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Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] complaints 157

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - I sent money from a scammer and I want to get my money back which was deposited to her bpi acct.

I sent an attachment of photos regarding my complaint which indicates the acct. name and acct. # I did the transaction. A stranger from Thailand of WildWest compsny sent this acct. for me to settle the payment, but I just scam because everytime I pay they keep on asking money from me, I hope you can help me this matter, thank you for your time, Godbless

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Finance charges, fraud, not much assistance

I was a fraud victim. I have been calling and emailing bpi for a month and a week now, however the accounts department would not seem to care that much with what hppened to me. Finance charges are...

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Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Asking for paperless statement of account

Good evening! I am Irene Cortez first of all I want to ask a paperless statement of account straight to my email. And I want to waive my Annual fee for this year, Second I dont know why I cant get a reply from [protected] ph and [protected] ph. I cant get through to your agent when I dialled the number I dont know how to contact you and it made me pissed off I cant go to my branch everytime I have question,

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Scheduled bills payment of an amount outrageous amount

Onlinebanking sent me an email We would like to remind you that a previously scheduled Bills Pay is due on Friday, October 2, 2020. Details of which are as follows: Scheduled Pay...

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Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - bpi cards

This is Freddie S. Bandong, a BPI Card holder. I carry a BPI card since 1985 and I had no major problems until today. Pls. be informed that I have been paying my bills religiously even without billings received. But, my billings for June and July 2020 are received only today, Sept. 28, 2020. Why? and, I noticed that the envelopes do not bear any date when sent by HO and received by their Davao Office. I presume this is a local delivery. Maybe, their local courier is at fault or remiss. However, to date, I am up-to-date on my obligations. They can check on the veracity of my statements.

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Credit card membership fee and incurred charges

I have been sending emails and calling your hotline requesting for a reversal of charges and Membership Fee. But unfortunately, all I receive are automated emails.

I was really shocked when your card was charging me with more than 6K this is far more than what I used using your card. I usually do not get any billing statement from BPI.

I really am upset and harassed with this charges and Membership Fee. Because as I remembered it, I was offered to avail of the card and use it with ease.

However, with the way I am being handled by your card, I am worried that these charges would be compounded because I am really not anymore interested in using the card. I am arranging to transfer all the remaining dues (that I have only used) to my other bank.

Hope someone would attend to this concern and call me.

Rudolph Canero
Customer No. [protected]

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - I am complaining about my credit card

I got my credit card last january 2019, but as of february 2019, someone used my credit card for a trip to germany. I had no passport so I have no way to go overseas. I had fill up a dispute letter in bpi lapaz iloilo last march 2019 but still there is no concrete assistance to help me resolve this case. Your system keeps on calling my cp number and texted me about my charges. Pls help me.

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Fraud / annual membership fee

I am never willing to pay for your annual fee because this year I had fraud charges which you did not fully helped me with. Your customer services really sucks! I have been messaging you for three weeks now! Now I no longer want your services at all. Kindly please cancel the card! You have never been helpful at all! From Fraud to Annual Membership Fee now to Cancellations!!!

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Credit card

I applied in one of their branches for a credit card. After not hearing anything about its status for 6 weeks, I decided to give them a call. The agent told me that there wasn't any application filed...

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Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Finance charges

Hi, BPI. Good Day. A gentle follow up on my request for finance charges reversal. Consider this as my last follow up but kindly address my new concern. I've also included BSP for formal...

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Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - No reply on request of annual fee reversal

I e-mailed [protected] ph 4 times since last month. Nothing replied. I was not paying the annual fee because I am waiting for their reply. This annual fee now got an interest fee and BPI consistently texting me twice a day to pay the unpaid due. I always pay my credit card dues in full and in advance because I don't want this little financial obligation be one of those bothering in my mind.

Now I paid them all thru my BPI online to stop the BPI automatic texts, I wish and I hope that the annual fee and its late payment charge/interest fee be reversed on my account.

I hope to hear from you the soonest. Please e-mail me ASAP as I know that your employees are working from home.

Thank you.

Hazel A. Iman

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - gcash online transfer (transaction failed but bpi debited in my account)

Good Day!
I Mary Ann Andres Reyes
I just want to check and verify my debited account thru online last June 30, 2020. My 1st call July 1, 2020 the customer service assisted me and she got my account number and gave me a reference number and told me it takes 5-7 working days. Last July 8, 2020 I followed up again and I asked to deposit in my account instead of depositing to the G-cash number and the Customer service told me again it takes 5 working days. I followed up several times but they told me that I will wait for their call. I suggest to the in-charge of customer service that they must be responsive to their clients. Until now hindi parin inaayos yung complaint ko!

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Subject: request for updating my cell phone number to be use in bpi otp

Good Day! Since July 24, 2020, I send an email request to Express-online team for changing or updating my Cell Number because I can't received an OTP number due to my registered Cell Number wa...

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Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Unauthorized charges

So, I tried to book a flight online. No OTP generated so I am expecting that there will be no charge. But hey, I was still charged 5360.83 PHP. I asked for help via customer service and branch, no...

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Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Credit card

This Jemma Chavez Mercado..
You send a credit card to me and I refused to activate it because you have bad offer... After a year you just activated without my approval and asking an annual fee? I did not use the card even once because as I said decline the activation.. And you are sending a message that if I will not pay you will file a case against me. Are you sick?
I alredy file a complian against you to [protected] ph due to the..
It is totally a scam

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - International wire

My daughter sent me money last june 17, 2020 but I did not receive the money. Granted account no. Did not go thru, you should call her attention to straighten up the mistake but for 2 weeks, you...

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Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Credit card fraud

There was unauthorized transaction on my credit card and i immediately called the customer service to block it. They've sent me a form to fill out then i Filed it out and emailed it to their fraud department. They never responded. It happened 2 years ago. Until now it hasn't been resolve. The charges on my card continue to rise because of the interests. I keep on calling their customer service but what they can do is to only follow up my concern. The fraud department hotline just keep on ringing. I called them for hours ans they never answered

I have the same concern with my bpi credit card. I got it in January 2019, and in February 2019, somebody used my credit card for a trip to Germany. I report this incident to bpi lapaz here in Iloilo and they filed the a complaint form. Every month I keep on coming back to the same branch but there was no resolution. I even tried to call their complaint department to document this case but still no resolution or any help just to alleviate my frustrations. WHY BPI? PLease help.

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - BPI ATM withdrawal complaint

To whom it my concern.

Good afternoon.

I would like to complain about my recent transaction in one of your ATM machines

I lost 10, 000 pesos in one of the BPI ATM machines today 05/16/2020 at around 2 pm. Prior to that i checked my balance and had sufficient amount to withdraw 10, 000 pesos, it took a while before it showed "machine unavailable" and did not release any cash. I tried another atm machine and this time it flashed "insufficient funds". I checked my balance again and my balance was reduced by 10, 000 pesos without the machine dispensing any cash.

Hope for your immediate response. I hope that I can get a refund as soon as possible.

Thank you

It also happened to me.I attempted to withdraw 2, 000pesos, but no cash was dispensed.I tried another attempt, but still unsuccessful.I tried to check my balance with BPI app.My account has been deducted total of 4, 000pesos.I reported it another day.Funny, they insist I withdraw the money.I swear there's no money dispensed during that time.I kept coming back to BPI ebloc 3 Building, IT Park Cebu City many times complaining to get a refund.It was a run around, they don't care.They are not afraid even if it escalates to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.The heck is 4K for, it is small amount.I leave the incident report because it is no use talking to them, I was disgusted how corrupt their system.Be careful because this happens, everytime there is an Upgrade/Maintenance or whatsoever on their end, don't do transactions like withdrawing money, if there's no money dispensed and you account's been deducted.It is ultra difficult to impossible getting your money back, they won't take ownership. That Bad experience I would never be forgotten.

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Auto loan

I have had an auto loan with BPI since 2018. During this time, BPI has not given me any account information, any account balance, or any payoff. They have failed to provide the paying customer with...

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Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Customer service complaint

Napakasusuplada ng mga customer service sa line. Mahohold ka sa line ng mahabang minuto tapos pagsagot nila galit agad. Parang wala silang kawilling willing na tulungan ka. Di man lang sila...

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