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Canadian Tire / terrible service!

1 Centrepoint MallNorth York Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I went in to the Auto center on Saturday afternoon to get a seasonal tire change over and oil change. It was completed after about 2.5 hours on this busy Saturday. As per the sign I let them know what aisle in the parking lot me minivan was in. When I received my keys they had no idea where it was parked. The mall was busy but they could have at least let me know my vehicle was in the Loblaws grocery parking lot. It was dark when I picked up the minivan and I did not not note any problems. The next day during the day I noted a great deal of black grease all over the floor mat, steering wheel and dash board. I took the vehicle in on Monday and the dealer got the same mechanic who serviced the car to clean the vehicle. After I got back to my place I noted two locking nuts missing on the passenger side of the vehicle and subsequently returned to the dealer. After no apology by either the duty service manager or manager and another 2 hour wait I received 4 new locking nuts. In fairness the mechanic who placed the 4 new locking nuts did apologize (even though he had no fault at all). The initial mechanic apologized for his inexperience. My issue is with managers who do not apologize or take responsibility or supervision or new employees. No phone call after the fact, no offer of compensation or good will for my many years as a good customer.

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  • Ma
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    I had brought my car in to have my roaders and barrings looked and and possibly fixed, i had left for an hour then when i came back the mechanic told me it would cost me 950 to repair my car, i was shocked and i didn't understand, he told me i needed 4 new tire and a new rim on the left front side. I then asked him if he had looked at my roaders or barrings and he said no, he then said he could not look at other parts of my vehicle because he had already seen damaged parts that needed to be fixed i then asked to speak with the manager, the maneger was extremely rude and told me i was a danger to everyone on the road and needed new tires, i did not disagree with the man i just wanted my barrings and roaders looked at first, i was very dissatisfied with the service, i was then charged the 30 dollars for the mechanic looking at my car, even though i did not even get a brake expection or my raoders and barrings looked at.

  • An
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    It's spelled bearings and rotors.

  • Ju
      17th of Feb, 2008
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    I think people are totally selfish. With no regards to what a mangers has to over see no considerration to what one person has to go through the only think this self centered person is thinking is me me me. He did get an apologie (not good enough). The apologie did come from the person who did the wrong and an additional person which is a worker from CT therefor is as much of a representative of CT as the manager himself. Furthermore this person did get the issue rectified with a freebie (not good enough) always adding how much time was waisted. I would really like to see more people be less negative in this beautiful world of our and try just a little to put themselves in other peoples shoes. Don't you think this person would have a better outcoming of this situation, less fustration in life general and have better positive thinks happen when you have a better outlook on life.

    Have a good day :)

  • Ma
      18th of Feb, 2008
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    I've always had issues with the CT at Centrepoint Mall. Their management on its own, is ridiculous.
    My experience was unbelievable.

    After my first day of work, and my first time in an unfamiliar mall after hours, I had just walked out of Zellers at 9pm and saw that i was being followed by a strange man. He looked like he was up to something and tried to converse with me a couple times. Throughout the mall me followed me. I past the food court and went to canadian tire.

    i saw a short chubby white lady (cash manager as per her name tag) and approched her for some help. I told her i needed help because there was in individual following me and i did not have my cell phone at the time. I asked if i can use the phone to call someone to come for me. She told me there were no outside lines and that there was a pay phone just by auto service centre.

    I told her that i felt unsafe and she said it is 9pm our store is closed we cannot not allow people in. I asked if she had a cell phone that i can use for 2 minutes and she said no even though her cell phone was clipped on to her pants and she rudely and uncaringly walked off in to a little office.

    I became frustrated and scared. The man sat 5 or 6 table away from me as i stood by Canadian tire's doors by the mall enterence. Minutes later i saw a man (West indian from the sound of his accent) walking past the doors and called for his help. i explained the situation to him and he said i can wait inside. He gave me the stores phone to use to call my brother to come pick me up and called the police for me.

    i was thankful for this man to come help me, however that lady was the biggest ### ever (sorry for the foul language) and it was very unhelpful of her. If anything would have happened to me, i would have taken the matter more seriously

  • Da
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    So you are complaining that someone pointed out that your car is a danger to yourself and other people on the road? I am not a big fan of Canadian Tire mechanics because a lot of time they hire apprentices and very inexperienced people, but in this case I can honestly say they did the right thing. You need to take care of the basics like tires and rims before any other part of your car is even looked at. This car should not even be on the road, and if you would have been stopped by the cops they would have fined you heavily and pulled the plates off it.

  • Cr
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    i worked at CTC, worst job in the world, it's actually the one and only job where i have gotten written up for something that doesn't make sense or something that is completly out of my control. our assitant store manager (fat ###) is a power tripping freak, she has forms that she wants filled out everyday for opening shift, forms that were completly pointless because in reality you could simply look out the window and take a 20 sec walk in the store to see if it's all done (if you seen the list you would laugh) anyways during a period of 2 weeks we forgot to fill out these pointless forms then she sends out a memo saying that if we don't fill out the forms we will not be paid for the day. (I had to explain the her fat ### that that would be against the labour law)...but ya ###ed ### like that or best was i got written up for spending to much time helping a customer, i was outside in the freezeing cold disassembling a workout bench to fit in her vechile, we ended up taking the whole thing apart but when i get back inside after 20 mins, i get written up. I was almost fired one time for diabiling the alarm for the snow machines outside because all the manager in the store were in a meeting up stair after asking for help for 20 mins the customer got pissed and wanted to get his money back so i disabiled the alarm for the snow blower (with the oh so clever security code 1234, lol) helped the customer load the snowblower on there truck reattached the cable, turn the alarm back on and thats when fat ### seen me reactivting the alarm and gave me ###. it seems this crap tire feels it more important to uphold it willy wonka rules then it does about making money. commen sense angers them aswell and they like to do everything the hardway or long way. the store is terribly organized aswell

  • Ba
      21st of Jul, 2010
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    I've noticed a lot of Crappy Tire places have replaced their older, more knowledgable staff with young, [censored] employees. Maybe they're trying to reduce costs. Too many teenagers with braces on. Not much use unless I'm looking to build some train tracks.

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