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+63 28 185 541(Head Office) 5 6
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+1 800 354 5449(Canada) 1 2
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+673 801 2003(Brunei) 1 0
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+63 917 891 0000(Text Only) 17 28

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customer service

Hi, Would you know what time one of your colleagues will call me? I received a call at 2:30 PM (+63 2 795...

Bank of The Philippine Islands [BPI]

international transaction - undispensed cash - bpi washing their hands clean

To whom this may concern;

Good day!

I am writing a complaint letter today, May 27th with regards to my international transaction only worth 50 Euros.

I am currently in Italy and has my international transactions permitted for more than 6 months now.

On March 21st, 2018 around 6 in the evening I attempted to withdraw 50 Euros at a local Italian atm kiosk and all of a sudden the atm machine had a downtime resulting to not dispensing the cash and a receipt.

Because the incident beyond the working hours at that time, I reported this incident via email to BPI via email as soon as I got home and reported the same incident to the local bank the next day. The local banker informed me that they are going to resolve this and promised to return the funds back to my account within 5 banking days as this is not the first time this has happened to them. At the same time, BPI informed me that this will be handled within 45 business days to which I was not aware I had to wait for this 45 banking days to finish before I can make a follow-up.

Nevertheless, I was confident enough that my funds are coming back, I make follow-ups within the period asked just to make sure this is appropriately handled and was of course occasionally and politely reprimanded to wait for 45 banking days to finish. I let it go as I was again, confident enough my funds are being taken care of and this will be returned in a timely manner.

So on May 25th, I willfully sent another follow-up as I was aware my waiting time was already beyond the 45 day period. On a personal note, it is ridiculously amazing how a client has to wait for this much for a silly 50 Euros for which is already something in PHP, one can do a lot of things with their 3000 PHP.

Today, May 26th, I received this email, letting me know that they could not do anything with my request as they could not trace the transaction, asking me to contact them by phone instead.

I have decided to escalate this for the following reasons:

1] of course I want my funds back ( I strongly believe that regardless of the amt, this is still a valuable property )
2] the excruciating wait time period. We are already in a generation where everything is mobile and efficient through innovative technology. This gray area needs a lot of improvement.
3] I want to express my distaste for the result of this incident. I am just one of those commoner who is working for their money and out of the blue, will have to pay the price that is not even out of fault. I intend to withdraw my funds in good faith. Why do I have to pay the consequence? Even being outside the country is out of the question. I trusted the bank to back me up in case something happens to my funds. What if this is a big SUM of money that has gone in limbo, what if we are talking about three hundred Euros (which is the daily maximum amt that can be withdrawn) My point being, no one from BPI's end has the right to belittle, underestimate, make unbiased judgment and conclusion of the incident by just telling me they cant really do anything about it. Do I need to be a banker to sort this out myself? I cannot accept the fact that my funds are gone and there is nothing I can do about it.

To sum this up, I am looking into getting my funds back no matter how small this is, this is still my funds, it is very ridiculous that I have to take this step just to get a better result for this incident.

unable to enroll a third party account to make fund transfer online

My name is Maximo Guzman, I am a US based account holder and wish to enroll a third party account to enable...

wrong entry by customer service employee from bpi customer service

Nag requirest ako (sr#1-[protected]) na palitan ang registered phone number ko from 0947 xxx x223 to 0918 xxx...

complaints on withdrawal attempts

Dear sir/ Madam;

Good Morning.

I have a complaint regarding the transactions reflected in my account number [protected].
I was withdrawing at a non-BPI atm yesterday (May 8, 2018) in the amount of P2000.00
First attempt was a failed transaction, thus I opted for my second attempt. Luckily, I was able to dispense cash on my 2nd attempt.
However, when the receipt ejected. I was shocked because the transaction indicated that an amount of p4000 was being withdrawn in my atm. That is times two to the amount I did on the second attempt. Now how come, I was being deducted 2000 from the first attempt when it was a failure? I mean no money was dispensed from the ATM. I need a refund on the amount not dispensed but reflected on my account.

​Please help me with this matter. Thanks

Marivic Y. Codinera

complaints on withdrawal attempts

customer service

DISCRIMINATION!! DISCRIMINATION!! NAINSULTO AKO!! Nangyari to yesterday around 12nn. I'm waiting for my...

did not received any cash after attempting to withdraw from automated machine

May 1, 2018 BPI Capital Corporation 8/F BPI Building, 6768 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 0720 Philippines Re...

branch manager vanessa alameda

I went to this branch April 11, 2018 and I was assisted by the teller for withdrawal and magpapalit ng pera...

customer service

Hi I just want to complain the teller in Pala Pala Dasma Branch for E6543 deposit dated April 6, 2018 at...

account reconciliation process taking too long

I deposited an amount of PhP 18000 at Robinsons Tower Branch on the 24th of March and the machine had an...

requirements on opening a savings account and queuing

To whom it may concern,

This happened awhile ago, February 07, 2018. I went to BPI SM Hypermarket Novaliches Branch to open a savings account. So pagpasok ko dun bngyan ako ng guard ng number 17 sa customer service. Serving is 14 so akala ko mttawag agad ako. I am 8 months pregnant so I expected di ako mgttgal dun. Pero umabot ako ng 2 hours kakaantay bago matawag at wala rin ngyari sa pagaantay ko. Ganun ba tlga kapag magpa-open ng account sa inyo? Di raw inaapprove ni manager ang request ko since need ko raw mgpaclearance muna sa bank credit card na pngkkautangan ko as per checking sa system nila. I told her na bkit kailangan pa nun eh savings account lang ang gusto ko ipa-open and I am not applying for a credit card. Sana lang kung ganun khigpit requirements nyo ngayon just to open a savings account, pakilagay sa mga leaflets nyo or i-emphasize na di pwedeng may utang sa ibang bank credit card. I have an existing account sa BPI kaya di ko expected na ganun ang hihingiin sken. Ganun na ba tlga ang requirements nyo when opening a savings account? I am still disappointed with the process, staff and to think na 2 hours ako ngantay buntis pa nmn po ako. Can you please send me a feedback on this?

online fund transfers

Last feb 2 nagtransfer sa account ko ung business partner ko ng 5 amounts na segundo or minuto lang pagitan. Upon checking 3 lang ung pumasok ung unang 2 at ung huli. Hanggang ngaun nawawala ung pang 3rd at 4th amount! Puro babalikan within the day! Napakalaking perewisyo! Tapos nung nireport sa hotline nio upon checking daw tama ang account number pero iba ang account holder!!! Bpi pano ito nangyare?! At nasan na ngaun ang pera namin?!

rude and irate security guard at bpi ayala center cebu basement 1

This refers to my recent visit/transaction with the BPI Ayala Cebu center Basement 1 today 24-Jan-2018 at about 5:45pm when the guard on duty as I entered the bank showed disrespect or acted rude by making a sarcastic look at me as I tried to inquire and make a friendly conversation with him.
Instead of responding to my question /query the guard instead stared and sarcastically looked and made a frowning face to me.
As I try to ignore his behavior and proceeded inside and sat down on the bank couch while waiting for my husband to complete his deposit transaction at the Bank preferred lane, I noticed that the concerned guard who is the subject of this complaint still continue to stare at meet with an unpleasant face, at this instant while I am still seated and the guard standing at the bank door it prompted me to take out my cellphone and took a picture of him openly and not discreet. This picture was taken purposely to document my intention to complaint or for me to identify the identity of the guard who's rude behavior and sarcastic/irate face or looks.
The guard knowing that I took picture of him, the rude guard approached me and asked for my cellphone but obviously I didnot gave it to him since I know that I didnot took any portion of the bank premises that would pose security treat but instead just a picture showing the indentity of the rude guard and bank door (please see attached picture for details).
To avoid further misunderstanding with this rude guard and I just left the bank after my husband completed his bank deposit, and informed the guard that I would lodged a complaint.
Based on the above and considering that I have been a long time client of BPI and with my intention to further improve banks and clients relationship, may I suggest the following:
1) this kind of guard should not be allowed to hold post in any of BPIs bank entrance doors based on the following observations & actual encounter with this guard as follows:
A) he does not even know to great and welcome incoming clients, instead client has to initiate the greeting;
B) his impatient and does not like to entertain query from incoming client and
C) his rude and irate looks shows much disrespect to clients.

In as much that we don't like to make this complaint but we are force to do so since the guard that does show any remorse as we talk to him about his negative behavior.
This behavior of the guard could also be attributed to the rude and unapproachable attitude of the current or assigned branch manager.
Thank you and hoping for your kind attention on this complaint and that appropriate action would be taken by BPI

rude and irate security guard at bpi ayala center cebu basement 1
rude and irate security guard at bpi ayala center cebu basement 1


nagbayad po ang misis q ng insurance ng sasakyan nung jan 12 2018 sa BPI Camiling branch then on Jan 16 2018 nag deduct po ang BPI Dagupan Business Center sa accnt nmin n intended po pra sa investment nmn. so nag double po ung bayad nmin. Sa end of january mag babayad po kmi sa investment po nmin, eh ano po ung pambabayad nmin, kinuhan po nila. pabalik balik po ang misis q tawag dito tawag doon. tapos after a week sasabihin nila 2-3 weeks p po maaayos ano po ang magandang gawin dito, kc po baka magka penalty po kmi. Bkit ang bilis mag bawas pero pag magrerefund ang tagal.

atm machine

Puki ng ina nyo. Mga bobo kayo. Hindi na ako nakapaglunch sa inyo dahil hindi ako makapagwithdraw. Putang ina nyo anong kagaguhan yun? Magkakasakit pa ako dahil sa kabobohan nyo e. Putang ina nyo kung hindi nyo kaya panindigan responsibilidad nyo bilang taga hawak ng pera namin isarado nyo na yang kumpanya nyo.

P.s hindi to para empleyado na nagbabasa. para to sa putang inang bobo na nagmamayari ng BPI at mga matataas na opisyales. Pasabi sa kannila [censor] you.

Kudos bruh.

  • Updated by Sonny Azarcon · Dec 22, 2017

    Oo nga bobo yung mga yan. Tang ina nila. Ako din e di nakakain.

  • Updated by Sonny Azarcon · Dec 22, 2017

    Tangina nyo BPI kayo tas may commercial kayo ng BDO. Mga bobo kayo!


Their customer service is sleeping. They are giving different instructions in different service request (SR...

service request (transfer to anyone) bpi online

Since the day that your BPI team received my signed documents from RIYADH Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they sent...


the new bank manager at bpi magallanes

The new Bank Manager at BPI Magllanes, Cecil is rude, unpleasant, utterly unhelpful, and too busy talking...

charges on my account

I checked why am I charged for Php 300.00? I had this card for
more than 2 years. This is a payroll card. I am charged twice for 300.00
september 30th and october 31st. I message themz before with regards to
fee. Nobody ever cared to reply. I need my money back. I just need them to refund me my
money and they can close this account if they want. I need it asap. It is
my brother's tuition fee. They shouldn't be charging your clients without
any information at all. That is just fraud! I received a response from them stating that it was a usual charge when you go down your adb. They said it was on the terms and conditions too. I informed them that no one has notified me when in fact my account never had a balance. We were informed that since it was a payroll account, there should be no maintaining balance. They said it was automatically converted which i did receive any info. I was charged twice. I messaged them the first time i got charged but no reply and then they charged me again. If they informed me about it the first time I inquired for it, would i not remove my money before they can take it? I hope they'll refund it before this case gets elevated.

my credit card

I just want to report this incident in my credit card... I’m not the one who used it ... and the name of merchant is unusual.., , it’s my first time that I encounter it... my credit card name is maribel Sumbi ... please make some actions because I’m kind a worried about this because it’s quiet big amount...
Kindly see attachment of the picture

Thank you

my credit card