Carl's Jr. Restaurants / pricing on combo I ordered & manager's customer service

Newport Beach, CA, United States
Contact information:

Date of Service: 5/9/17 at 12:30pm
Store No.: [protected] SE Bristol St, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Manager: unknown name - Hispanic Heavyset

Good-afternoon: Today I went through the drive thru at the Carl's Jr. location stated above. I ordered a small Western Bacon Cheeseburger Combo with a Tea. I noticed when I got back to my office, that my receipt was for a totally different order (Chicken Club Cobo w/Coke & Choc. Shake) and the price I was charged was $9.16. My combo should have been $7.69, I order this a lot and know the price range. So I drove back to the store and spoke with a manager and let him know I was overcharged. He took my receipt and said I was given wrong receipt but charged the correct price. He was a bit defensive about me questioning the fact. I left, and called a couple more Carl's Jr. stores near this location and asked them the price of the combo. Both locations said the combo is near or about $7.65. I called the manager of the location I visited today and mentioned this to the manager I was speaking with initially. He said, and I quote, "honestly, these people were lying to you about the combo price, or you called corporate or something". He was unprofessional & rude. I work in a law firm nearby this location and as mentioned previously, I come here for lunch quite often and order the same thing. It has never been near or over $9.00.

PS. this location has a lot of bad reviews on yelp.

I really don't want to hassle getting a full refund, but a gift certificate in the amount of a combo I was charged e-mailed to me would work. [protected]

I tried to upload my receipt, but this site will not accept pdf.

Unfortunately, I will not be returning to this location.

Ms. Janey Burkett

May 9, 2017

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