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Z Nov 18, 2017 Review updated:

On 11-18-17, me and my girlfriend went to the Carl's jr on North Ave. In Grand Junction, Colorado. We ordered two meals, a Big Carl with onion rings for myself and a Charbroiled Chicken Club with fried zucchini for my girlfriend. Before paying, I specifically asked the cashier to make sure that the Chicken Club combo did not have honey on the sandwich or in the bread because my girlfriend has a bad allergy to honey. She spoke with multiple people through a headset and asked if it had honey on it. After a bit of conversation, she had concluded that the sandwich would not contain any honey and she reassured us of that. But once we got home and she began to unwrap her sandwich, we both realized that they had put her sandwich on a honey wheat bun. Thankfully we noticed before she began to eat because if we hadn't, I would be lodging this complaint from within a hospital room. I am utterly appalled with this mistake. I cannot believe that they would be this careless with a person's allergy, especially when I made it quite clear that there was to be no honey on this order at all. I used to love going here, there was great food and friendly people. But with a mistake this big, I don't see myself ever going back. I could have lost someone I cared about because of this mistake. So if you have an allergy to honey or anything else that they serve, do not go there. Who knows, you might not be as lucky as us and could get severely hurt from their carelessness.


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