Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] / unable to enroll a third party account to make fund transfer online

My name is Maximo Guzman, I am a US based account holder and wish to enroll a third party account to enable me to transfer funds from my savings account. I have online access to my account and in order to enroll a third party account, I had to go into my account, then print out a form, sign the form, and then send the form to the BPI Fulfillment Center. I did not get a response, so, I called customer service and they told me that my signature was different. I explained that I had a massive stroke and my signature is different because my writing hand was affected. I requested for enrollment about four weeks ago and no response. I even wrote to the CEO, Mr. Consing to intercede on my behalf, but I had ho response either. I have sent emails to the Pasig branch as suggested by customer service, but have not had the courtesy of a response either. I am actually disappointed with Mr Consing's no response or even a simple acknowledgement of my the US, when you write to the CEO, someone actually acknowledges receipt. I guess Mr. Consing is too busy to acknowledge a simple letter. I wonder whether his attitude reflects on you r whole organization.

May 12, 2018

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