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J Nov 17, 2017

On 11/17/17 myself and my wife choose to use a gift card we received at our wedding, we ordered the 5$ combo 1 and a #4, crisscut fries and zucchini bites, when we got the order we were given a combo famous star instead with no straws
No napkins and no cookies, the food was cold and nasty looking, I told the lady about the mix up and also showed her the coldness of the food, all she did was throw some cookies on the bottom of the bag, along with the burger and hot dog which made the cookies smashed and off I went. Never made the order over so I was stuck with even colder food.the total of the order was 17.69, but really should have been 13 and change, I was never given the difference or refunded the money..This was the worst experience I've ever had at a fast food restaurant, and will never go back to that location. ..I have pictures and recipient number that are enclosed. I don't believe anyone should be fired, just retrained. Never once did I see a manager. Or was given a explanation of the poorness of the food. ..

Carl's Jr. Restaurants
Carl's Jr. Restaurants

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