Canadian Tire / air mattress and customer service

Edmonton, AB, Canada

I bought an Air Mattress from The South Common Location in Edmonton Alberta for my Mother in law who flew in from Toronto. I got home and blew it up only to have it deflate moments later. By this time Canadian tire was closed so I had to go to Walmart and buy a different one. I went back to the same Canadian Tire the next day with the receipt, Canadian Tire Money and the Air Mattress and attempted to return the faulty item. I did not need nor want another as I already had gotten one at 10:30 at night. I was flat out refused a return the woman at the desk told me to go and pick another Air Mattress and exchange it. After arguing with her for 10 minutes telling her I did not need another one she finally decided to call a Manager. She called her Manager and came back and told me that she still could not process a return. I asked to speak to her Manager. I waited a while for him and when he came down he explained to me that due to "Hygienic" reasons they could not return the Air Mattress. I explained to him that "Hygienic" reasons shouldn't matter since the Air Mattress was Faulty. He continued to refuse to give me my money back. Finally he offered me a store credit which I didn't want because frankly I never want to step foot into one of your stores again. I am disgusted by the customer service I received. I have worked in retail I have in fact done Loss Prevention for your stores for Kingsway, Fort Road and Millwoods town Centre Canadian Tire in Edmonton Alberta for over a year. Not once have I ever seen such disrespect. That excuse he used about "Hygiene" was ridiculous unless he was planning on boxing up a faulty Air Mattress and Re-Selling it, I should have been given my money back.

I will be sharing my experience with my friends and family and on Social Media I really hope your company takes this complaint seriously and I hope this item doesn't get resold since it will most likely get returned and you will have another complaint on your hands.

Jun 20, 2017

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