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If you can find any other store to buy your goods from in Spruce Grove DO IT! The customer service people are down right hostile. I have stood in line and listened to a teller talk down to a customer, and yesterday it was my turn.

As I strolled throught the store, spending my hard earned dollars and quietly whistling to myself, a middle aged customer service agent was walking near me.

I called out, " excuse me!"

she stopped and snapped, " were you just whistling at me?"

I stood there stunned.

" Because calling excuse me is fine, but if you whisle at me ... I am not dog.. i dont like to be whislted at..."

Anyways, it degenerated from there.

My advice to you: The people in that store ARE NOT HAPPY you are spending your money to help them earn a living. SO DONT . Go elsewhere.

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  • Sh
      Mar 25, 2009

    I agree about the staff attitude with a few exceptions. The attitude and actions of the employees reflect the attitudes of the management. I recently had the experience of having my bag searched as I was leaving the store, evidently this is a new management initiative in order to cut down on shoplifting. Customers who are treated as though they are criminals will not be customers for very long. I will not buy anything at the Canadian Tire Spruce Grove store unless there is absolutely no other option and I will be sure to spread the word on how they treat customers. Other business establishments have "customer appreciation" Canadian Tire Spruce Grove has "customer suspicion".

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  • Dl
      May 23, 2011

    I cannot believe there is so many people who think like me in Spruce Grove, Alberta!
    A bunch of rude clerks & a slovenly teens at the return desk with gross things hanging of its lips, eyebrows, or tongue. YICK!
    I wonder why they are still in business when they are so disliked.

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  • We
      Jun 25, 2013

    It amazes me that this outlet of a fairly strong franchise is allowed to remain in operation. I can only agree with many of the above comments. I have found the staff to be actively hostile, often too busy or disinterested to provide any customer support. Recently while trying to purchase a marine battery I was handed a slip of paper with a number on it and directed to a rack of batteries to fend for myself. The number didn't seem related to anything on the shelf. At other times I have found staff to be rude, and have even had staff actively avoid providing help, by heading in the opposite direction. I have attempted simple returns and found the staff at the customer service department to be condescending and disinterested. As others have said, while I continue to be a regular Canadian Tire customer, neither I nor my family will shop again in Spruce Grove.

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