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I am a disabled senior citizen on a fixed social security income! I was forced to get cablevision when the powers that be decided to do away with free TV! The rates keep going up and now the service is going down! When I called to find out why my rate went up, I was informed that there was another increase.

Who is authorizing these constant increases? I was also informed that the Game Show Network, GSN channel 76 will no longer be included in my package and that I would have to pay an additional $6.95 to receive this channel! Prices go up and service goes down!!! I can no longer afford these increases and think something should be done about it! I have not received an increase in social security in two years, despite the increase in the cost of living, yet Cablevision is allowed to raise their prices at will! There are no discounts for seniors or disabled and this is outrageous! When it comes to my having to make a choice of paying rent or watching TV, I will have to do without TV! This is so unfair!!! I can no longer afford to pay these exorbitant rates and I'm sure I speak for other disabled seniors as well. Why are they allowed to do this??? Don't we have any rights??? With all the money they spend on commercials which show constantly on TV, why don't they have some sort of package for seniors that will not break them? At this stage of my life, TV is my one relaxation.

Why would they want to take that away from me? The FCC should put a ceiling on contracts for disabled seniors on fixed incomes, so that we can enjoy watching TV. Unfortunately, not everyone is rich, but some consideration should be given to the poor!!! Please do something about this as it really hurts!!!

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  • Mi
      Jan 18, 2012

    the better soluction - read a book

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  • St
      Oct 15, 2012

    Cablevision does offer a discount for seniors...depending on if you're old enough to qualify or not. Another criteria for approval depends in your level of service (has to be lower tier). You say you can't afford this, that, & the third...but I'd be willing to bet that you have a higher tier package that ”you cant live without”. Also...your rate most likely went up bc the promotion flash...that happens in any company...everyone has promos.

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  • Ak
      Mar 12, 2019

    @Stop Yer Bitchin They be you with promotions to make another increase. Are you their employee?

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