Canadian Tire 233 / repairs

lasarre, Canada

bought your lawnmower june last year because of easy start feature. early that fall, I couldn't start it.
would not start this spring either so I brought it in to same store I bought it from before warranty expired.
was told carburater was broken. I said usually carburators just need adjusting and was told they had to order the whole kit for this mower.
I asked for how long do they guarantee their work, he wasn't sure.
I asked if this was due to manufacturing defect and was told yes.

i'm writing because I want to protect myself and my machine from hostile mechanic, I had several confrontations with local mechanics who claim price of repairs for in this case, a lawn mower that is still under warranty.

one guy said the moter head of my snowblower was shot, I ran out of there, backwards, and there was nothing wrong with it. it's still operationall. he stood to collect mony for repairs and recycle my motor head. they discontinued 12 hp apparently.

this is only one experience with local mechanics. it's a form of harassment, a power trip over an allophone [censor]!

i'm hoping you will support my right to fair and competent service. next stop is chamber of commerce.

  • Updated by barabinsk, Jul 20, 2017

    it's july 20th and I still don't have my lawnmower back they told me the part is backordered and they couldn't give me approximate date of repair.
    I have parkinsons and live in the country and had to pay someone more than 100.00 to control 3-foot high grass. this is unreal, service is hostile and shaune is condescending, referring to me as my dear. if I have to spend anymore money on clearing grass I will claim in small claims.

Jun 23, 2017

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