Carl's Jr. / promotions

I went to Carl's Jar on December 3rd, 2016, I had a coupon on buy one get one free on any big chicken fillet sandwiches for equal or less value, on the menu there was the regular sandwich and then the one with bacon and Swiss cheese, so I decide to get that one but the person who's taking my order says that sandwich is not one of the options when clearly in the menu its under the 2 big chicken fillet sandwiches they have, in the end I had to show the manager where in the menu says that but she still say that specific sandwich doesn't count, when I was clearly showing her on the menu that it was under the 2 sandwiches I could pick. Customer service in this store wasn't good at all and the manager kept on telling me that I was wrong. Overall I wouldn't go back to that Carl's Jar for poor customer service.

Dec 03, 2016

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