Captain D's / rude service

Columbus Mississippi, US

Hello I visited your store while on vacation Wednesday night 11/22/2017 at location Captain D's
1718 Hwy 45 N [protected] Columbus Ms and I went through Drive Thu and a young lady name Breanna was working and she is the most rude, disrespectful, very hateful person I have ever come in contact with while at a business.. She handed me my bag out the window and slammed the window without saying Thank you or have a nice evening and I needed condiments so I sat there and she came back to the window and said "is there a problem" I said well I need some condiments and at that time I proceeded to tell her she was a rude person and she responded with "and" "so what" "whats your point" and then slammed the window. I pulled off and left I know she is a young person so I kind of made an excuse for her but I can say I will never visit that store again and I ask that since her mother didn't teach her any respect maybe you guys can send her to a class to learn how to treat customers.

Nov 27, 2017

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