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Canadian Tire / price descrepancy

1 Vernon, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:

Went Christmas shopping at Canadian Tire

1st issue - I`m looking for a 6`` wet dry bench grinder, the sales clerk isn`t even sure they carry it (I saw it on website day before). Okay so I`ll settle for an 8`` bench grinder. He says his computer says that they have that in stock and it should be in the isle we are in. It`s not and he can`t tell us where it is walks away (and doesn`t come back).

2nd issue - Try to buy Bauer Supreme 25 Sr. ice skates. There is a row of them all with prices of $69.99 underneath each one (at least 6 different tags saying same thing) we get to the til and the bill comes to over $200. We calmly tell the cashier the problem with the price tags, she sends someone to do a price check, he comes back with a tag of $64.99.
A manager comes (to help a different customer behind us in line with a different problem) while he is there she asks if she can override the price he says no and asks us to wait and goes checks out the price. He comes back 10 min later with an sales girl, tells us WE GRABBED THE WRONG ONES (acted like we were idiots) and that next to the ones we grabbed is a price of $179.99. He tells us the sales girl will show us the ones for $69.99.
We point out to her when we get back to the skates that not only do 6 tags each with boxes of the skate above it show $69.99 but they also have a model on display with 3 prices underneath JR-$59.99 regular-$64.99 and Sr-$69.99, she tries to tell us the price is for the Jr`s (but the display model is a Sr). I ask her to point out where the $179.99 price tag is and she can`t find one, she says she`ll have to check in the computer. We tell her not to bother and leave.

3rd issue - We decide we aren`t satisfied with the service and want to speak to the manager again, the front desk calls him and we wait 15 minutes before giving up and going home.


We get home and check the skates on the website there are 2 pairs one is Bauer supreme for $64.99 SR or Jr and the other is Bauer Supreme 25 SR or JR $129.99. ($50 less than what they tried to charge us less than an hour earlier). I also checked the availability of the 6`` bench grinder that the sales guy didn`t even think they carried and it said Vernon - in stock. WHAT A JOKE

Than you Canadian Tire for your wonderful service BTW your manager was a dick.

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  • Mi
      18th of Feb, 2008
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    Computers take about 24 hours to activate and update. meaning that if it shows that there are 8 in stock, it does not necessarly mean that 8 are on the shelf or in the warehouse. 8 can be some where from being in a customers cart or being returned.

    Price tags can always be a hassle by both the customer and the promotions department.

    However your last step to call a manager.. was definetly useless as ive noticed myself that managers dont give a darn about ### customers. You're only gona make their day ###. They are also aware that making you wait will only irritate you and eventually you will leave as you have ur own things to do.
    complaining will not do anything other than frustrate you even more.

    Not worth your time.

  • Mi
      18th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Christmas is also a very busy time for retailers. therefore if you are not being served the second that you need help, then relax and take the time to understand that you are not the only customer in the store.

    Another thing in regards to the pricing, you should have printed out the online copy and gotten a price match.

  • Te
      3rd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    If there is a price discrepancy between the tag on the shelf and the the price scanned at the till you will be able to get the lower sale price with an additional $10 off, or if the item is less than $10 you can get it for free. It's the law.

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