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I am so happy i have found this page as iv been worried sick since 5th April 2010, when they threatened me via email.

I joined this awful site over a year ago for a trial price of £5, they didnt state that they would charge £119 every 6 months after this until i had paid the £5!

I tried everything possible to cancel before the months trial was up.
I tried on their site, but there is no way of doing it, they emailed me only with automated emails, the activation code they sent me didnt work on 2 occassions and they told me to fax them, but there fax number wasnt recognised on 2 differant machines!

I have been refunded my money on two occasions now, the last being dec 2009.

My bank have told me that because i paid by debit card, they cant stop the transactions from going out, but everytime they request a refund, BE2's bank will get charged interest, so its not worth their while chasing me for years on end. Basically, they will give up after a few times.

BE2's bank have defenatly given up chasing me, but after no emails from this nasty company, EVER, they emailed me on Easter monday 2010 threatening me with debt collectors and legal action unless i pay up!

I have been refunded a few weeks before this threat, so they think that as they cant get money from me via the bank, they will threaten me direct instead!!

I am disgusted by this company and i will go down every avenue possible to get this company closed down, and hopefully arrested, what they are doing is a criminal offence.
Obtaining money through deception?

Someone from BE2 has commented on here i see, i ask this person to give me a phone number if your genuine, as your site does not work, but then again you already know this, as you set it up to be that way didnt you?
You make me sick and im so bloody angry that people can do this, im not letting this go, no way...threatening me with a debt collector!!

  • Be2 Customer Care's Response, Mar 27, 2019

    On behalf of be2 : if there are any ongoing issues we would like you to contact us at cs quoting in the subject header of your email. In this way we can respond to your queries directly. We cannot respond to or discuss personal details and payment data on this public forum. Thank you in advance for your co-operation. From be2 customer service.

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  • El
      4th of Oct, 2009

    iv not been satified with service from the start&tried to cancell 2nd day but no response

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  • Ju
      7th of Apr, 2010

    oh and id also like to add, that in one of their many automated emails (to which i have all the copies) when the fax no didnt work etc etc, they also said that my email address wasnt registered with BE2... but they sent me this email to the email address they said didnt exist!!

    I also have all the previous emails they sent, with the address they say didnt exist..on the top of the page!!!

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  • Ma
      9th of Nov, 2010

    My dissatisfaction with Be2 began when the system was not able to open the photo opload function.

    I've tried from different pc's and browsers.
    I wrot them for helt, and meanwhiole I tried to google for solutions.

    Thats when I realized what a scam b2 is.

    Anyway, eventually the Customer sevice replied, and offered me to upload my pictures for me ... !!

    This is absurd. So I should write them every time I need to upload / take off a picture!

    They don't want to give give me my money back, because I have been contacting members. (Sure, with my non-photo-profile!)

    Now, they are not even replying to my mails.
    I am insisting on getting my money back from a principle point of view.

    Would any other victims like to share a lawyer to kick their ###, Im all in!!

    / [protected]

    PS: A search for anyone in my country in agerange 27-37 offers ONE page with candidates.
    It's the biggest fraud in the Dating industry.

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  • Ri
      10th of Dec, 2010

    I've been ripped off BIG TIME!! I cancelled in 2008 and have written confirmation from Peter Greene at Be2: they've been deducting from my credit card ever since, every 6 months!!
    Where can one lodge a complaint or open a case of fraud???

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  • Mr
      17th of Feb, 2011

    hi julie, have had the same problem but after alot of investigation i did get through to a nasty little weasle by the name of Robert Smith, their policy is to not refund, would be interested to know how we can go about getting them shut down. I will write to watch dog as I'm sure we're not the only ones. FYI you can call them via this website it is in germany but ask for Robert Smith he is Customer Service !!!

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  • Re
      28th of Jun, 2011

    I too have had a bill from their debt collectors (Called Intrum Justitia) chasing for 167.92 euros, when I only joined for a month at £5. I have sent a copy to The BBC Watchdog as previous shows have had dating sites on them. My concern here is will my name be a bad debtor?
    Mr Wright

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  • Sa
      8th of Jul, 2011

    I have also been scammed by the £5.00 trail and my bank contacted me and arranged a refund. I tried to cancel the membership before the trial month was up but the fax number didnt work and the emails i send were returned. when I asked for a customer service telephone number the one I was given was out of service. I am now getting emails from them saying if i do not pay the full amount they will call in the debt collectors and take legal action. However they will not cancel my account. I have since closed by account with the bank to stop them taking or trying to take any more money. Has anybody on here actually been taken to court over this for failure to pay and has anyone sucessfully closed their account with BE2. If so advise would be appreciated.

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  • Th
      12th of Jul, 2011

    My name is Thomas Brooking and I work for customer services at be2.
    I am sorry to read that some of you have been unhappy with the billing procedure at be2.
    We do run a month trial, but it is made very clear that this trial will become a full price subscription if not cancelled in good time. Very standard procedure online and elsewhere. Customers are told about the rebilling policy, clearly at the point of payment and again in the receipt they receive via e-mail after purchase.
    If any of you feel that your case has been mishandled in any way please write to me and I will investigate it personally.
    All the best
    Thomas Brooking

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  • Lh
      19th of Jul, 2011

    I have tried this Thomas Brooking email address and like the rest of this company does not work. I have also been threaten by debt collector. Their standard procedure is to con and rub people. Watch out

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  • Oc
      4th of Sep, 2011

    So has anyone gotten into a legal battle with these people ? I am currently in the same situation where they are threatening me saying they will take "legal measures", if i don't renew.

    Appreciate anyone who is able to provide insights.

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  • Sa
      5th of Sep, 2011

    I have had a legal letter from Injusta or something like that and have spoken to them about this and have emailed them over a week ago with all my back up paperwork and emails and as of yet havent had a response. If this does go to court I will let you all know

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  • Sa
      15th of Sep, 2011

    It's a scam...
    Cancel your credit or debit card and order a replacement.
    Ignore their fake collection threats.
    They will move on to the next victim after a few tries.
    The cancellation is a waste of time and's a scam.

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  • Sa
      23rd of Sep, 2011

    Help - I have now received an invoice from Intrum in Germany again in a threatening manner. They never even responded to my previous emails to their Dublin Office. Has anyone else had letters like this as I am getting seriously worried and do not know how to proceed further to get them off my back

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  • To
      29th of Sep, 2011

    Do as Sandyman says, he is spot on.
    I've been monitoring compliants about Be2 on lots of sites. So far as I'm aware, noone has actually taken to court. They are just trying to scare you into paying. Ignore their threats, cancel your card, and stop worrying, nothing bad will happen.

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  • Sa
      3rd of Oct, 2011

    I have cancelled my card back in May when this all started
    so them taking money is not the problem. The problem I have is the threatening court letters, threat of bailifts and the black mark on my credit history all because of a Scam - doesnt seem fair some how. Thanks though for your help it is much appreciated - if I get any further hassles will let you all k now.

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  • Ha
      11th of Oct, 2011 are disgusting, they are cheater who should be take down with power of Law..totally fraud ..I'm in Australia ..please let us know any action which is necessary to take down their business

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  • Sa
      12th of Oct, 2011

    Thanks Hassan as of yet I have heard no more since their last letter, though some how don't imagine that is the last of it. If you come up with any ideas please let me know

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  • Ch
      16th of Oct, 2011

    I'm not sure what bothers me more, this horrible company, Be2. or peoples lack of understanding of basic legality, Firstly the law of England & Wales does NOT operate on behalf of crooks based in Luxembourg, Courts don't send threatening letters, they send summons or the Police, Bailiffs serve the courts not any private company, if you have not been to court and ordered to pay any money you will never even see a bailiff, private companies can't prosecute any one, all they do is make pseudo-legal threats, tell lies and try to scare you and hope you are fooled into paying them, be2 have no legal powers, bailiffs require a court order, debt collectors are NOT bailiffs, they have no legal powers, they cannot take you "to court", they cannot enter your home and "seize goods", in fact they don't even have the right to knock your door or phone you, don't talk to them, it's ALL a con, you will almost certainly "hear" from them again and again ad infinitum! but only because they're trying to con you, just ignore them, they have no powers they just make hollow threats because they can't admit the truth, THEY ARE LIARS AND THIEVES, but they are not going to tell you that are they?

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  • Sa
      16th of Oct, 2011

    Chrissie - Thank you for your re-assurance to the legalities of the matter - I just hope you are right :)

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  • Ja
      9th of Nov, 2011

    I have been trying to leave this company since last year. Their supposed online system of cancelling does not work and it is all a massive con. They have ripped me off 300 pounds so far. They have my bank account details so cannot change those and my bank has not been very helpful. Something must be done about these people, they can't be allowed to carry on trading like this! I have now lost another 149 pounds which I needed for medication because of them I will now literally be in pain for the rest of the month.

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  • Ab
      22nd of Jul, 2012

    Be2's set up is designed to frustrate and bully. They won't let up. To have any real clout against this company enough complaints need to be made to the national consumer and Trading Standards regulatory bodies in which ever country you are in. If they receive enough complaints they will be forced to act against Be2. Please repost this information onto other forums and let's start fighting this company with some clout instead of piece meal with individual complaints. Here are the organisations you can contact in the UK, if you are not in the UK please find the similar organisations in your own country and post their contact details on the web.

    The following are all UK (+44) phone numbers
    TRADING STANDARDS Tel: 08454 040506
    EURO CONSUMER (part of Trading Standards dealing with cross boarder disputes) Tel: 08456 040503.
    CONSUMER PORTECTION CORPORATION NETWORK (If they receive enough complaints about a specific trader they will share the knowledge with their counterpart in Luxembourg). Tel: 08457 224499
    ACTAION FRAUD. (Government agency against fraud in the UK). Tel: 0300 1232040
    ECC TRADING STANDARDS INSTITUTE: This is a trading standards web site providing advice and support for people shopping cross boarder within the EU. Please write to them and complain.

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  • 99
      1st of Sep, 2012


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  • Lo
      8th of Nov, 2012

    Be2 have sent threatening emails too me they say I have 3 accounts and as a good will gesture they will delete one they say I now owe then £286 and this is from there solicitor and I have till the 24/11/12 I am worried as I am a single parent and they say till I pay the account stays open and am stressed too bits in one way I am lucky as they have not been able too get money from my bank but the letters and emails are frightening can any one help

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  • Au
      22nd of Feb, 2013

    I have also been conned by the one month trial.
    I after a bit of research I would like to share my findings - I am not a lawyer but I've been around long enough to smell a rat.
    Firstly - B2's business model is built upon deceptive and dishonest business practises which are highly illegal in nearly all modern western countries (UK, Canada, Australia etc). Consumer legislation in such countries prohibit deceptive or confusing practises where consumers are unaware that they are signing up to a permanent subscription for a product. It is impossible for B2 to achieve a successful prosecution for debt collection in such countries as any sales contract is immediately rendered null and void by B2's deceptive business practises which can easily be demonstrated to be illegal in court.
    B2 do not operate local offices is any of these countries as they would immediately be prosecuted for breaches of consumer law by the relevant local authorities and they would also face legal action from disgruntled customers seeking refunds - there is the reason they operate out of Luxemburg.
    The successful operation of their deceptive and illegal business model totally depends upon successfully bullying and intimidating customers into paying monies that they do not legally owe to Be2.
    If you have been caught by this scam your actions should be as follows:
    1. Immediately cancel the credit card you used to make initial payment to B2.
    2. Do not respond in any way to B2's demands for payment - they are nothing but a bluff from a business operating illegally.
    3. If your credit card was docked without your consent then do what you can with your bank or credit card issuer to have the payment reversed.
    4. Do not resond to any emails from B2 or supposed solicitors demanding payment - set your email program to block and bounce any such emails.
    5. Forget about B2 and get on with life - you wont be receiving any summons from a bailiff - if you did you could eat them alive in court.

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  • Be
      15th of Mar, 2013

    I recently received an email from them after they failed to charge by credit card( I had it replaced) and were threatening me with a debt collector, haha I replied telling them best of luck with that. These people are jokers

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  • Gi
      18th of Apr, 2013

    Had same experience, e mails are scary, thanks for advice, am reporting to Trading Standards.

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  • Pa
      19th of Apr, 2013

    Hi the same has happened to me. I tried to cancel the £5 and didn't know how to. I sent them an email and they didn't help me to cancel it at all. So I cancelled my card and they couldn't take the payments. This morning I got an email Auer Witte Thiel solicitors threatening to take me to court if I don't pay EUR 235.08 by 03.05.13. What should I do from now? Can someone advise me please?

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  • Me
      3rd of May, 2013

    I recently saw an ad on my Facebook for a free registration. I went to the website, joined and created a very basic profile. Within 24 hrs I got 3 emails advising that they found me 3 matches. Once I clicked these so called matches I noticed that I couldn't see their photos unless I had a premium membership. However, once I noticed that renewal membership was automated that turned me off - this is like giving them access to a blank cheque or in this case access to my bank account. Sorry to everyone who got scammed. Potential members be warned.

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  • Wi
      5th of Aug, 2013

    i sighned up for a month trial with this site for 5euro and be fore my trial was over they stole 179euro from my bank and will not refund it, how are they still able to operate

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  • Cr
      19th of Aug, 2013

    I am so glad that I have come across this site. Sometime ago, my bank contacted me to let me know that this company had deducted £149.99 from my account, they suspected it was a scam and cancelled the card immediately. I have since been receiving some very nasty emails from this company. Despite trying to ring them (the phone rings once and then silence) and sending numerous emails, I just seem to be going around in circles. They are insisting that I authorise the bank to make payment again otherwise threatening legal action. Can anyone advise me what to do?

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  • C1
      10th of Sep, 2013

    i came across this site as a link from facebook, offering a 5 pound one months trial and have had the same experience of being made up as a fully fledged member with money taken out of my account, with no notification or option to cancel beforehand.
    same difficulties of cancelling even though i managed to suspend my profile. bank couldnt help, cos its a card payment and not a direct debit.
    just had an email from them saying they're having difficulty taking money out of account as i have been issued with a new debit card, as my previous one had expired. hopefully this will be the end of the matter, but totally agree that their way of doing business must be illegal, but at best is immoral.
    never had any proper matches, just the occasional email saying my profile had been looked at by faceless wonders.

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  • Gl
      31st of Oct, 2013

    Well, as many of us i got into this be2 dating site tempted by a month premium €5 payment - and i don't remember anything about a contract. Initially - i mean, before i've paid €5. After that i received an email confirming my payment and premium access - at the end if it was stated that after a month i have to pay about 180 euro for 6 mths subscription and it it the contract! Never ever heard about the co called contract before i've paid €5! Well, wasn't sure as the memory over 50 may fail us ;) But i was smart enough to use remains of my 3V prepaid card.
    Had the same problem with cancelling the membership as i found it not suitable for me.
    And like all of us here i got some emails that said my payment failed and i have to complete it etc etc. Yesterday i got an threatening email and thought - hey, what the heck?
    I'm NOT going to pay a penny. I just discovered it's a scam, it's a fraud and threats are for people who are easily scared and who will pay the money no matter what. So that's the way they operate.
    I'm going to block them from my email (it was not my official email, only the "second" one but i still want to keep it, may cancel it too just for the sake of peace). But look - so much hassle because of some small crooks!

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  • Jo
      20th of Nov, 2013

    reasons to avoid be2

    All the profiles are fake. I spoke to several girls who approached me and then made out they werent interested at all-for the usual stupid reasons like "the distance" and that "they are looking for something else" or "they are on holiday for several weeks" and "you hadnt contacted me for several days so thought you werent interested" .. blah blah.
    In the last few weeks they have ALL cancelled

    The site is hard to use and navigate and its very hard to cancel

    theres lots of bad feedback and complaints

    customer service is almost non-existent

    the company is based in Luxembourg but the fax 0207 785 9384 is in london. what?

    Suggestions to get away from this scam company:

    1. Use pamfax to set up a free acount and fax the cancellation once you work out how to cancel your account-that is delete and deactivate it!

    2. I also suggest reporting your debit card lost and get it replaced. that way you can check if they try to take from your old credit card.

    3. I also suggest keeping copies of your faxes to the number quoted and emails to/from tom brooking. He is fairly good. Pester him with emails if necessary to make sure they have closed the account and will not go near you again

    4. there are so many auto responses to emails. I recommend you contact tom brooking and ask for a read receipt if using Microsoft Outlook-his email address is thomas.[protected] although their standard email is advertised as variations of : [protected] [protected] etc...

    theres also this facebook group

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  • De
      3rd of Apr, 2014

    Is anybody still having problems with this company.
    I 'joined' in 2012 and attempted to cancel my membership 3 days later when I realised what a poor service they offered.
    I received a generic acknowledgement saying they had received my e mail and heard nothing further until a year later when they told me they hadn't been able to collect my premium membership as my account details were incorrect.
    I had never contacted anyone on their site and believed I had cancelled my membership so presumed it was spam.
    I have just received another mail again saying my payment failed and threatening legal action.
    They refuse to accept my cancellation was valid and are insisting on me giving them updated card details to enable me to cancel.
    Any advice very welcome.

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  • Pi
      13th of May, 2014

    Has anyone received this from them - and did it just continue as all the other emails? Please let me know as getting a little worried - can they take us to court in Germany? I found information on legal processed in Germany and this con be done with little cost to them ...

    Our client is complaining about the outstanding payment, and is demanding that we now obtainan order to pay and enforcement order against you and institute compulsory execution. You had ample opportunity to settle the matter out of court, to settle the claim in monthlyinstalments or to discuss a partial reduction of the claim with us. You have allowed all theseopportunities to pass to no avail. We shall now have to comply with our client's urgent demand toenforce the claim in court. On behalf of and with power of attorney from our client we set you herewith a preclusive time limitof up to and including 24.05.14 to settle the claim in the amount of 233, 78 EUR You must contact us urgently and settle the claim at least in instalments, as the furthersolicitors' fees, court and bailiff costs you will now incur will clearly exceed the amount ofasserted.Yours sincerely, Auer Witte ThielSolicitorsLitigation Department

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  • Gh
      6th of Apr, 2016

    After joining and paying a fortune because I paid in South African rand I tried to cancel and was told I could not and my account is now still being debited over R500 a month. What is the point of joining a site where half the people dont put up pictures and dont fill in the criteria properly. They are just hacks wanting to steal peoples money and the only way to stop them is to cancel your bank card

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  • Pu
      23rd of May, 2016

    One month ago I signed up foe premium membership at be2 dating website. $220.00 was taken from my bank account and to date I have received nothing for my money. I would like my money returned as I no longer have confidence in be2 to provide the services I want. Puriri77

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  • Wi
      6th of Jul, 2017

    im another person caught out be be2 and there scam. Soon after joining I noticed that there are many profiles with the same photos on them Fake profiles. I tried to cancel the account and got a request for a signed piece of paper which I wasn't going to send to them. They now are sending debt collection emails. Im not going to pay and hope that they take me to court where I will expose there scam
    Thanks for all the posts above.

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  • Un
      14th of Feb, 2018

    This is still happening and I can't believe this company is still allowed to operate when it is clear that they are scammers. I have read many reviews and threads about them on several sites and every now and then there are a few wonderful reviews that run altogether and then the complaints start again, or someone from the company gives a reasonable reply saying how easy it is to cancel, like we are confused or something. It's so dam obvious that there are a few crooks sat in an office somewhere racking in the money, taking advantage of the non regulated internet. My bank refunded the £160.00 they tried to take and I cancelled my card. I wrote to them once and said I knew their game and I have kept documentary evidence with screen shots of my multiple attempts to try to cancel. I then blocked their emails. Don't be frightened by these faceless bullies. Join a support group on face book - Support Group for Victims of Be2 - and talk to others. The worst thing I find about this is the bullying. I would like to see someone or a group shut them down.

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  • Ex
      23rd of May, 2018

    Be2 IS a scam site. They make it extremely difficult to cancel and when you do find the details they want a fax with:

    name, add, d.o.b, signup name etc and wait for it... your signature! Yes they want your signature and then they’re all set to commit even further fraud.

    I signed up for the one month at £12.99. They took £51.96. I emailed them, the finally replied saying it’s £12.99 a week and unfortunate that I didn’t read that part. Well that part doesn’t exist.

    My credit card company are now investigating them. Hopefully I’ll get my money back.

    Meanwhile I will be posting warning all over the internet. If it stops just one person signing up then it’s a win. People like them are disgusting and have no morals!

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