples were able to get transportation to the ship when they accidentally noticed the pick up van that morning in frint of their hotel. Misinformation followed by inaction and confusion seemed to be the word of the day.

While at the Purser's Desk, I asked how I could change my dinner time. He sent me to the Matre De who informed me that the Purser did that. I eturned to the Purser only to be sent back to the Matre D who finally informed me that I could make the change at dinner that evening. The entire cruise was filled with strange events. I requested and was given a room and time to hold a meeting. At the appointed time, the lady responsible for assigning events in rooms arrived to tell me that the room was being used by another event. I found another room anyway. Our Past Guest Party was scheduled at the same time a Dancer practice was scheduled. We were told the guests numbered 3.331 while a Carnival PR person lowered that to 2800 guests. Which number was correct? I could go on and on.

Unfortunately, Carnival is not doing what it advertises. Our cruise did not prove to be the Fun" time Carnival advertises on all promotions.

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      5th of Sep, 2009
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    Union, Shipyard hold second conciliation meeting, but no resolution was reached

    Freeport News Reporter

    Officials from The Grand Bahama Port Authority Workers Union (GBPWU) and the management team of the Grand Bahama Shipyard held their second conciliation meeting yesterday with officials from the Department of Labour regarding two shop stewards who were terminated, but no resolution was reached.

    Moments after that meeting, union representatives ad-dressed members of the press to voice their disappointment with the outcome.

    Thomas Bastian, union consultant and negotiator, said the workers were terminated contrary to the Industrial agreement and the Industrial Relations Act.

    "The company took a hard and fast position not to consider even the recommendation of the Department of Labour to be able to meet and see if a common ground could be achieved, " Bastian explained.

    "They defend themselves by saying that they have met with their lawyers who are out of town and they see no reason for them to change their position."

    Bastian said the company was using that explanation as a "smoke screen" for them not to act.

    The two shop stewards, Eudencel McPhee and Simeon Richardson, were dismissed from the Shipyard in early August after executives asked the work staff to take additional days off due to the economic slump the company is experiencing.

    Bastian said that the meeting was terminated without much evidence of success and the union will return to the drawing board to consider its position.

    Union President Mervin Wright said that they have filed the dispute and have requested a strike vote from the Minister of Labour but have not received any response.

    "Today the union has not heard anything in regard to section 3, part 20 of the Act, which calls upon the Minister to attend where a strike vote is requested, " he said. "Something must be done in the interest of these men who have families to take care of ."

    As there was no representation from the Minister of Labour, Bastian said that the union now loses the opportunity for its members to take the strike vote but they are still pursuing it.

    Dave Barr, union vice president, said the union believes that the company does not intend hiring the former em-ployees

    "The law does not push or force them to do so. We are asking the Minister, who we have written to assist us in the strike vote, because this is our only course of action, " he said. "I see us being mistreated by foreign companies. The Minister needs to contact us. We are being slighted by the company and now by our own."

    Dismissed worker Richard-son said he is frustrated with the situation and hopes for a resolution soon.

    When contacted by The Freeport News, Labour Mini-ster Foulkes said he was not in receipt of any request for a strike vote by the nion.

    "I have not received that request unless they just sent it today, " he said. "I will have to take note of it. They might have sent it to the Department of Labour, but the letter must be addressed to me specifically."

    He explained that the process in trade disputes requires that meetings are held and if there is an impasse, then the union can apply to have a strike vote.

    "The fact that a strike vote is authorized and the majority of the workers decide on the strike vote, that does not mean that they will go on strike, " he said. "It gives them the option to go on strike if the talks are not going in the direction that they think it should go."

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