Captain D's / service

Dixie highway louisville ky, United States

On feb 2 2019 I was at your resturant around 7pm after being in line for ovrr 30 minute I place order and was rudely told we dont have corn, salald, or mac and cheese. Wow why r you open. I get to the pick window and three was asked my order. Get my order after waiting snothrt 15 minute asks for tater sajce and shrimp was to. D they dont have any. At this point im done snd asked for the mgr. Sbe comes to ghe window wigh attitue stating tbey were shlrt stafffed. I ask ehat ha e to do with youll nog having what paying customer r asking for? She told the cashier [censored] her and close the window and thats what the cashier done. I pulled off very upset drives 15 home a half of my order was missing after I told them 4 times what my order was. Now im I go all the way back had to wait in line another 20 mknute the cahiers said pull around. Anothoer customer was upset as well. The cook hollered and told me I need get bsck in line and wait my turn. At this point I went off. I to, d him I dont know who hou think you r talking but get food now this trip has slready took over a hour. This was the worst service I have in my life. It llike this everytime you go to this location. I will not go back to this location the sad part is I love the food. I will say tbe cashier was very nice and she apolizes serveral times. The otber employee there should be terminated. The wait time was so bad about 6 cars pulled off. Its called lost profit. Hope ghings change at this location beczuse these people represent captain d

Feb 3, 2019

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