Canadian Tire / returning bicycle tube that did not fit; wrong size

Calgary, AB, Canada

My teenage son bought a bicycle tube to replace a punctured one; had to return the next day because wrong size. It was a 10$ item and he did bother keeping the receipt. We just wanted to replace it with one that fits. It was in original box and in 100% perfect condition. But Customer Service absolutely refused it w/o the receipt. Asked if I can talk to manager: answer “do not know where he is”. So I left the item with Customer Service in anger, bought another that fits and left the store. The one I left I assume will go back on the shelf paid for by me…..what a shame.
Compare this to:
Home depot, Lowes, Walmart, Rona, etc – no receipt no problem: you get full refund/store credit/full replacement, etc. All these companies will call the manager to come to customer service. I am a supporter of Canadian businesses but in this case. I have had auto parts/service issues and other bad customer service issues with them in the past as well.
Not going back to CT; will recommend my friends not to shop there.

Sep 25, 2017

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