SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / cancellation without proper anticipation

Versoix, Switzerland

I booked my vacations on to go to Euro Disney with my family. 2 days before my trip an agent called me to tell me that my reservation was cancelled because of problems with the hotel. She told me they were looking for a similar hotel/price in the same area. Unfortunately all they could find was a hotel more than 25 km far from the previous one, without public transportation near the hotel and more expensive than the first one. Also, they didn’t have availability for my full stay so I had to stay the last night in a different hotel in another city. On top, I was charged parking fee and a supplementary pet fee (that the first hotel didn’t charge). I made the complaint to customer service requesting the reimbursement for the parking and the supplementary pet charge and I never receive an answer. The customer service of is completely useless.

Jun 19, 2015

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