Buffalo Wild Wings / I am complaining about asking them to turn the channel

Rochester, MI, United States

First of all, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings at 1234 Walton Blvd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 so I was sitting at the bar then I asked the bartender please can you turn the TV to soccer game, she said oh actually we do not have any channel for soccer games, then she was looking at his manager then he said we don't have it any more so I trusted them as what they said. 5 minutes later, one guy came to the bar and sit then he asked her could you turn to the soccer game, she said again we do not have it, but he says really I was here last week and I saw the game here, after that, the manager came to him and pulled like some papers then asked him which channels then he put it on for him. So why he cut off when I asked him to turn the channel by saying we do not have any soccer game. Finally, they are disrespectful the manager and the bartender around 1 p.m, October 28/2018, I will NOT go to this restaurant again

Oct 28, 2018

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