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solar lights failure

Bought 2 Noma Pagoda Solar lights for $49.99. Lasted a whole 27 days, just long enough to lose receipt. I have bought $3.99 lights that last longer. Unimpressed with Noma and Canadian Tire.

service not performe as advertised

On 08 of August, 2017 I arranged to premium detailing package code no.: LH765N When I...

they called me stupid for shopping there lol

I ordered and purchased a drivers side brake Caliper. The Parts counter gave me the wrong part as I realized...

poor assembly of mountain bikes

Well not too sure where to start on this one. I had purchased a bicycle (Schwinn) from the shawnessy canadian tire, on june 8th, 2010 for my wife's birthday. She loved it at first site, meaning bike was a nice color, had a nice rugged look to the frame, nice shifters... Etc... She had it out for a quick ride to the store one day, only to come back and say that the bike didnt feel right. Put it away and used her old one instead. So now a month has past and she decided to give this bike another try. While travelling down the street, the bike goes into a really bad speed wobble. Now she had to get off the bike and walk the bike back to the house. At this point canadain tire, explains to me that there was nothing that they could do for me. I took the bike into 2 diffefent pro bike shops and they just shook there head. One fella said that he wasnt going to let this bike leave his shop without being properly assembled. So free of charge he starts to fix and build bike to the best he could... But by this time after only 2 short rides... The back axle is completelt warped, the gears are not set right, the brake cable broke.
My complaint is for this tech to be tested on his workmanship or to have his job terminated. I want something to be done about this issue.
The techs name @ canadian tire shawnessy. Sw. Calgary, alberta is angus. I did chat with him on the phone and he was so rude with my wife and myself. Stating the fact that he just puts the nuts and bolts on, after that he says " I dont really care what happens after that, I still get my pay check"... Now what kind of attitude is that. I really think that there is a big issue here... Someone, one of these days, is going to get seriously hurt due to this guy's incompetence!
I hope that some actions will be taking asap on this matter.

poor auto service and bad customer service

I purchased new tires from Canadian Tire those are high end tires according to them. They come with 100000 Km warranty. Just after one year, three of them start slow leak. I drive to the Canadian tire auto service and ask them to fix slow leak. They change the valve and did balancing etc. and charged me $145. I asked them what is this for because tires are under warranty and I just want to fix slow leak. They told me tons of reason that I can’t write. The Tires are still leaking and I have to fill them every two to three days. I complain this to them many times first time they asked me to visit them again I did so and after three hours they told me tires are good there is no slow leak. But fact is tires are reducing pressure. They just arguing, not solve my problem.

  • Ti
    tired of forced downloads.. Oct 31, 2010

    Take heart as a past employee of canadian tire I can tell you why it is this way.The Service Manager gets his marching orders from the owner..Those orders are to take you for everything, , I have seen a car come into the service bay cause it was not running smoothly, The tech diagnosed it as the computer, diagnosed it as the computer cause the car stop turning over after it was in canadian tire.Well after haveing the car in the shop for almost a week, We actually had to send the car to the dealer..Now here is the good part...There was nothing wrong with the car!!, The machanic had forgotten to putt the fuse box cover back on after the diagnoses, So it was not grounded and the car would not start.The customer was billed for the days the car was there, If I remember correctly it was around$ 1500-1900$.The customer was billed for the new computer, diagnoses, and labour.As lowly service couter staff, we made crap, And needed the job as well, , Still no excuse for not saying the right thing to the customer..but if you think they bully the customer, , see how they treat there staff..I would recommend staying away from saskatchewan Canadian tire...Any of them!!!..

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  • Ir
    Irfan Zaidi Nov 01, 2010

    Exactly true. They are unethically non-professional people. I would suggest everyone in Canada to keep away from CanadianTire. CanadianTire is the World’s Number one Crook and Bad then Worse Auto Service department.

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return policy

My husband tried to return our tent 30 days after buying it because it had gone on sale for half price and...

bicycle return policy

Ah; yet another grievance to add to the already overflowing cornucopia of Canadian Tire return policy...

riped off, mistreated & swore upon

I booked a vehicle canadian tire for repairs on the passenger side front flat tire and left to do some arren...

over charged for service work

Canadian Tire is the worst for auto service

I have a 2002 Pontiac Montana. On February 2010 the driver's side wheel bearing started to howl. At the time I was in Saskatoon, so I had the bearings done at the Confederation St. store. The service manager told me my options and I went with the economy bearing which are $164.00 a side, total cost $575. Seems like now-a-days you don't much for $164.00, because 3 months later they started to howl again, and it was very hard to steer the van, which is very dangerious. This time I was near the town of Kindersley. The bearing that went was on the driver's side. I suggested to the brainless service manager (her name is Cindy if anybody reads this) that both sides should be replaced. The parts have 1 year warranty and 100 days on labor. Being an ex auto mechanic, I would have replaced both sides, because if one wheel bearing is sloppy, the other side will suffer. I got the work done, however they only replaced the driver's side. I bet you can guess what happened next, two weeks later the passenger side wheel bearing started to howl. I made the mistake of bringing the van back to Kindersley to have them look at the van again. This time I asked them to install GM bearings (both sides) and that I would pay the difference. Well they did as I requested, however they said that they had to charge me $120 in labor install the parts because at this point there was no more warranty on the labor. I spoke to the manager of the store, he gave me a sob story about how he was doing all that he could, and how every Canadian Tire is independently owned. I made him aware they didn't fix the problem the last time I was there and I shouldn't be paying any labor charges at all since they didn’t fix the problem when labor was in warranty..
In short I had to pay the labor to get my van back, and the total cost was $764.00 and to top it all off, I lost 10 days of work because of this.

Please run away from Canadian Tire, they are a rip off.

  • Pa
    parts guy Jun 13, 2010

    1st you bought economy bearings for a heavy van. 2nd if you were a mecanic then you would have known gm have major bearing problems so you should have put on a premium line like national or skf, a gm bearing isn't any better as it is made by federal mogul who make all premium bearings for gm. 3rd of course you only change one side at a time when it is a warranty situation. What if I say to you your van needs one bearing but just in case I think you should change both. You will think I am trying to rip you off so why should a company warranty everything just in case? That would drive the costs of parts and labour to a point that you wouldn't be able to afford a vehicle. 4th I would call canadian tires customer assistance line and maybe they could help you, like all customer service call centres that is what they are there for so maybe you'll have some luck.

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after due date interest rates

Canadian Tire Options Mastercard is collecting incredible high late fees that are way out of proportion.
Late fee payments are stretching over 2 months.

In my example a three days late fee for an amount of 1436$
The first collected interest was an amount of 30.32$. But that is not enough the following month a follow up interest rate (the explanation I got for that is very foamy) was 14.28$.
To sum it an interest of 44.60$ which is around 2.5% was collected for a three days late payment of 1436$.

I just recommend to rethink before signing with Canadian Tire Options Mastercard.
Just a hint. They don't process payments on Saturday and Sunday which can cause such an interest payment.243

  • Jm
    jmc45 Aug 01, 2013

    You are not charged interest for just the 3 days, if your payment is received past your due date, the system goes back to the previous bill and charges interest on those purchases from the day you bought them until the day payment was received in full. So if the payment from your June statement was late, interest (which is calculated at a daily interest rate), would be put on your July statement. If your statement gets printed, say on the 15th of every month, then the interest on the July statement would show interest owed up until July 15th only, the residule interest owed (which is the remainder of the interest coming from the statement date to the date the payment was made) would show on the next statement.

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  • As
    asefaw Dec 27, 2013

    This is to inform you all people use or buy from Canadian tire store or use Canadian option master card please make sure you read the final print the worst company to do business. they gauge interest rate when ever they fell like. there must be a solution or investigation to be make regarding this bad practice of business .I wish we all to come to agreement and make boycott to not do business from this company. there should be a government involve for their practice of business.

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battery meltdown

I purchased a 20in Yardworks battery lawnmower 2 years ago. It was great, loved it for my small yard, right up until the charger melted my battery. The smell was awful. I didn't know what it was at first. My husband searched downstairs because it was coming through the vents. Batteries aren't suppose to be soft. We called YardWorks. They said so magnanomously that they'd replace the charger but not the battery. It's past warranty, the fact that it's melted goo in my back yard is my problem. My husband told them that this is our first and only Yard Works purchase and that due to this situation we'll never purchase yard works again. They said "I'm sorry that we haven't lived up to to your standards but the battery is past warranty sir." So they've lost a repeat customer for a $200 lawnmower.

  • D3
    d3eez Jul 06, 2010

    Like most people here, I wish I did more research before buying one of these Yardworks battery powered lawnmowers. In theory, it should have been a perfect purchase. On impulse, I replaced a smokey old gas powered mower with model # 60-1752 from Canadian Tire. Thinking at the time this compact unit would be perfect for my small urban lot and far more environmentally friendly and quiet. On a side note, definitely helps to keep the blade sharp to maximize battery life. Anyway... for 2+ summers it has been a good experience and I have not had any of the issues listed here... until now.

    The charger seems to have died for no apparent reason. Power is going to the charger but not from the AC unit to the actual battery. While the light on the charger indicates power, the other light indicating charging does not come on (red or green). Of course after 'charging' overnight the battery was still dead.

    I called YardWorks (1-866-532-5218 - this is not an easy number to find!) and they transferred me to a company called Sunrise that handles service and support. I explained my issue but given my unit is likely out of warranty (can't remember when I bought it and don't have any documentation), my only option is to purchase a replacement charger. At $25 including shipping I was pleasantly surprised. According to the rep, they are also using a newer charger for this model now so hopefully this is an improvement. Overall they were quick and courteous with very short hold time.

    They say it will take business five days to arrive so I will update my comment with the results when/if I get the replacement.

    1 Votes
  • Ke
    Kevin J Brown Jun 19, 2011

    Canadian Tire is like the dollar store of lawn care and automotive services. Their store line products are often substandard in design and construction and I've learned from personal experience NEVER take your car to Canadian tire, something as simple as a short circuit from a wet bulb in a tail light went unnoticed 3 times, by 3 different teams of mechanics, who couldn't for their life, realize that replacing a battery and alternator 3 times WAS NOT THE SOLUTION! ###S... or was it bad training and an idiotic approach to servicing people's cars PROPERLY instead they kept on taking the easy way out by selling ### the customer DIDN'T need! I never shop Canadian Tire, they shame the name of the country!

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return policy

Canadian Tire staff are extremely rude here in N.E. Calgary! We bought a gas Featherlite Weedeater which in fact was not feather light at all. We filled it with gas/oil and found that it did not perform very well, it was very heavy, the ripcord was very hard to work and it did not have a guide like some models which helps to ensure you do get too close to plants or hedges. Because I am only 5 foot tall when the gas was filled it was difficult to ensure that it would gouge into the grass.

I emptied the unit and cleaned it up and took it back to the Franklin CT Store. The return clerk was extremely rude, she said "too bad you put gas in it, we won't take it back" yes I know that doesn't sound rude but it gets better! She then said you should have looked at your receipt it states repair only, I told her that after you pay for the item looking at the receipt is not helpful so if that is the policy then it should be posted next to the item, that way customers would know the policy up front. I asked to speak to the Manager, she said "why, he's just going to repeat what I've already told you, I asked her to contact him anyway, she said "HE IS JUST GOING TO REPEAT WHAT I SAID!" That is when I told her that that was fine but call him anyway! She pick up the phone and said "There is a customer who put gas in a weed eater come and repeat what what I've just told her...so you have to repeat it!

The Manager "Fred", who doesn't have a last name apparently, was no better when I told him that I didn't appreciate the way she spoke he just looked at me he then looked at the weed eater and said "you put gas in it, we can't take it back".

Just as well she fed him the line because I don't think he could think for himself.

It is not like I don't understand but it is the way they treat you that is unacceptable! I can assure you I will never ever shop there again.

Lesson learned ... cost $89.00 & GST!

  • Ld
    L Doering Nov 13, 2012

    On November 12, 2012, I called Canadian Tire (Franklin Mall, Calgary) to see if I could make an appointment to bring in a friends car to replace a battery. I was less then politely told that they don't have time, because of a lineup of people before me. I said thank-you and decided to take my business somewhere else. I took the vehicle to another company, unfortunately they did not have the battery to correct the situation, but did a diagnostic test and confirmed that the battery was holding a 0% charge. They were unable to boost my vehice, therefore AMA was called and was going to tow the vehicle to the nearest facility that caried the battery (which happened to be the Canadian Tire). The AMA gentleman was amazing. He came and just start the car, performed a bunch of tests to ensure that the vechile could drive. He checked the battery, and again mentioned that I needed a battery, as both I and the guys from the other company suggested. I drove to Canadian Tire (Franklin Mall, Calgary) They proceeded to tell me that they had to charge me a $50 fee to preform a bunch of tests such as alternator, and other stuff. I told him that 2 other companies have already mentioned to me that it was strickly the battery. I asked if I could just get the battery installed only... I did not want to have the other tests performed. I was willing to sign a waiver to wave the test, and only get the battery replaced. He said that this could not be done. I ended up leaving this issue with the owner of the car to make the financial decision. Again, if the battery was in the facility, they would have sold it to me, and from there I would had been able to replace it myself. How would liability differ? Ultimatly the $50 was charged. I took time off of work to pick up my friend and take them into the service department. When questioned about the $50 charge, he first stated that it was a policy, then said it was only THAT Canadian Tire policy, then when I left, decided to change the story and said that I approved it... I DID NOT! I requested they just change the battery. Even the mechanic over heard us, and said... Just charge for changing the battery... apparently it is an option. I love Canadian Tire, and spend quite a bit of money each week shopping there. I am very disappointed in the Service, for it is normally great, and I think Canadian Tire is a good Canadian company. I know that you lost my friend as a customer, and I know one person doesn't make a difference to you guys, but I am also disapointed that I was called a liar when I left the service area to go back to work. He apparently didn't have the balls to say it to my face while I stood there for the 20min. I would love a call back if this feedback is of any importance. If not, then I will make my own decision whether or not if Canadian Tire is a place that I shall choose to spend my money.

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  • Ke
    kermode Sep 25, 2013

    Canadian Tire service guys are the one's they pay $12/hr and call them service technicians.
    Why didn't you just buy the battery and do it yourself, 1 or 2 wrenches and new battery is all you need, takes about 10 min.

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bad customer service

The Auto parts and services Supervisor "Craig" is confrontational towards customers. I witnessed him raising his voice a a customer and refusing to help and told him to leave the store.

He employes young people and does not appear to provide them adequate training to work on their own, yet he allows them to work alone resulting in aggravating customers. Customers get frustrated due to the lack of knowledge from these young inexperienced employees, than are subjected to bear the brunt of "Craig's" rude and loud behavior. Trainees are not identified as such, so customers have know way of knowing they are in training nor it would be expected as they work unsupervised. "Craig" only comes out to back at the customers.

As far as I am concerned, I will purchase my auto parts anywhere but there.

rip off

I received a Canadian Tire Mastercraft grinder as a (X-mas/2008) gift from my mother. I used it once for five minutes to trim a wooden door. It was then stored with my other power tools. Recently I needed to grind a piece of steel plate. After grinding for less than a minute, a large washer fell on my workdesk and the disc began to wobble. (Front bearing failed.) I returned the grinder to Crappy Tire and was told that the three year warranty was VOID because I didn't have a receipt. I didn't want a refund, I wanted a replacement grinder. Crappy Tire here in Sydney refused to help except to give me a toll free telephone number for Mastercraft, their brand. I received less help from them, I was speaking with a very rude woman who couldn't care less about my grinder if I didn't have the receipt. My mother, the original purchaser does not still have the receipt but does remember that the grinder cost $59.99 + taxes. I feel "ripped off" and will never purchase another item from Crappy again my lifetime.

  • Ro
    Rohn123 May 30, 2010

    Two basic things to remember. You must have your receipt to get service on a warranty. Also a warranty is valid during a specific period, 90 days, a year. Read the warranty and you will see it is clear from date to date.
    It does not matter what you do with a unit. Even if you do not remove it from the package if it is a 90 day warranty it expires and you have no warranty after that period.
    No receipt no protection. Save you receipts and avoid this in the future.

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  • Le
    Len McLaughlin Feb 02, 2014

    My complaint is not with CT itself but with the people they recommended for warranty work. I bought a Troy Bilt snow blower from CT 3 years ago from their Rothesay (NB) store. At that time I was referred to KV Rentals in Rothesay if any warranty work should be needed.
    Well, the blower failed and i called KV Rentals and was assured there was no backlog and that they could get right at it. When I inquired mid week as to status, I was rudely told that their policy was for them to call me when finished and not for me to call them. From a couple more communications, it appears that they never touched the machine for a week or more. Now consider this is mid winter and the gall of a customer simply asking for status as his snow removal had to be planned for.
    Long story short, it'll be 4 weeks tomorrow and I have had no assurances as to when it might be ready. They continue to blame MTD and even told me to complain to MTD and to where I bought it, so I'm complaining.

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careless service

On Friday March 26 @ 0800 hrs, I took my car in for an emissions test at the Canadian Tire on Rexdale and Kipling. I got my vehicle back around 0820 hrs and immediately proceeded to go to work. I drive about 60 kms one way to work. As I got on the highway and hit about 80 km per hour, my hood lifted and smashed into the windshield. Completely blocking my view. I immediately had to pull over as I was in the left lane and there was no shoulder on the left side. Luckily enough there were no cars behind me or beside me. Tow truck driver was not too far away so I had the car towed back to the Canadian Tire. The service adivsor was very defensive and rude when I told him what happened. He immediately stated that the mechanic had no touched the hood of the car. Arguing back and forth was of no use, so I went to find the manager. The manager did not know what to say or do so she went to find the owner. After waiting almost 15 mins, the manager came back with the service advisor and stated that the owner was on the side of his employees and they were not taking responisibility for the damage to my car. I immediately stated that I wanted to talk to the owner. He finally came and introduced himself. I told him exactly what happened and he said that he had spoken to the service advisor and the mechanic and that they did not touch the hood. He stated that the mechanic would most certainly admit that he touched the hood if he had. The mechanic has apparently been doing emissions test for over 25 yrs and has never had a problem with his work.
Anyone know how emissions test work with Canadian Tire?
I work at an independent shop and know alot of mechanics. They all say the same story. They have to get under the hood. Even if its just to confirm the engine size. Is this true?

I need to replace the hood, the windshield, the hood hinges and the windshield wiper hose after this incident.

careless service

Canadian Tire
  • Un
    Unknow123 Jul 09, 2010

    Canadian is the worst services, I have treat the same way how you did, the services
    Adviser take very defensive, and assistant manager so rude
    I bough 4 tires with them, the nuts didn’t tide a good job, after 2 weeks it fall out. That could get me in kill in highway.

    Never trust Canadian tire services, instead will go somewhere else

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I went to Canadian Tire to purchase paint. The girl that helped me had to tint it 3 times but just couldnt get it right. Then she said if I changed from egg shell to a semi latex it would be better. So I did. Then she did another tint test on the paint and she still didnt mix it right. She said it will look different on the wall then on the shiny peice of paper she's showing me the dry color on, so I should go test it out on my walls. So I said okay, and paid for it, took it home and its not the right color. Went back to Canadian Tire a few days later and they wouldnt take the paint back, the manager was rude and didnt believe me. No option of refund, only to get it tinted again, which is ridiculous, I've already put the project off, so just wanted my money back to get a professional at Rona to do it instead. So if you have a paint project to do that is within this lifetime dont get paint from Canadian Tire.

  • Aq
    AquaFire Mar 14, 2010

    You're right about Canadian Tire- what can you expect when they hire kids to do the job after-school!

    -1 Votes
  • Ni
    Nibbles Mar 27, 2010

    Aquafire- same with Rona.

    0 Votes
  • An
    André Nickell Sep 01, 2018

    Canadian Tire Premier paint is excellent paint and often on sale. Benjamin more is overrated and too expensive. Heck, my local Benjamin Moore store charges a dollar for one colour card, whereas they are free everywhere else. And if you want "official" proof regarding BM paints, look up Consumer Report reviews: Behr is consistently better for almost half the price of Benjamin Moore... I think you are paying for the name.

    0 Votes

no store support

I purchase a brand new in the box wet tile cutter. On the receipt it says that Candian tire will not accept...


Last February 6th my wife bought a present for me. It consisted in a solder gun. She bought it from Canadian Tire in Sarnia Ontario (the only one in this small city) . Before she gave it to me, she removed the sticker that includes the price and at the same time the code bars. Of course it was a present, so I was not supposed to know the price. Unfortunately this solder gun was to small for my job (truck mechanic).
Next day I went back to the Canadian Tire store and explain them that I needed the industrial solder gun, so I wanted to return it and get the right one, of course paying the difference and showing them the original receipt. 45 Since I started explaining my situation, I felt the difference between me and the rest of the customers. My mother language is Spanish, even though I speak English, I should have accent, I don't have blue eyes, clear skin, etc. and they denied the transaction saying that they need the sticker where the price is included in order to make the return or credit. The name of the girl who took care of me is Lynn and is not the first time that I have problem with her (some friends mine have the same opinion) then I tried to talk to the manager (his name is Steve) and he was worse than the girl.
My question is: Why when I try to return or exchange any type of tool I have the same problem, even if they are lifetime guarantee ? Is it discrimination? Do they practice discrimination in this store? Why only with customers who are minorities like me? . I asked to one of my friend who is a "real" Canadian to exchanged for me. And guess what? There was no problem and nobody asked any question. At the end I feel like a second class Canadian Citizen in this country.

  • Mu
    Muffinlover Feb 24, 2010

    I hate when people use their race as an excuse for their poor experiences. Don't try to make people feel bad for you because of your race. Perhaps your "real" Canadian friends had a different attitude when they tried to return the product, or maybe they had a different cashier?
    Ask yourself something...why would you remove the barcode when the store needs it to scan? If you look at the receipt for stores it will tell you to bring the product back IN ORIGINAL CONDITION. That means barcode in tact. How else is another customer supposed to buy it? Is it fair to that customer to stand and wait for a cashier to try to find a number to enter into the computer when it was your fault that it happened? Your wife did not need to take the barcode off to hide the price as the price is not on the barcode. I hope that you have stopped shopping at Canadian Tire just so that they do not need to deal with you or your silly problems again.

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checking policy

I bought skates for my daughter at Canadian Tire. I paid by my credit card and tried to get out, but was stopped by cashier. She asked me to show what was inside my box and for receipt. There were many people around and all they were looking at us like robbers. She said it was new rool to check customers boxes and she did it extremely slow. In receipt was something else I just bought in Canadian Tire and I put it to my packet. I was suprised she wanted to check my pockets as well. I called for manager and tried to explain how dare she ask me to check pockets but manager said it was new rool - you have to show your pockets...I refused speaking with them and showing enything and told call to police. They didn't call and let me go. I'm 40 yers old man with a master degree and never never in my life was insulted like this...

Canadian Tire service is horrible.
Their new rools are against people and for insulting people.
The new return policy is again against people.

  • He
    heyyou1008 Jan 30, 2010

    Thieves come in all shapes, races, education ...
    Good cashier, she did a good job . People like you should not be even aloud to go shopping...

    1 Votes
  • Le
    Learn2Spell Feb 05, 2010

    As I post this comment I read above, "Please check text and spelling before submitting a comment" this is a very simple rule (not ROOL) that anyone with a masters degree should find simple. In the future please respect the rule (not ROOL)

    Also anyone with a high school education should know how to spell anything(not ENYTHING ANYTHING with an A!) I my self even can see the squiggly red line underlining the word.

    If you feel like commenting to this please fax me a copy of your masters degree. My fax line is 1-800-EAT-### (1-800-328-7448)

    Thank you, have a nice day!

    1 Votes
  • Aq
    AquaFire Mar 14, 2010

    I would highly doubt that it is a store rule/policy to search people, especially their pockets. This voilates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. You cannot be searched unless you consent to it, or you have been lawfully arrested or detained by a peace officer.

    0 Votes
  • Ni
    Nibbles Mar 27, 2010

    I understand the checking the skate box, as people can and do change skates in boxes fairly often...(augh) but your pockets isn't allowed unless she saw you putting stolen goods into them.

    0 Votes
  • Ra
    RAWBY Aug 07, 2010

    Learn to spell simple words and then maybe I will believe you have a masters degree.

    0 Votes

return policy

I purchased a GPS on 9 October 09. I was told by the person at the Service Department that I could return it...

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