Booking.comincorrect advertisement for hotel

Recently went on a vacation, booked the room through, and when we got there we actually had a different room than we thought due to their translation error (from Italian). What should have taken 5 minutes, turned into an hour. Room we actually had was missing key amenities. It was a nightmare.

E-mailed the site to let them know about it, and first person from customer service, Eitan Kirstein, gave a response that showed my e-mail explaining what happened wasn't even read.

Responded to first e-mail, got a response from a different person, Chiara Brianese, with multiple lies, and deflection of the error to the hotel, who was clearly not at fault. To top it off, one of the lies was roughly, 'we can provide you a 50 EU voucher for your inconvenience', which after 2 e-mails, I have yet to hear back on.

All in all, we were lucky we had a room at all considering the entire area was sold out for the weekend. This company is an absolutely pathetic when it comes to customer service, and takes no responsibility for their screw-ups . If you don't want to deal with issues and would like your reservation to be correct, do not use these clowns.

Feb 11, 2015

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