BeNaughty Complaints & Reviews

BeNaughty / Cancellation of subscription

Oct 12, 2019

I made an account on and came to find it wasn't as interesting as I'd hoped it would be. I've tried cancelling my account 5 times and each time they never send the email with the code for cancellation, this entire site is pointless and a waste of time. I want to cancel my...

BeNaughty / billing

Sep 30, 2019

I have paid for the 3-day membership trial and it has been deducted respectfully. However, my available balance shows that i am missing more than $50 in my account and i suspect that the membership has continued when i have already cancelled my membership plans. i would like a refund for...

BeNaughty / automatic subscription.

Sep 22, 2019

They offer a free trial but they wont cancel it and then when they charge you they wont refund your money. There is no contact number and they dont provide any customer service at all. All of their customer service is automated so you wont even get a reply from a human. The auto reply say...

BeNaughty / membership amount (refund my payment)

Sep 03, 2019

BeNaughtyDear sir, sub: Membership (refund my payment) I have paid Rs. 375- membership a month. on 26.08.2019. but automatically 2 transaction you have paid ( 279+371.15) =650.15 now my service has been stop, so please resolve this matter urgently any delay. i want further continue service, your...

BeNaughty / dating service

Sep 03, 2019

the final amendment to my review; ealier versions are below. I joined benaughty as a heterosexual man looking for women. I am a modern male, I have long hair and often wear makeup - you could say that I am in touch with my feminine side. benaughty took exception to the fact that I look...

BeNaughty / unwanted credit card charges

Sep 02, 2019

Dear benaughty, I dont use your service since the last half year, and I sent a message then about the issue but you are still charging ny credit card every month. I want altogether to dekete my account and contaczs, I dont want to br charged again anymore. I hope from this month there will...

[Resolved] BeNaughty / account

Aug 26, 2019

I have a new account, I can't login with my old account. I asked for help and was told to log in and erase the account. How can I if logging in is the problem! I hope They see this and will help me gain access to my old account. Really My main goal is to take the photo down from the old...

[Resolved] BeNaughty / rembolso

Aug 26, 2019

BeNaughtyBom dia venho por este meio solicitar o pedido do meu rembolso. Eu não utilizei o vosso site desde o ano 2017 e dinheiro foi me retirado da conta até 2019. Eu quero o rembolso total do meu dinheiro até a data que me foi tirado sem autorização. Obrigado e espero bem que esse dinheiro seja...

[Resolved] BeNaughty / Impossibility to stop the automatic payment on benaughty

Aug 19, 2019

Hello Mid august I signed on the dating site benaughty to see what it's worth. Now that I saw, that most if not all the profiles are fake, I'd like to cancel it. I would like to stop the automatic payment of my bill for the dating site benaughty but I couldn't find out how to do it...

[Resolved] BeNaughty / chat with robots on

Aug 18, 2019

99% of the female profiles on this site are Chatbots!!! You will start noticing that the replies to some things you say/ask are odd, it`s just obvious. I switched to and I don`t regret... Behind their puritan introduction video about a happy couple they hide so many...

[Resolved] BeNaughty / be naughty online dating site

Aug 12, 2019

BeNaughtyI was invited to try a 3 day trial for a few dollars per day. The site then 'signed me up' for a full month of 'extra service level' at $40 or so. I've attempted to cancel before my 3 days trial is over, but the site refuses to send me the access code necessary to complete my deactivation. I see now...

[Resolved] BeNaughty / probleme închidere cont

Aug 07, 2019

Bună ziua .Va rog insistent să-mi închideți contul de pe site-ul dvs deoarece nu il mai folosesc de mult timp Nu este primul mail pe care vi-l trimit. Am făcut mai multe încercări de a închide acel cont dar fără rasp Va rog insistent nu îmi mai umblati in cont Am mail de câteva luni către...

BeNaughty / issue with payment

Jul 30, 2019

Hello, i have problem, i wonna delete sub to recurring payment but from yesterday i don't have any email with code to delete this, can any one halp me with that ? I try to do everythink what is on help page, but nothink, I still weit for email and nothink, i try do this 3 times but still...

BeNaughty / stolen photos

Jul 20, 2019

BeNaughtyDear, I've heard from a friend of mine that my pictures are on the website of I have never given permission to this site to do that. Those are my personal pictures which I do not share with anyone. I want those pictures and that profile removed from that sexsite. I'm a decent...

BeNaughty / impersonating me

Jul 09, 2019

BeNaughtySomeone with the username duhimamermaid is impersonating me and using images that are not me in order to flirt with men on that website. Several people have reached out to me thinking I was the person in those images, can that profile please be removed? I am an underaged girl and it is not...

[Resolved] BeNaughty / subscription..

Jun 29, 2019

I signed up fir 3 day trial with this website and screwed me over they have taken money from my account after having told me that my details had been removed. I am not a happy person and will be perusing them for compensation and for fraudulently taking money from my account. If anyone...

BeNaughty / benaughty (repeat billing)

Jun 21, 2019

As told so many times before, same problem is happening for me.. please cancel my subscription and delete my account from (username: Joakimb) Can't do anything to stop it and their phone numbers are not valid, and able to contact in any form. They are charging me for a full...

BeNaughty / I can not stop this company contacting me neither can I cancel my membership

Jun 16, 2019

Work colleagues gained access to my phone and subscribed me to this website as a joke, I now receive numerous pornographic images on my mobile phone. I also believe they are associated with a company called Clickand There appears to be no way of deleting ones account, one...

BeNaughty / the warning sign that came up saying that I will be billed $10 for every 10 minutes that I haven’t verified my details with your company

May 26, 2019

This is nuts You as us to give you our banking details which you already have as a subscriber to make sure that I'm not a scammer How do I no that this isn't a scam from your end I want to stay in this site but I'm not going to give you my banking details as that would be stupid to do it... / dating site is phony

Mar 04, 2019

Benaughty.comI signed up for a 3 day trial and have been billed way more than what was agreed upon. Please delete my account ASAP and return my money. I would do it myself but your site won't allow it as you can see in the photos. I have multiple charges on my account totaling $25.22 I want my money... / ending my subscription

Nov 04, 2018

I want to end my subscription but i need a code to end it but i don't have that code, so i hope you could send that code to my Email adress so i can end it . My I.D code of the side is [protected] and my email adress is [protected] in the Nederlands, i hope you contact me so that...

BeNaughty / customer service

Sep 22, 2018

Hello, I have Benaughty subscription for several weeks. From a certain day, i receive no responses to my messages. This is not because the customers would neglect me. Some of them do, I am sure. But NOT ALL. What is the explanation for this situation: I receive messages not one but at...

BeNaughty / payment and site

Aug 31, 2018

First, I was trying to get 3day trial, then, you jack up the price with some package, then... you tell me payment did not go through. I looked at my bank. It went through. Please refund my money. Your site is phoney. You have women sitting behind computers carrying on multiple conversations with...

BeNaughty / your website

Aug 19, 2018

I demand that you remove the account of Emmitt91 from your website immediately.I have tried multiple times to remove it but your website just turns me in [censored]ing circles time and time again.I believe the email address connected to the account would be [protected] is all the... / dating site

Jul 08, 2018

Hello. My names is James bergeron. On Jul8, 2018(today), I wanted to discontine my 3 day trial period($2.97) payment because I have read that this dating site(, is a scam!!! They say that after my 3 day trial, i must pay $39.95 a month if I don't end my trial period in 3...

BeNaughty / your website

Jun 27, 2018

Please delete and block with immediate effect the account Charliewessonfe with the email [protected] My ex fiance contacted you already and i am emailing again to hopefully speed up the process. My fiance has been caught out and thanks to his stupid actions im leaving him. 6 year...

BeNaughty / it wont let me cancel repeat billing

Jun 24, 2018

I need to cancel repeat billing ASAP and the site won't let me. Nobody has contacted me back and I don't want to be charged. Help me! Every time I get to a certain point in the cancellation process the site "conveniently" loses connection to the internet, this happens both on the desktop...

BeNaughty / fake profile

Jun 14, 2018

someone has been using my photos and name on a fake profile which is not me. I was alerted by a strange man who wanted to contact me after seeing "my" profile on this site. he reported the account for me, but then received an message from benaughty telling him that the account he tried to...

BeNaughty / fake profiling

Jun 10, 2018

It has been brought to my attention i have been part of fake profiling. Because of this it has ruined my life.. i do know who or why, but my name is stephanie hill. And my name and picture of myself.. please assist me in getting to the bottom of this problem.. I have repeatable career, and...

BeNaughty / dating site

May 20, 2018

This site is a complete and utter scam page. I am actively investigating, what I believe to be a major fraud. Do not let ANYONE hand over CC details to this page!! I can only assume embarrassment is stopping people from making formal, criminal complaints against this T/A company, which i...

BeNaughty / my email address is used by someone else

Feb 27, 2018

Hello, Today I got an email saying I had to verify my emailadress to make my account complete. However, I never made an account on your website, which means someone used my emailadress to make an account. I would like you to delete this account, as I do not want someone else using my...

BeNaughty / never used the sight and got charged twice in 2 weeks and I tried to delete profile 3 times

Oct 20, 2017

U mist give back the 14.99$ 2x, so 30.00$. If not I will have the app shut down.. Thank you... P. S no excuses because u think it's ok to charge people then send them fake messages from fake people asking for more money.. Do not think u can get away with this... Is fckin sad that u people...

Be Naughty / amount debited from my credit card without my approval

Oct 12, 2017

I wrote the following mail to [protected] Hi Team, Kindly refund my amount (342.90 INR ) detected from my credit card without my approval. I had installed the app on 05-10-2012 and paid an amount of 342.90 INR for 1 week subscription. I uninstalled the App from my mobile today...

BeNaughty / be naughty false dating site

Oct 09, 2017

Hi I wanted to meet and date women near my place, but after paying money to be able to have the complete access to the site, no real people in there. so, here it the thing, if in a date site we cannot date or meet, it means it is a lie, and you are stolen our money. I will call you but...

BeNaughty / regarding online deductions from my account.

Sep 18, 2017

BeNaughtyM really really really desperate from you guys. I only got 3 days membership for $3.30 something but you guys cut my $26 from my account and yesterday you guys cut my 45.55 $ which is waste of money I didn't even use any kind of your facilities after 3 days after. I am going to tell you...

BeNaughty / want a refund. site is not working as it should.

Sep 10, 2017

I bought a monthly subscription thinking that the app would be amazing. So far though it has not at all been to my liking and I have gone through several technical difficulties. I have a Samsung galaxy s8. And so far, having the app for no more than one day iv had it crash several time...

Northlock Holdings Ltd. /

Jul 05, 2017

They make you call to cancel your service, which is fine. But then they refuse to answer, putting you on hold. When you finally get someone on the line, they WILL NOT cancel your service. I begged and pleaded with a woman to cancel my service, and she refused to do it. I ended up...

BeNaughty / be naughty account uk

Jun 11, 2017

Benaughty will not let me cancelled my account I have tried everything and emailed them that said I have to phone them to close it but I cannot afford to phone them I have told them I have no money I am disabled no money in my bank account my disability benefits as been cut so can not...

BeNaughty / unauthorised credit card charge

May 28, 2017

On the 26th of may I signed up for a membership at, and then paid for a 3 day membership. I then cancelled that membership the nest day, and wrote off the NZ$4.86. Then I checked my bank and another charge of NZ$19.75 had been processed. I have no idea what this charge wa...

Be Naughty / I am complaining about the money you deduct from my account

Mar 09, 2017

Dear management I requested you guys to refund my money and delete my id from web site . Between 7 and 8 of march I requested this thing and you refunded my money to my credit account ending with 5208. But once you guys refunded that amount why u charged me that once again this on10 march...