Canadian Tireinspection services

Went a couple of months ago (About 4 / 5 months ago) to canadian tire auto service in pointe claire quebec, to have a front end inspection,... They gave me the report of what needed to be done,.. Bought the pieces & had them changed, (Ball joint, tie rod end,... Now i go my dealership garage to get diagnosis on computer,... I was in total shock, when they told me, & brought me in to show me that my whole front end sub frame is finished & has rusted out holes all through it... Why the fk did i pay for a front end inspection for, your people should of told me months ago about my sub frame, but instead you just wanted to make money changing parts... This car is now off the road as of yesterday,... You pcs of ###, you'd rather make money then to let your customers know the truth... & yes i have proof i was there for that, it's paid through my canadian tire master card, you fkn pcs of ###

Feb 02, 2017

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