Newport, NH, United States

Good Morning, I booked a hotel thru you because my fiancée and I were traveling on business. I booked the Days Inn in Keene Nh My conformation # is 1492.198.764. When we arrived to check in the two people that was working at the front deck were nothing but RUDE! I just let that go. The second this was that have a dog that is always in the lobby right near where the food is, this was disgusting, The lobby was dirty just very nasty. Anyway we got our key park the car and went to fine our room. When we got to the entrance door to slid our card thru the reader was about to fall off the wall. We then got to our room, we went inside to check out the room we both looked at each other and said I don't know about this. the room wasn't very clean. I went to go to the front desk but before I ran into one of the maids. I asked her if she could change our bedding that it didn't look very clean she was nice and came in and changed the bedding. So after she was done and gone we got ready and left for our business. We returned that night. We were getting ready from bed when I sat in the recliner and pulled a nasty tee shirt out of the side of the chair. We went to bed, the next morning we got up my fiancée got in the shower and I went to get some breakfast that the offer their, I was like no way the dog again it was dirty it wasn't clean at all. I went back to our room and my fiancée was really upset I asked her what was wrong she said look at the show its disgusting and she found a dirty used band aid in our bed she was completely gross out. I went to the front desk to compline, and the same people that was working the day before were there. I started to tell them about me complaint she was RUDE and just blow it off like it wasn't no big deal. She just cut me off right in the middle of me explaining my concerns. I paid 165.84 for this room which was a lot, considering we have stayed in way nicer hotels for less with better service and a lot cleaner. I would like some kind of refund if all possible.

Jun 26, 2017

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