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London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom
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28/04/17- 01/05/17
Elephant Lodge- 71 Marcia Road, Southwark, London

When we first arrived at elephant lodge me and my friend were a bit on edge, after the reviews on trip adviser, but decided to still give it ago. We arrived on the Friday at around 10 .p.M. The guy seemed nice showed us to the room and took my name for payment and that was all that was said. First impressions of the room were not great the rooms looked nothing like they are shown on trip adviser which for one is false advertising, as it is not what we booked, the place was filthy, the bed was stained all over, dirt all on skirting boards, and window sill. We also saw that it was £10 if we wanted the room cleaned, but it should be clean before we even get there!!! We then went out for a couple of drinks, when returning back to elephant Lodge we found that we could not get in with the key given and was as if someone had locked it on the inside, at this point we were not happy we were 2 young girls locked outside at around 1a.M. And was not told of any curfews, we rang multiple times but no answer. Luckily had friends staying in the same area so had to get an umber to threes and stop with them. The next morning when we tried to ring him again he finally answered with no explanation as to why the door was locked and asked why we didn't ring him when we did multiple times. We then asked if there was a curfew so we didn't get locked out again, he told us he would ask a colleague and get back to us and he did not do that, and then continued to ignore our calls. We did get in that Saturday night when we first walked in there was a couple sat on the stairs asleep with there stuff all over, just seeing them like that made me feel unsafe we quickly ran to the room, in the morning around 6am we were unfortunately woken up by others who seemed to live there slamming doors and running up and down the stairs, also someone tried to get in our room, which made me feel really uncomfortable. We decided we had, enough we decided to check out that day and stay with our friends who luckily had a spare bed! We did not see the manager once throughout our stay to ask how it was! Severely disappointed!

I would like a refund as for 1. We only stayed there one night as we got locked out the first night 2. It is filthy and I have pictures to prove 3. It is not what we booked it looks nothing like the photos on

Hope this can get resolved.

Thank you

May 6, 2017

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