Carl's Jr. Riverdale, Utahin line at drive thru, 4th car w/ no one behind.. employee tells me this was his last 3 customers... the 3 in front of me

I enquire as to the reason. He states that he is actually closed. I ask what time they close, he says 11 p. M..
I look at clock... Its 10:48. I ask what time does his clock say... He replies 10:51.. But these last 3 orders are big ones so thats why..
I ask"what do you mean thats why?" "your seriously not going to serve me?" then he turned the sign off... And the inside lights... Til he realized he needed them on!
Any way I frequent your establushment bi-monthly, have been served after closing time before... First time complainer but felt necessary.
I heard the order in front of me and it didnt seem like some massive, complex order

May 09, 2017

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