Carl's Jr. Restaurantsterrible customer service & price

Sep 27, 2017 Review updated:

75th & Cactus - Peoria, AZ.
Only one in line (YEAH!) Ordered, pulled up to window.
Looked at my car clock and it was 5:10PM. Sat and waited, and waited, and waited. A guy walked up and I thought he was going to assist me but just got something to drink and just stood there...looking at me. I motioned, like "was somebody going to help me?". He turned and said something to the gal who I assume took my order. (They are the only two people I saw thru the window the whole time) I looked at my car clock again and it said 5:15PM... Yes.. I sat there for FIVE MINUTES and was never even acknowledged. I almost left! Then the gal came up to the window and just said "$17.11". Not... "Good evening" or "So sorry for the long wait"... Nothing. I WAS going to ask WHY it was so expensive and check to see if it was cheaper to order separate items instead of upgrading a combo, but didn't even ask because who knows how long that would take and someone was behind me now. I got a $5 Meal +Famous Burger Combo w/bacon, upgraded to Onion Rings and replaced drink with a milkshake. That's $10.68 for his combo. It's like I was charged FULL price for the Onion Rings & Milkshake - Charged $5.79 for those two things. (I thought it was $3.19 for a shake and $2.19 for Onion Rings = $5.38) + Burger - Charged $4.89. Got home, (2 minutes, 37 seconds away) and my fries were COLD. Not "warm", but COLD and there was NO bacon on husbands burger. Seriously? So I wasn't sitting there waiting for fresh fries, that's for sure! I do not go to CJ very often because I usually stop at somewhere closer to my work, but hubby wanted it. I don't care what he asks for in the future, but I can tell you it will NEVER be from here again. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SERVICE, & PRODUCT!!
Carl's Jr. asks what I would like for a resolution... Well... a couple of things: 1 - Just to know how much it is for a Famous Burger w/bacon, a vanilla milkshake and medium onion rings are. .. well, no bacon since we didn't get it anyway.
2 - "Syria" is listed on the receipt as being my server. Maybe let her know that if you do not like your job, then you should find another one. I see so many complaints for customer service for Carl's Jr. When "interviewing" for positions of CUSTOMER SERVICE, maybe ask if they like people first. Some don't and that is fine, but you should not be in a position that your full focus and job is CUSTOMER SERVICE. We, as customers, choose where to spend our hard earned money. WE keep YOU employed. Your ONLY job is to provide service in a friendly manner. Not to mention that this is the ground floor for your future. How you deal with things now will reflect greatly in your future.
I know this because I have worked retail before. Sometimes is it not easy but if you don't like it, then move on.
(And entry level fast food workers want $15 per hour? For this type of customer service?)
You have NO idea what a smile or kind word will do for someone. Almost every day, I stop at the McDonalds across the street from my work and get a Mocha Frappe. EVERY TIME I am greeted at the window promptly with a smile and a "Good morning!". After I pay and get my drink they always say "Have a great morning" or "Enjoy your day!". It's nice to hear that every morning. Even when I am not in a great mood, they make me smile. One time, for lunch, I wasn't even at the window for a full minute and she handed me my order and said "We are so sorry for the wait - We had a big order in front of you that pretty much wiped out our fries! I waited a few extra seconds so that I could get you the fries fresh out of the fryer. Be careful, they are HOT!" and then she smiled. WOW!!! Not THAT is what I am talking about!


  •   Sep 27, 2017

    Lalalala. I refuse to read complaints from people who refuse to ask questions while they are in the line instead of waiting to get home to jump on the internet. As for their not greeting you, did YOU greet them? Say hello? No?

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  •   Sep 27, 2017

    @Wine Is Good Wow... you said you refuse to read complaints from people who refuse to ask questions yet you read this complaint. So let me clarify something...
    1. Yes, I did greet them when I got to order box BEFORE I even placed my order. I ALWAYS say "hi there!" Or "hello!"...ALWAYS.
    2. I did not ask if it was cheaper to separate items in an order out of respect for the person behind me. By giving her my money, I accepted the price I paid and left my wondering mind to myself to figure out another time and try ordering separately OR to just never return. She obviously was not happy and it probably would have gotten me why waist mine or the guy behind me's time?
    3. Even when she handed my food over and didn't say a word to me...I said "Have a great night".
    4. I didn't go home and jump on the internet. I waited until the next day to comment.

    If you dont know all the facts, stop jumping to conclusions. That's a fine lookin' high horse!

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  •   Sep 28, 2017

    I did not ask if it was cheaper to separate items in an order.

    Nothing else needs to be said.

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