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Canadian Tireflyers and repairs

The flyers say 25.00 gift card with 100.00 purchase. That is a lie. I received 2 cards at cash for a 200.00 purchase that promotional day. When it came to the vehicle repair bill, I received nothing. It's been a year. Today they have 50.00 gift card with a 200.00 purchase except for labor.
Bill, the manager has not emailed me, David Hicks the owner will not acknowledge my gift cards.
Customer service does nothing and corporate will probably not.
They further lure you in with promises of discounts and cheaper repairs than Nissan offered and lie.

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    Canadian Tire — store layout

    The new owner of the only canadian tire store has ruined the store for most customers. We are unable to move...


    Canadian Tire — hickory axe handles

    In january of 2016 I purchased brand new from canadian tire in perth ontario a yardworks splitting axe with a...


    Canadian Tire — false rebate?

    The Black and Decker Blender Fusion Pro is sold since November 2015 at 50% rebate (119, 99$) . Never be able...


    Canadian Tire — 2005 acura el wheel bearing install

    Long story short, the Canadian Tire on Scott Road in Surrey BC installed a set (drivers & passengers) of...


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    Canadian Tirecharge for wrong auto parts

    Wow, they sell you the wrong auto part and then charge you 20% restocking fee to correct THIER mistake. We are not even talking about some rare part on a forgotten model long since obsolete. We are talking about the front rotors for a Ford F150 one of the most popular vehicles in Canada. THEY got the wrong part number and sent us home with the wrong part and now nothing but grief. Four trips into the city and a $23 restocking fee for their mistake and one long term customer that will NEVER shop there again. Make that dozens of customers that will never shop there again because I intend to tell two friends and they will tell two friends and so on and so on. Still can not get it through my head with all the competition out there WHY an Auto Parts Company would pull a stunt like this, It would have been just so easy to just replace the wrong parts with a smile and an apology.

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      • Fr
        frankieavalanche Nov 12, 2012

        purchased log splitter parts missing no parts manual call help number can not get anyone on the phone just recording asking for product number .I give product number and operator says not right number and hangs up

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      • Pg
        P Gundlock Dec 06, 2009

        Jazz digital camera purchased Feb 4 /09 - hinge on screen has broken and camera cannot be used. Canadian Tire has refused to replace camera with another - six months - carefully cared for - what a quality product !! Jazz DV 179

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      • Ca
        camaro92 Jan 21, 2009
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        By LAW we have to give credit to a customer without proof of purchase?? By LAW we have to return a product for a refund with proof of purchase??

        Where the hell you get that from!!? You show me this LAW you speak of. There is no such law.. NO business HAS to refund ANYTHING to any customers. Returns for ANY company is a PRIVILEGE, NOT a right!

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      • Ca
        camaro92 Jan 05, 2009
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I love arguing with idiots like you... COMMON SENSE.. Someone walks into your store. They have a product. They want a refund. HOW DO WE KNOW HOW MUCH YOU PAID???????

        Nearly everything within a 1 month comes on sale in our flier.. How are we to know you didn't buy a product for $20 when it normally sells for and is currently selling for $100???

        How do we know you didn't STEAL it? What proof do you even have? NONE.. you didn't have a receipt. Not only for PROOF OF PURCHASE, but how much you in fact paid and how LONG it's been..

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      • Tr
        Trogdor Jul 30, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        You didn't have a receipt right?

        If you have a receipt, by law the retailer is obligated to refund you the amount of money listed on the receipt. If you have no receipt, the retailer (again by law) will give you a credit for the lowest sale price within the last 90 days.

        Check the legalities before calling someone a "fraud".

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      • Pi
        piyush h patel Jul 19, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Full Name :- Patel Piyush H

        Nationlity :- Indian

        Address :- M-14 Vishawash Appartment, Sardar Chock, Krishananager, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India.

        Date of Birth:- 24 April 1975

        Email:- [email protected]

        Country :- India.

        State :- Gujarat.

        Contact No :- [protected], [protected]. [protected].

        Gujrat Secondary Education Board Gandhinager.
        S.S.C. 60%

        Provisional National Trade Certificate.
        Government Of Gujarat.

        Industrial Training Institute.

        Fitter Trade Certificate. :- 71%

        Directorate Of Employment and Training.
        Govt Of Gujarat.

        Provisional National Apprenticeship Certificate. :- 61%

        WORK EXPRIANCE :- 13years.

        Shree Ambica Industries, Ahmedabad. Gujarat, India.
        Maintananation Fitter.

        Larson & Turbo Ltd, Hazira, Surat, Gujarat, India.
        Plate fabrication Fitter.

        Ashima Denim Ltd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
        Maintananation Fitter.

        Urmi Hydrolic, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
        Maintananation Fitter, Propritor.business.

        Jay Ambe Sales Corporation, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

        Type of worked desired :- Maintananation fitter – Production Fitter, Fabricator, Techanician, Skill worker.
        Date Available :- As par company demand.

        Language Skills :- Gujarati, Hindi, English.
        Language :- Gujarati
        Spoken :- English 50%
        Written :- English 50%
        What is your gender? :- Male

        Your Faithfully.

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      • Gl
        Glenn Jul 17, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I purchased the "Yardworks 1/2" Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Male Hose Repair Coupling". It went on easy enough but the Stainless Steel Hose clamp didn't tighten. (It kept slipping). Since gas is so expensive I didn't want to head back to Canadian Tire. I walked five blocks to pick up a clamp that actually worked. If these guys are selling inferior products I don't see how they plan to stay in business.

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      • Valerie Jul 14, 2008

        Returned a rainbird sprinkler that was so poorly made that it broke at the base after 2 days of use. Sprinkler was $14.99 on the shelf but I was told I would get a credit of $5.99... the last "sale" price rather than full return on another purchase. This is the most offensive return policy I have ever encountered.

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      Canadian Tiredamage to car

      December 27, 2014 my father took my car into Canadian Tire (2510 50 Ave Red Deer) in order to install my new winter tires on the front wheels. They told him it would take forty-five minutes to install. An hour and a half later he was told that they were having troubles removing the tires because they were low profile tires. He then waited another half an hour before the car was ready to go. Due to the fact that there had been such a delay, he took special notice of the rims prior to leaving. Upon inspection, he noticed that the rims had been significantly damaged. He immediately asked to speak with a supervisor, but was told that none were available. He took pictures prior to leaving the store in order to show the damage to the manager. He followed up with the manager (Jean Marc Pare) in the following weeks, but Jean Marc didn't want to see the photos, he wanted to see the car. However, I had been visiting the city and was not able to drive back to Red Deer to meet with the manager at that point. I was put in contact with the Canadian Tire manager (Kevin) of the South location in Calgary and met with him to deal with the issue further. Kevin saw the damage and said they would be able to get the rims fixed. Later he recanted his offer and decided that the rims were damaged in some other way, despite damage only being done to the front two rims. Upon my next trip to Red Deer on March 16, 2015 my father and I went to speak with the Jean Marc. Jean Marc took a look at the rims and argued that the rims must have been damaged at another time, despite us having photographic proof. He did not want to see the pictures and told us there was nothing he could do. The pictures clearly showcase that the damage is freshly made.

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        Canadian Tireincompetent staff and accused of stealing.

        Don't normally vent or complain but after the horrible service received felt I needed to. I went to put a payment on my canadian tire Mastercard Which I have done hundreds of times. I usually save up my cash and put a large amount on it all at once. Just makes me feel like I'm making a bigger difference. Amy way I was putting a $3300 payment on card and they had to have the staff count it 4 times. No one obviously ever counts that much cash. I don't mind I understand it's alot of cash so fine by all means I have counted it myself twice so I know it's right. Well after no one can get a correct count of $3300 they take it to he office and run it through machine. Manager or someone supposedly in charge comes back and says no there is only $3140. And starts listing of what's there in bills. So I said where r the $100's? Oh didn't see those. Well the stupid tests had been counting the 100's as 20's. Which I still had to be the one to find them. No apology nothing. OK fine so he take its back to office again to count. Didn't even bother to come back in person to tell me that was right he sent the other cashier. In the mean time of all this I had a few thing I wanted to look for so I went and found them all and purchased them at the counter while I was waiting. So after all this the "manager" and I use that term lose lyrics comes out and accuses me of stealing the $16 knee.pads. maybe ask one of the 10 useless cashiers standing around doing nothing if I paid for them. I understand they r trying to do their job and prevent theft but do u really thing if I have $3300 to put on credit card I'm going to steal a $16 pair of knee pads. Get a grip or look at Ur dam cameras u have everywhere twits. And still no apology after I show him the receipt. Had it with these ###s they deserve to go out of business! Will be cancelling my card. Good riddance!

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          Canadian Tire Store 339 — treated like a criminal

          As I was trying to use my business swipe Visa card for a purchase, I was asked to show government-issued...

          Fort Mcmurray

          Canadian Tire Store 339 — trying to use visa card, escorted out by police

          I was escorted out of the store by a police officer while trying to use my business visa swipe card. The...

          Fort Mcmurray

          Canadian Tirenon cooperation

          Think 100 times before you purchase- Magellen 5255T

          If you want to make yourself Panic, Trouble, Miserable, or want to Kill yourself buy this product. If you buy this its make your life miserable. As this product starts very slowly taking the time to start minimum 10-15 minutes, not give you proper direction, maybe you will discover yourself another place 30 km from your destination, because of wrong direction. Not entirely that some major road it will not show like “EGLINTON AVENUE WEST”. I purchased this from Canadian tire within one month they replace this. Now it is not working. Today I went to Canadian Tire customer service they told me that they have nothing to do. For this stupid GPS. I bear an urgent meeting today and suppose to buy another GPS which is really expensive for me.

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Canadian Tire Store — filthy public washroom

            My wife came home last Tuesday after shopping at the Canadian Tire store in Grand falls - Windsor and wa...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Canadian Tire — timing belt

            A month ago, my 2001 Honda Odyssey stopped running in the middle of the street. Unable to get it running...


            Canadian Tirepoor service / incompetent staff

            On saturday oct. 18th I was traveling from sault ste. marie, ont. to guelph ont. when I ran into car trouble and required a tow to a garage. as it was a weekend I was advised by caa to go to canadian tire. I got a tow to the canadian tire in sudbury on regent street. initially, I was told they were too busy to see me, however after a bit of pleading, one of the associates took a look under my hood and determined it was just the alternator belt that needed tightening, so he told the tow truck driver to lower my vehicle and I would be on my way in less than an hour... so far so good. after further inspection it was determined that it was actually the alternator tensioner bolt that had sheered off and would require a part and more time. I was stuck in sudbury - they were hoping that they could get the part on monday and that my car was on the top of the list of cars to work on that day. unfortunately, monday rolled around and the part had to be ordered and would be recieved on tuesday. I could not wait and book more time off of work, so I rented a car and drove back to guelph. on tuesday I called in the morning and was told the part was not there yet and was told that the mechanic there needed to try to get part of the bolt out of my alternator and I may require a new alternator as well as a mounting bracket. we spoke later in the afternoon when chris had told me that the mechanic got the bolt out of the alternator and that the part was in and I didn't need a new bracket. I asked at this point if they were certain that they could do this job as I was 5 hours away and needed to get my car back by the weekend - I would tow the car somewhere else and have them do the job. "oh no no... we are golden... we are working on this as we speak no worries"... so, I don't call the next day thinking it would have been done by now. on thursday afternoon I get a call saying I do need to buy a mounting bracket and that they snapped the new bolt that I purchased trying to thread it into the existing bracket... and well... now we need to order these parts again and they won't get there till friday. at this point I lodge a complaint with canadian tire head office (I have yet to hear anything from them). I also now ask my husband to deal with these people as I am livid. if they were doing the work they said they were doing on tuesday - then that should have been known on tuesday and dealt with by now! so, now how can I possibly trust the amount of labour they charged me when they clearly weren't doing the work on tuesday... or wednesday... my husband calls friday morning to re-iterate that we will be there saturday to drop off the rental car and we need this work done. they say they are only then sourcing the part and may need to order. except on thursday I was told they were ordering the part then. once again - another lie. anyhow... my husband phoned back in the afternoon and was told the part was there and they were working on it at that point. friday at 4:22 I got a message saying my car was "good to go". trusting this was true I drove once again to sudbury (5hours) to pick up my car. when I arrive - I pay my 500$ repair bill and leave. my husband gets in the car and starts it - it is very rough and the following was happening: tachometer does not work; engine light on; key light flashing; temperature gauge does not work; the car sputters and belches through all gears. we head into the garage and tell the weekend guy our situation. dave was as helpful as he could possibly be with the incompetent staff that surrounds him. I actually felt bad for this guy - left holding the bag of all this incompetent work... I asked "did no one take that car for a drive around the block before calling me and telling me to drive 5 hours to pick up a car I cannot drive!?". I am certain he had no idea how poorly this was all handled. at this point dave comes out to the parking lot with a diagnostic machine which isn't picking anything up, so he goes to get a second one and the same thing happens. he opens the hood and looks around for a bit. one of the counterpersons comes out to the parking lot to speak with dave and he her to tell one of the staff to take the car into the shop, that he isn't even going to make a work order for it because he is so pissed off. he states he is tired of fixing everyone's mistakes - and I am sure he is. he takes the car back into the shop and tries to figure out what the problem is, but in the end his best guess was the catalytic converter and - oh guess what? they will have to order it in and maybe fix it tomorrow. obviously at this point I don't want them touching my car so I ask if canadian tire will do anything to help me out of this mess they have put me in - like a tow or anything and I am told it is not likely. my husband and I get in this car and chug all the way back to guelph in a very dangerous ride home. I have no words for how terribly this was dealt with from beginning to end. that is all.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Canadian Tire Gas Barproduct

              Hi their,
              when I had my visit today at this gas station I went in to use the bathroom and noticed that what I believe to be the manger was bringing in product from the dollar store from his car. He had bags of pepsi and coke products (along with other products) that were taken to the back room as well as being put onto the shelf's for resale. Do they not have to order products from a whole seller that is approved by Canadian tire ?

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                • Mk
                  MkStItCh Sep 01, 2014

                  If I run out of a product and can NOT get the wholesale delivery for several days then what should I do??? Should I tell people I am out so they complain or should I go get the stuff myself???
                  Based on you complaint it is apparent that people complain either way...

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                Canadian Tiredamaged bbq

                I purchased a Cuisinart Tabletop BBQ from Canadian Tire. After unpacking and assembling the BBQ I noticed that the 'lid' did not fit correctly. You needed to 'force' the lid over to the right to close the BBQ. Fine when cold but a tad dangerous when hot.
                A large red notice in the BBQ box advised me not to return the BBQ to the store but contact Cuisinart's customer care line. This I immediately did and engaged in emails with their President - R. MacLean (Charbuster Inc)
                He asked for photos which immediately sent. After some time I emailed Mr MacLean and this is the answer which I received;
                "I have looked at this and not sure how to solve this issue?
                If it could be the bottom base or the lid that is misaligned?. I have not seen this problem very often"?
                No offer to repair the BBQ. No offer to replace the BBQ. Just trying to ignore the issue. Overall very poor service. I would not recommend this company nor product.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Canadian Tire — wheel alignment

                  I took my 2002 gmc 2500 had with a diesel in for a wheel alignment on June 16th because I installed a upper...

                  Fort Saskatchewan

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Canadian Tirecar breakdown

                  I took my Audi into Canadian Tire in April and had a stabilizer bar on the rear replaced at a cost of $600. Last week, the bar broke again stranding my wife on the road. We towed the car to the nearest garage and were told the part that Canadian Tire had installed earlier broke again. I was told I needed to have the car towed to Canadian Tire so they could confirm it was indeed the same part. It was and they replaced and repaired the part no charge. However, the $160 tow job is at my expense - Canadian Tire said I'd need to fight the issue with Audi and not them. Go figure! I dealt with Canadian Tire and not Audi. It doesn't make sense does it?


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                    Canadian Tirerude staff

                    Lethbridge Canadian Tire North (worst) and South locations have now housing non-talented b****y staff.

                    North you got a middle aged b**** at the customer service that would not go out of her way to show where a certain product that was being held for us was located. She 'told' us where to go check, I guess she did not work there!! F M

                    Then just not too long ago a bunch of lazy ### kids 4 to be exact were hovering over the paint department did not give a crap that we needed to find a sale item for gardening, one punk said that we have to go to customer service, so we did, they ended up calling up one of the four punks, I said, "didn't I just ask you guys for help" and the dumb ### just said 'yeah' but the other staff just looked away. So, while waiting for the help, the two girls that work behind the customer service counter were talking out loud for attention on how they were going to party and get drunk and started talking unprofessionally in a public place that made them sound dirty. I had to go outside and help the little brat that did not know where the 'dirt' was either, by the time I got to him I showed him that it was under this cover, so instead of helping us carry the product (oh no this generation does not want or know good job etiquette) we did, the f'er did not say have a nice day or thank you nothing...another BS punk out for a cheque to do as little as possible...nice staff training Canadian Tire, thank God there is a Home Depot and soon to be Lowe's, Rona is okay but Home Depot has everyone beat for kindness and help! Yes, I am a true shopper, but being treated with respect and as a customer is and should be important, not to kiss ### but the way business should be, but sometimes there are arrogant people too at Home Depot but mostly the experience is 8/10.

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                      Canadian Tire automotive — botched auto repair

                      We had some muffler work done elsewhere, but were told by them to take our 2000 gmc sierra 4x4 to a mechanic...


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