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I have been charged for the app and I never used it..

Tried to contact them and they never come back to they charged me again, and I dont even have money to pay my rent bills next week..
I need to solve it urgently, as I am a single mum, and will not be able to provide food for him very soon...please..someone help email addres is tatinha.[protected] cellphone number is [protected]

Never signed up and got billed!

My credicard was debited by R955.00 by BE2 Luxembourgh LU company. I never signed up for this service or site, never heard of them in fact. I need this money back in my account immediately or have no other choice than to get the police involved. I have already notified my bank, I am in arrears now, because of this fraudulent transaction.

Contact me by email or cellphone:
[protected] or

nieetyczne zachowanie

Dzień dobry
w dniu 05 03 2020 r. bez mojej wiedzy pobrano mi z konta 239, 70 zl .
po wpłacie jednorazowej już nie pamiętam kwoty ale chyba 20 zł bez mojej wiedzy i zgody wykupiono mi konto premium i zabrano z konta 239., 70 zł .
Piszę dopiero teraz bo przypadkiem znalazłam adres o mozliwości składania reklamacji, więc proszę o zwrot pieniędzy lub będę musiała zgłosić kradzierz na policję i do prokuratury .Pozdrawiam

My information is handed to debt collector though the bank is investigating the payment

Dear sir/ madam, The payment to be2 has been stopped by my local bank (I paid via credit card) as it i...

dating service - money withdrawal

This is to bring to BE2 organisation's attention that when I was agreeing to a premium membership payment, the payment option provided was 3, 6, 12 months, monthly payment option which amounted to $16 per month. However, without my knowledge, the payment went through and I was charged NZD 299.76 which is a pure rip-off. This is a serious crime to keep the customer oblivion of the actual amount deducted and amount to fraud and theft.

I have sent an email from the very same day of occurrence 27/2/20 to be2 customer support. If I don't receive a response on refund within 72 hours time, this will be brought up in social media and facebook page on be2 website scam. I have also informed my bank of this scam

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dating site, overcharged and the site does not even work

In Australia, trying to sign up on tinder, somewhere along the way this be2 pirates their way on asking questions relevant to dating then it asks how long I wish to join for, I put one month $9 and it has changed me $359. I can't afford this. And the profile it set up is all wrong.
It thinks I'm a woman seeking men. I am a man seeking woman, and it won't upload photos. Now I get emails say Scott wants to meet me.
I set up another account with the user name scamsite, And have been getting emails saying "hey Scamsite,, Helen wants to meet you.
What a joke. I want my money back ASAP I have mouths to feed

[Resolved] demand for payment when I didn't request a subscription

b2 sent me an email after I contacted my credit card company querying 160 out of my account. The credit card company refunded the payment as I would never have agreed to paying that kind of money for a dating site.
Yesterday I received an email from b2 saying they are going to send debt collectors round if I don't pay the money.
I can't even see how much they are demanding.
I am really distressed, as I didn't subscribe to them.

  • Be2's response · Feb 17, 2020

    Dear Elizabeth,

    We're sorry to hear about your issues. Please contact us directly at cs @ be2 . com from your registered email address and add '''' into the Subject header.

    Thank you in advance!

    On behalf of the be2 Customer service Team

[Resolved] withdrawal

I've had $299.40 taken put of my bank account without my consent, I don't even have the app on my phone, and not happy or confused how u got my bank details
I would like my money back please asap
Kerry Thomas from Bunbury Wa
You can check I haven had any activity on your site for well over 4 months and then I was signing up for FREE. And even then I didn't look at anything


  • Be2's response · Feb 06, 2020

    Dear Kerry,

    We would like to apologise for any inconvenience related to our services - please do contact us directly at cs @ be2 . com where we'll be happy to help you. In order to respond to your email as quickly as possible please send it from your registered email address with us and add '''' into the Subject header of the email.

    Thank you very much!

    On behalf of the be2 Customer service Team

[Resolved] dating service

I registered for the free service however, within 14 days, on 27 January 2019 I sent an email requesting cancellation of my membership. Be2 replied alleging that they did not recognise my email address, which is not possible, as it is the only email address I have. Be2 does not provide a phone number to make contact and discuss the issue.
On 25 January 2020 Be2 charged me membership fees for another full year, despite advising that they do not recognise my email address.
At this point I have no ability to log on to the site (as it does not recognise my email address) and therefore no ability to cancel the service that I have just been charged for.

  • Be2's response · Jan 28, 2020


    We're sorry to hear about your complaint. Please contact us directly at cs @ be2 . com from your registered email address and add '''' into the Subject header.

    Thank you in advance!

    On behalf of the be2 Customer service Team

[Resolved] online service

Date of incident: 16/07/19 Place Hungary Company: Academic Singles(Be2) After I have subscribed for 1 month...

[Resolved] online service

Date of the incident: 16/07/19 When I registered to premium membership, I have picked the 1month option...

[Resolved] cancelling product

[protected] to cancel my subscription in the be2 dating service i downloaded their termination form and filled it out and tried to fax it to the number they gave +[protected]. the post office said the prefix 61 was australia not luxemburg. they had several different attempts to no avail. so i sent it registered post on 01/01/2020 and have not heard back. i have to give two weeks notice to terminate my membership otherwise they renew it automatically[$200approx] for another six months at the due date. i joined the service on line and i should be able to cancel on line

  • Be2's response · Jan 16, 2020

    Hi Mitch!

    We're sorry to hear about the issues with your Premium membership cancellation.

    Please contact us directly at cs @ be2 . com from your registered email address and add '''' into the Subject header - we'll be happy to help you!

    Thank you in advance!

    On behalf of the be2 Customer service Team

academic singles/be2 - unauthorized credit card charges

I have signed up and payed for a 30-day trial Premium subscription on November 11th 2019 for 60 RON (around 12 Euros) for Academic Singles site.
Wanted to unsuscribe with 3-4 days before, by canceling and removing my profile but obviously I could not, there's no option to do that from Settings.
Sent an email to Customer Support but they stated it can't be done anymore and that I should have sent a fax (???) 7 days before to a some number from a foreign country to unsuscribe!!!??
Dudes, who the hack uses fax nowadays??? And how it's possbile to not have the option to cancel and remove everything from a user profile??? This seems like a scam, you basically compel users to use your services undefinitely, without having the option to stop! I have heard and seen cases among the Academic Singles users, unable to stop you from charging their credit cards over and over for more than 1 year and 1/2, altough they've signed up for 30-days trial susbscription!!!
2be/Academic Singles had confirmed on December 11th or something to not get worry, that my subscription is due on January 11th 2020.
Wanted to remove/cancel my profile but according to their abusive Terms & conditions, that doesn't absolve me from my "debt" with them.
Seeing the scam and the abusive Terms & conditions, obviously I have blocked my credit card, knowing I'm gonna be charged abusively.
Today 7th of January they blocked my account, stating and threating me I have to pay them around 351 RON and if not, they will proceed and recover "my debt" with fund collectors and my their fee will be on me as well.
Hello, dudes, what debt I have to you if I paid you already for 30-days and you haven't canceled (you didn't want to) my subscription when I wanted to?????
How it's possible to be such crooks and how can you fool too many people/users by obliging them to be bonded with that site like ever and charge them their credit cards???


be2 profile picture not accepted (pic uploaded below)

Below I will attach the photo I tried to upload as my profile pic on your Be2 dating site.. It contains no nudity at all, no offensive hand gestures or words so wtf is the problem?? Ok, Im not wearing a shirt and I'm poking my tounge out but that's hardly what most normal people would call offensive!! U do realise its a dating site aye?? Also attached are photos that you guys advertise the site on facebook with, which contains guys without shirts, women in bikinis with their tits boldging out and lastly a picture of a blowup doll which I find highly offensive and has absolutely nothing at all to do with a dating site... Double standards if u ask me, but hey, sex sells doesn't it besides who am I and what do I know aye?? lol.. What a bloody joke!!

be2 profile picture not accepted (pic uploaded below)
be2 profile picture not accepted (pic uploaded below)
be2 profile picture not accepted (pic uploaded below)
be2 profile picture not accepted (pic uploaded below)
be2 profile picture not accepted (pic uploaded below)

[Resolved] premium

I canceled the subscription to the Be2 site during the 14 days, in which the possibility of cancellation was provided, that date of 12.02.2018
My ID Contact is QX75AP49, Name Mihaela Sasu.
Although I made the cancellation, the site withdraws from me every month the amount of 300 lei. Today, 13.12.2019 I send again a cancelation of my accoun at Be2. Please cancel that subscription.
Thank you!

  • Be2's response · Dec 13, 2019

    Dear 'mihanadia',

    We're sorry to hear about your complaint.

    Please contact us directly at cs @ be2 . com from your registered email address and add '''' into the Subject header.

    Thank you in advance!

    On behalf of the be2 Customer service Team

inselatorie - avertizare recuperare o datorie fictiva - neexistând niciun acord sau contract intre noi

Am plătit pentru o luna pentru site-ul BE2, iar după, nu am mai vrut continuarea serviciului. Am primit acum...

[Resolved] fraudulent activity and scam, theft

I, unfortunately I have an account on your website.

I payed the first time about 60ron for a "trial period" but never agree to pay 300ron that were withdrawn from my account today, december 1st.
I never was notified that the "trial period" is ending, and never notified that you will withdrawn an amount from my account without me knowing.

I never agreed with the second payment so as a result I want my account deleted and my money back.
I have searched on your web site to change so called "premium" package to "basic" but as a user I don't have that possibility. The price of the package is not listed anywhere, anymore.

Attached you will find my first payment and the second transaction for which I did not agree.
This is a fraudulent activity!!!
Article no 250 of the code of criminal procedure in romania is in the following way:
(1) carrying out a cash withdrawal, loading or unloading operation of an electronic money instrument or transfer of funds,, without the consent of the holder, an electronic payment instrument or the data identification that allows its use, is punishable by imprisonment from 2 to 7 years.
So take note to the "without the consent of the holder"!!! Maybe you think that the contract will be automatically renewed but I never gave you my consent for withdrawal of the money!!!
In case you don't respond to my request I will make an official complain to the police, european consumer center from luxembourg and romania for fraudulent activity and scam, theft and unethical practices as my lawyer advised me.
Keep in mind that I never autorized the money withdrawal from my acount!!!
I never received a bill or anything else. I never received any notification that my trail period is ending and my so called "contract" will be prolonged. Even after you withdrawn fraudulent the 300ron amount from my account the period of validity of the contract is not clear.
All the internet is full of complains about your fraudulent money withdrawan without autorization.

  • Be2's response · Dec 02, 2019

    Dear Mikka,

    We're sorry to hear about your complaint.

    Please contact us directly at cs @ be2 . com from your registered email address and add '''' into the Subject header.

    Thank you.

    On behalf of the be2 Customer service Team

  • Updated by mikka_luv · Dec 02, 2019

    I wrote you yesterday, I wrote you today too... on cs @ be2. com but I will send you once again...

  • Updated by mikka_luv · Dec 02, 2019

    I hope to solve this problem amicably and I hope I don't see myself forced to go the legal way to recover my money that you withdrew from my account without my consent :(((((((

  • Updated by mikka_luv · Dec 02, 2019

    cs @ be2. com
    To: mikka_luv

    Dec 2 at 7:00 PM

    Dear customer,

    We have received your message and we will try to answer within three working days.

    Do not worry, you will receive a reply in your own language.

    Kind regards,

    be2 Customer Service

    be2 S.à.r.l. 13 rue du Commerce, L-1351 Luxembourg
    Commercial Register : B123206
    Managing Director : Laetitia Pateau

  • Updated by mikka_luv · Dec 02, 2019

    I have sen you an e-mail earlier here is the ticket number Ticket#2019120210029873

  • Updated by mikka_luv · Dec 04, 2019

    "Dear" BE2
    keep in mind that the suspension of the contract and deleting my profile don't keep me to ask for my money fraudulent withdrew from my account.
    Also take note - according to the contractual conditions you have on the site (pct 13) you obey the romanian legislation.
    I made an official compliant to the police, to the ECC Romania too.
    Also I send an e-mail to "confidentialitate @ be2dating. com" and I expressly asked for a detailed report on how my personal data was used including the credit card number and the CVC/CVV code.
    According to the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 - DGPR I have the right to ask when and how my personal were used and for what and by who.
    I found several of your former clients recently steal by fraudulent withdrawal like me and we intend to be a common part to address the competent authorities.


  • Updated by mikka_luv · Dec 09, 2019

    Buna ziua “draga Be2”

    Poate ati uitat despre banii retrasi fraudulos si fara acordul meu!!!

    Va mai scriu inca odata pentru a va aduce aminte ca inca imi datorati 300 RON retrasi fraudulos si fara acordul meu, si un raport detaliat despre modul de folosire al datelor mele cu caracter personal!

    Pentru ca la fiecare raspuns va folositi de UN singur e-mail pe care l-ati trimis ca si confirmare a statutului de membru ….care nu face decat sa confirme faptul ca am platit 59.94 RON, care NU tine loc de factura, nici NU tine loc de acordul expres al titularului pentru retragerea de alte sume din cont!!! ma simt nevoita sa mai completez cu urmatoarele asa cum mi s-a relatat in mod oficial din partea Centrului European al Consumatorilor din Romania:

    1. DACA vânzătorii online din UE nu vă oferă informații clare, care să vă permită să faceți cumpărături în cunoștință de cauză, acțiunile lor SUNT considerate neloiale. Aveți dreptul de a cere despăgubiri dacă sunteți tratat necorespunzător. Este vorba despre practici neloiale, de exemplu, atunci când vânzătorul pune în aplicare o practică înşelătoare, prin acţiune directă (furnizează informaţii false) sau omisiune (nu furnizează unele informaţii importante)

    In situatia de fata voi ati ascuns informația (sau nu a făcut-o ușor de citit) potrivit căreia contractul se reînnoiește in mod automat, la un preț divers (mult mai mare decât cel preconizat inițial). Aceasta ar putea constitui o practică înşelătoare prin omisiune.

    In acest sens Directiva 2005/29/CE din 11 mai 2005 privind practicile comerciale neloiale ale întreprinderilor de pe piața internă față de consumatori stabileste urmatoarele:
    – o practică comercială se consideră înșelătoare în cazul în care conține informații false, în consecință, este mincinoasă sau induce sau poate induce în eroare consumatorul, și determină sau poate determina consumatorul să ia o decizie comercială pe care nu ar fi luat-o în altă situație (art. 6);
    – O practică comercială se consideră înșelătoare în cazul în care omite o informație semnificativă de care consumatorul are nevoie în contextul respectiv pentru a lua o decizie comercială în cunoștință de cauză și care, în consecință, determină sau poate determina consumatorul mediu să ia o decizie comercială pe care nu ar fi luat-o în alte împrejurări (art. 7).

    Este clara obligațiavoastra de a indica într-un mod mai clar astfel de elemente centrale, nu cu caractere mici, si nu doar după ce ați deschis si ați plătit contul Premium pentru serviciu online de întâlniri. Nimic nu împiedică comerciantul să indice într-un mod mai clar astfel de informații esențiale privind caracteristicile principale ale produsului, prețul și celelalte condiții (în conformitate cu cerințele articolului 7 din directiva menționată).

    De asemenea, Directiva 2011/83/UE a din 25 octombrie 2011 privind drepturile consumatorilor prevede norme suplimentare privind informațiile precontractuale care trebuie furnizate consumatorului înainte de semnarea unui contract. De exemplu, art. 22 de la directiva menționată solicită comerciantului să furnizeze informații cu privire la „prețul total, înainte ca consumatorul să fie obligat printr-un contract. În plus, consumatorul are dreptul la rambursarea oricăror plăți suplimentare în cazul în care consumatorul nu și-a dat consimțământul în mod explicit pentru o astfel de plată (art. 6 alineatul (1) litera (h) Directiva 2011/83/UE).



  • Be2's response · Jan 21, 2020

    Dear Mikka,

    We can see that the issues described in your complaint have been solved and we hope that to your full satisfaction!

    Please contact us at cs @ be2 . com again in case of any questions,

    thank you.

    On behalf of the be2 Customer service Team

[Resolved] payment

To whom it may not concern. I would like to put a formal complaint and will be seeking legal action for the following. Ref number/ GB-2019-08-26-[protected]-kS-CB. In reference to the debt recovery letter from TESCH mediafinanz . File number [protected]. Which is now in the hands of my solicitor. I have been in touch with my credit card company and they have assured me that this transaction was paid in full on the 18/9/2019. To yourselves. Therefore any any correspondence regarding this matter should be done with yourselves and the credit card company and not myself. Mr J Ternent. Ps I have saved a copy of this email as proof.

  • Be2's response · Nov 22, 2019

    Dear James,

    we're sorry to hear about your complaint. Please contact us directly at cs @ be2 . com from your registered email address and add '''' into the Subject header.

    Thank you in advance!

    On behalf of the be2 Customer service Team


last night i joined be2 and ahreed to my $12 to join and used my MasterCard to pay.
Today i can see be2 has taken $299.76 from my credit card.
i did not agree to this and understood i was paying $12.
i would like a refund minus the $12 please.
i can not afford $299.76 and would never agree to this amount.
can you please get back to me.
cheers nicole minskip

  • Updated by nicole minskip · Nov 14, 2019

    my name is nicole minskip. i joined be2 last night and agreed to pay $12.
    Today i could see be2 took $299.76 out of my account on my mastercard. i did not agree to this and would not have joined if this was the cost. i cant afford this much money and would really appreciate a refund please

    cheers nicole

cancellation problem

I have tried for three weeks to cancel my subscription with b2 dating site via the route on their site 'help page' 'cancellation' that tells me i have to cancel my 'premium account before i can cancel my profile ..this takes me to the membership page which then tells me I can't access my premium account as my payment is still processing!!
This is one whole month from when I subscribed!!!
the site tells me I can cancel my account via this page!!
I cannot!! I have taken photo evidence of the pages leading to this
I have now sent a cancellation via registered post.
Please check this site and how it guides you to cancel your account .
If it hadn't told me I had to cancel via the premium membership page first, I would have cancelled via post three weeks ago
Because they led me to believe via their own help pages that I had to cancel online first I do not feel I owe my last subscription .
they have now sent a demanding email with added costs and a threat of collection agencies and more fees!!, i am a single parent and it is causing me incredible stress
Please contact me regarding this issue and what my rights ?
Many thanks Wendy Davison Ireland

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