Carnival Cruise Linesbooking

Booking number:6GJ5V0
We were a party of 5 originally when cruise was booked. Due to a family emergency my mother was not going to be able to cruise. And unfortunately due to the unexpected situation to cancel trip would be more expensive than the original ticket. Too much of an expense for my mother. So last minute she decided she would come. We got to the port at about 2:30pm and our ship was set to sail 4pm. My mother had realized once there she did not have passport to travel. After about 30mins of trying to figure something out, we were told a picture of birth certificate and ID would work. The port employee helping us assumed we were Puerto Rican. And after finally showing the picture of a birth certificate the employee then realizes that would not work. We do realize my mother should have been responsible for proper documentation. Unfortunately with all that was occurring she did not have it and also we were told birth certificate and ID would work. We have tried talking to various carnival employees and no response to a credit that we can use in the future. If we can not get refund. Put anything would help!

May 04, 2017

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