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I have always chosen Carnival in the past because of its cheap prices and its diverse crewmembers.
In fact, I’ve been on several cruises with Carnival Cruise Line and it really saddens me to have to write a bad review for just the one atrocious occurrence I experienced onboard the Ship Elation's on my last cruise which was taken January 16-20, 2014. Thank God the incident happened on my final day onboard the ship, which was on January 19, 2014, I had made an appointment to visit the spa to get my hair washed (just washed) and was told by the staff and the Spa supervisor on two separate occasions
that they didn’t do African people hair. (No miscommunication) This was witnessed by at least four-five people in addition to my adult daughter. Since this is 2014, understandingly I was very upset and shocked. (After all, this cruise line does cater to every social-economic class with its reasonable prices.) Immediately after this incident, I went to Guest Relations and filed a complaint. I received a reference number and was told that someone would be contacting me. Well now it’s almost four months, and at
least 10 calls/messages to Carnival Guest Relations, today I had the opportunity (misfortune) to speak with Lori Marks, the supervisor of Guest Relationship, based in Miami (Corporate Office). I was
informed by Lori, that Carnival has too many complaints to follow-up individually with every “little complaint”. And Lori did apologize for referring to my complaint as one of those “little” complaints. I then informed her I was given a reference number and was told that someone would get
back with me and because of the severity of this issue I felt Carnival should have at least done a follow-up. She said, “It was really no need for Carnival to get back in contact with me since, the Spa
has a contract with Steiner Corporation, therefore, Steiner are the only people that should be addressing my concerns”. It really troubles me that Carnival Cruise Line has a stance of not getting involved because their cruise line’s Spa Services, are contracted out to Steiner Corporation, and therefore situation
like this isn’t a Carnival problem, it’s a Steiner problem. Carnival’s lackadaisical attitude towards the discrimination that I received while on their ship is appalling. But what’s even sadder is that Carnival has
a rude, discourteous and condescending person, such as Lori Marks as their Guest Relations Supervisor. Lori, by the way, hung-up on me after I asked who her supervisor was? I am now
wandering, how many other people has Lori just disregarded, because, as she so eloquently put it, “
Carnival has over 100 ships, with over 1000 passengers” with “a lot of little
complaints” The only good thing that did come out of my conversation with Lori, is, it was recorded. I’m hoping that it’s only Lori contentions and not Carnival Cruise Line’s that they have too many complaints and therefore they don’t address complaints individually!!! Shouldn’t everyone’s complaint should be addressed in some fashion; even with your “over 100 ships and over 1000 passengers”.

May 6, 2014
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  • Pi
      3rd of Oct, 2009
    Carnival Cruise Line - bar menager
    United States

    the bar manager on valor is making a monkey bussnis with his wife
    he put her to work every crew party to make at least 80$ exstra every weak
    why he newer change the people
    but that is how is on carnival when you come on pozition

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  • An
      10th of Mar, 2011
    Carnival Cruise Line - overpayment
    United States

    were to sail out of california nov. 2010 with carnival splendor. carnival waited until last two days prior to sailing to officially cancel cruise so weren't able to rebook with anyone but carnival and it cost us an extra 1, 053. not should not have cost us anything since we had no other option.

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  • Bi
      25th of Nov, 2012
    Carnival Cruise Line - Using
    Carnival Cruise Line
    United States

    Please check out my personal website for one hell of a story about Carnival Cruise Ships giving passengers “Poop Water” to drink. You may use anything at that website in your stories.

    Billy Ray Kidwell

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