Canadian Tire / automotive service

Oakville, ON, Canada

Oct 31, 2017.
Invoice #[protected]

Canadian Tire #424 - Automotive Service Center
2510 Hyde Park Gate, Oakville

Purchased new rims for winter tires.
Requested to have rims mounted to vehicle.

After installation, heavy vibrations when travelling high speeds. Inspected rims when I returned home to discover that they were not mounted concentric to the wheel hub. The use of studs to center the rim was done incorrectly such that wheel was off-center. In addition, lug nuts were not torqued correctly.

As this was a safety issue, I performed the remedy myself immediately.

I returned the next day to communicate the problem and was told to call the service manager, Joe, the next day for resolution. Upon reaching Joe, he quickly told me that he would call me back to resolve. It has now been almost 3 weeks and I have left two additional VMs for Joe with no reply.

I would have been happy with an apology and offer to refund the labour service cost as this could have been an honest mistake by the mechanic. Having heard nothing for 3 weeks, I feel the staff at this branch have no interest in respecting me as a customer, and more importantly, the resulting safety risk posed by their poor workmanship.

If by some miracle someone actually responds to this complaint, I would request that I receive a phone call from a representative from the service center along with an offer to compensate me for the trouble of having to do the job correctly.

Nov 17, 2017

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