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Canadian Tire / customer service

1 KanataOttawa, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I had a winter tire on a rim which had been damaged by a pothole. I took it in to Canadian Tire in April, 2007, where I was told that while the rim could be hammered out, the tire had been damaged and should be replaced. It was a difficult-to-find tire (a Michelin) and the technician told me they would have to order one. I asked him to go ahead and do so as I would not need the tire until the following autumn. He said he would call me when the tire was ready, in 5 weeks or so.

Some 10 weeks later, having not heard from Canadian Tire, I stopped back in at the store. I talked to the same technician, who went in the back, rolled out my wheel and said he hadn't got the tire yet. He said that he expected it in 5 weeks or so. Again, I told him I was in no hurry. Again, he told me he would call when it was ready.

The fall arrived, and I went in to get my wheel. The counterman could not find any record of there having been a wheel. He asked whether the technicial had created a work order. I told him that I didn't know. The man then told me that there was nothing he could do, and that "if there was no work order, there was no tire". He did not check for the tire. I asked "what are my options then?". His response was "your option is to step aside". That ended our conversation.

I took the issue to the service desk. A man there took my contact information and promised to look into it and call me back the next day. Three days later, having not received a call, I visited again. I talked to the same gentleman, who told me that he'd referred the problem back to the counterman to had told me to step aside. That was as much as he would do.

Another 4 or 5 days went by. No call. I should note that within that time, I was able to go to Frisby Tire, order a new rim and tire, and to have the tire delivered, mounted and balanced. I had given up on ever getting the original wheel back, but was quite angry and decided to contact head office. I sent an email to the head office. Within an hour or so I got an autoreply saying that they were experiencing "higher than normal volumes" and that they would get back to me "shortly". Four days later, I received a form letter assuring me that, while their success was based on listening to the voice of the customer, there was nothing they could do for me, but that they had referred the matter back to, you guessed it, the original counterman.

Clearly, no-one, not the auto service counter people, the customer service counter people, or the head office people, have any interest in even looking for the item. The worst part is, it was an old rim and the tire was damaged - the total value of the thing wouldn't have been higher than $25 or so. In light of this, a more stupid series of decisions is hard to imagine.

I have never been a big fan of Canadian Tire, but I won't shop there again.

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  • Gl
      19th of May, 2008
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    I will never shop at Cdn tire again! Oooh, I was never so mad..I bought several things amounting to 35.00 including a cute tea lantern for 4.99 when I got home I noticed a piece of glass was cracked, their defect.So I went back right away, less than an h0ur later, and they wouldnt exchange my lantern unless they had photo id. I just want to exchange it, not be extorted for my personal information to be entered in their data for a 5 buck purchase! My debit card was acceptable for them not an hour earlier, how would they know THAT was not fraud? What this boils down to is, if I was, say, a homeless person that managed enough money to buy say a thermal blanket to keep me warm at night, well my money is not good enough, as I don't have id! For a 4.99 lantern, they won't exchange it, I was furious. Talking to complaint dept they say they can't do anything for me, and I refuse to give up my personal information for such a petty purchase. They treat everyone like they are fraudelent. Customers definitely deserve better treatment! Grrrrr!!!

  • Ma
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    I just was in the Canadian Tire Store West Side Mall Toronto. It has turn me off canadian tire all together. I wanted to buy some thing .I waited in the line for 20 mins.then the cash doesn't work when it comes to my turn.We have to wait for asst manager to come .She was so rude.Instead of telling us it was going to be awhile .She opens another cash which there was only one open then tells us to go to another cash again I have to wait.
    Get to the cash which what i was buying was under a sign which said 19.99 for 11.99 and clearly not put there by a customer, They call for the same rude asst manager which said i'm on lunch why are you bothering me. then tell me the price was not what it said I asked for the managers name .She said he not going to give it to you for that price and wouldn't give me his name and walked away.I told her I wanted to tell him about the poor custmer sevice . The ladie before had the same service they looked at her and walked away. One very turned off customer. marlene firth

  • Py
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    So its October 22, 2008 around 6pm.
    I'm in the store to look at fondu sets. I see a cordless phone and the price under it is $24.99 its behind closed, but not locked, glass doors. I grab that and my fondu set and head to the cash.

    It rings up at $30-something, not a huge difference but a difference none the same. So I tell her, and she calls housewares and they go and look. The item was in a wrong spot. She calls up the manager and I go with him to show him where it was, stating, it's not my fault that its in a wrong spot especially since it was behind doors. He says that it wasn't locked so anyone could have moved it. Fair enough.

    I go back to cash and tell the girl in a firm tone "Nevermind, I no longer want it." She says to me "Well you don't need to get snippy with me." I look at her and say "I'm not getting snippy with you, this has nothing to do with you." She turns to me, putting her fist up and says, "Look here, I'll [censored] deck you b****!" I'm in shock and say, "Excuse me?!" At this point I walk away towards the door and where the manger is saying to him that she has no right and no need to talk to a customer that way and quoting to him what she says. He tells ME that I don't need to be swearing! So real slowly and firmly I tell him that I'm """QUOTING""" what she said to me! "Well, I didn't hear her say it" he says, and asks me to step outside with him. So we step into the enterance way between the outside and inside doors, and he tells me again that he didn't hear it, and that "I" shouldn't be swearing. Again I tell him that I'm merely quoting what she had said to me. He says that he didnt hear it, [yeah I got that for the third time] but "IF she said it then HE is sorry" [I'm thinking why are you sorry, you should be making HER appologize!]

    At this point I'm so frustrated that I walk away and say nevermind!

    I called the police to press charges for her uttering threats to cause bodily harm, they said there most likely wasnt enough evidence, because she most likely will say something different, and so they aren't going to press charges. But he was going to go there and "warn" her... /wristslap. [are you kidding me!]

    So some little chickypop gets to shoot her mouth off and get away with it instead of learning that there are consiquences for her actions. And the manager was no help whatsoever as well. If I the customer had of spoke to her like that, I'm sure that charges would have been pressed against me.

  • Py
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    I called the owner of the store the next day about looking into what the cameras caught of the situation [her making a fist at me] and they informed me that ALL of the cameras on cash on down and that they arent recording... I'm sure thats safe.

  • Pa
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    I purchased a Whirlpool dehumidfier on June, 26, 2008. On August 12, 2008 it started to leak from the bottom. I took it back to Canadian Tire and I was told to call the warrenty number on the manual as they only take it back after 30 days. The company that looked after the warrenty was Trans Global, after several calls and no responses, I got in contact with them. They never had any records from call to call, finally I got mad and they faxed a WO number to a local repair shop. He came over and had a look at the unit, the thermostate was not working. He is now trying to get this part from them, with not much luck. My advise is to check things out before you purchase a product like this from Canadian Tire. I am out $179.00 and no one cares.

  • Da
      22nd of Jan, 2012
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    I bought a food processor from Canadian Tire in which the dough blade was missing, so I had it exchanged. Turns out that the exchanged product was also missing the dough blade, so I brought it back again and asked in store if they would check in a third box before I took it home again. I fetched the product for them and again the dough blade was missing. So they get the manager and she suggested that although it was advertised on the box, perhaps it was an extra accessory that you had to buy and that it wasn't their fault that it was missing. So I asked if I could just return the product as one of the main reasons I bought it was to have the dough blade for making dough. She said Canadian Tire didn't have a return policy like that. To which I asked "Sorry? You don't have a return policy for a product that was bought in the last 30 days (although it was only a week since I bought the product)?". I checked the receipt in my hand to which I was amazed that they indeed DO NOT. The MANAGER then said "Fine...I don't want to deal with this. Just get it out of my face" and stormed off. The employee then gave me attitude for opening up three of their boxes of product - to which I don't really care. It advertised certain things to which they didn't deliver - their manufacturers fault, not mine! Worst customer service experience ever...

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