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Aug 15, 2017

Definitely bait & trap methods used, trapped them myself, they can't spell, no understanding of English grammar & totally generic answers, as soon i was finished collecting enough data, i called them out & of course the obvious happened, trying to obtain money under false pretenses is a...

AfroRomance / Dating site

Oct 07, 2016

AfroRomanceBurn notice: i was a paying member of this site. The ip adress associated with my account was deemed fraudulent. So i had to prove i was real. I did so and paid for my next month. Then come to find out they'd message every lady i'd spoke with that my account was a fraud. Now i'm totally... / Afroromance scams? Just believe.

Dec 01, 2013

I think we need to cut Afroromance some slack. Search dating scams and see for yourself… Seems to me the word “dating scams” has become the new synonym for “dating sites”. Name me one dating site that hasn’t been implicated. That said, some of these things, we can never run away from. Most...

AfroRomance / Scams or not, Afroromance works

Oct 23, 2013

I have read lots of complaints about Afroromance, the scams, how it is filled with fake members. Well, that never stopped me because I know, even if it has fakes, all dating sites do. This is not the only site that has been accused of such. That said, I proceeded with caution. I wont say it... / fraud/hacker warning

Mar 08, 2013

This complaint/warning is applicable to all countries, and all US States and territories hackers from africa, and eastern europe post false male and female ads with beautiful fake photos of individuals to attract victims.they post their ads as if they are residents of some US city, even...

AfroRomance / Fakes


AfromRomance is Filled with FAKES. DON'T GO THERE. I thought at first it was a great idea for getting your preference and it could have been. Don't look for honest reviews out there, most of them are fakes too. So I have to warn anyone thinking of this site that, as with the...