Carnival Cruise Linesbad experience on carnival ecstasy boat

I just got off the first cruise I have ever been on and was so excited about it but it started off as a nightmare! I went down to Charleston the night before and rented a hotel ($160) so I wouldn't have to get up so early and make that 5 hour drive. We were suppose to board at 2:00 but was delayed due to weather in Freeport on the cruise before us which I know is out of anybody's control but the ship was at dock at 11:00 am in Charleston. What took so long for them to get ready for my cruise? None of the workers in the parking lot was able to tell us anything because they had no idea what the delay was. My family and I had to find something to do for 8 hours before boarding the cruise. A email was sent out saying a 5 hour delay but I didn't get it until very late that night. Around 3 o'clock I was told by one of the port workers that it would speed things up if I went ahead and checked my luggage in so that is what I did. Our birth certificates, ID's and boarding passes were checked also and 2 stickers were placed on our car window. We came back later thinking that since all of our stuff was checked that we wouldn't have a problem. We were very wrong!! It put us in the same parking lot with hundreds of other cars at a stand still for approx 2 hours before we were able to even park. Finally we were able to get into our rooms which were nice and our luggage was there so that was a plus. We had downloaded carnival hub app since we had so many people and children in our party but the chat option didn't work for the first 2 days of the cruise and the staff didn't have a clue what was wrong. This caused major frustration for us not being able to communicate with each other. The other part of the hub app was great being able to see what was going on and when. We missed our first dinner since we didn't board until around 7:30. The food options and taste were very disappointing. Most of the time the drinks were out, ice cream machine wasn't working, cakes were very dry, pancakes were hard and it was hardly every any side dishes. Most all included a meat of some sort which wasn't good. I was told by so many other people that we would be able to get lobster, steak and other things at dinner but that wasn't included in our price which we thought was. The water in our sink was a tint of brown. The boat was very rough riding since they were trying to make up for the lost 5-6 hours causing my family to get sick and stay in the room. Nightmare!!! I will say that I had no problem with the staff and I thought all the activities were great. My 13 y/o son thought his club was very boring..My 16 year old loved his..They didn't do the ice carving contest because they said it was too cold outside. Don't you want it to be cold outside when doing that? On the last day before debarking it stated that the picture people would be on the ship from 7:00-9:00 am but none were there so I have no pictures from my trip. Yes I could have bought them sooner but my plans were to buy them before getting off the ship so they wouldn't get messed up during our trip and it couldn't be done. We still had a good time after about day 3 but the $15 dollar refund that they gave was sorta like a slap in the face. I spent a lot of money to go on this first time cruise and also in the casino for them to only offer $15 refund. I think it should have been atleast $150-$200 per person for the inconvenience and the bad start. I'm not going to judge all cruises based on this one but I hope that your company would be gracious enough to refund more than they did for the trip that was so important to me. I will say again that I thought all of your staff were great. They were very funny, sweet and helpful. I did dislike that my sons and nephews were having to go to the bar to get a soda. It was a machine that you can put your card in to get beer why not a machine for soda? The debarking was very smooth thank god. I would consider coming back to carnival but if this isn't taken care of I will never go on another cruise with your company again nor will I recommend you to anybody else. I didn't go to customer service on the boat to complain because believe me it was a very long line doing that and it wasn't the 2 ladies fault that was working the counter so I wasn't going to take my frustrations out on them. I was made aware that many of the ones that complained early about the cruise was given back a good amount of money and the ones that didn't go right away wasn't given hardly anything. A few things that needed to be fixed that I noticed was the plug above the sink wouldn't run my hair dryer. The bathroom on the lido deck was missing half of the ceiling and the other half looked as if it was going to fall in.

My voyage number was EC20170125005
Cabin number U186
Names: Timberly, Garland, Zachary and Bryson Tant
P.O. Box 204
Zebulon, NC 27597

Please feel free to contact me via email and I will gladly give you my phone number through that route if you need to talk to me on the phone.

[protected] is my main one but another is [protected]

Jan 31, 2017

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