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1800 1888 9100 (Philippines)
1800 140 390 (Australia)
800 6312 0014 (Greece)
800 636 3007 (Singapore)
+63 28 910 000 (International)
+63 28 185 541 (Head Office)
+1 800 225 1202 (United States)
+44 500 894 040 (United Kingdom)
+973 80 004 007 (Bahrain)
+673 801 2003 (Brunei)
+852 800 932 634 (Hong Kong)
+63 917 891 0000 (Text Only)
6768 Ayala Avenue
Makati City
Philippines - 1226

Complaints & Reviews

inefficient and very slow system

Please give attention to bpi ermita pedro gil branch, it will takes you 2hours to wait for the customer service, there are only 2 and sometimes one personel taking care for the customer.I also have complain about my atm and check book order which were supposed to be picked up in this branch but suddenly delivered to other branch, when i talk to the customer service, it was agreed that it will be send thru LBC but when i followed up it after 3days which was friday, the teller just told me that she has a lot of things to do and a customer to attend and she never give any updates until now.I am an ofw and i am scheduled to depart this coming sunday.

  • Updated by Opaw · Mar 08, 2019

    Very incompetent and inefficient bankers of bpi ermita-pedro gil branch

customer service

What s the use f senior citezen and preferred banking if they are prioritizing the normal line here in bpi branch bicutan the line for preffered and senior citizen line you have to wait longer than the normal line and the people assisting here dont even care bout the preffered line so what is the use of being a premium card holder if we dot get the perks of veing a premium holder

making deposit, online banking, customer service que

Hi bpi makes banking difficult.

First depositing to your account which was opened in different region has a fee, well that's still ok, but today I was trying to make deposit and they won't allow it.

Second their online banking and customer service hot line is not good, no body is answering at all.
First I made the online banking few years ago around 5 years already and forgotten the password and the email associated with it. First I received a call from them and said you need to make a deposit and or withdrawal. I just did that, then they required that I should use the old email address which can't remember since it has been a while. Now what?

They don't service your online problem thru their branch where in it is much easier to verify your self you can give your finger print with your government issued id.

And also while on que at the physical branch just for card replacement it took me 2 hours. And they allowed someone who was not on que to get in the line they said that, that customer is a privileged one. Damn! If they are privileged you should not entertain them on that que much better it the manager assisted them.

1. Bpi deposits to account is difficult they don't even entertain that.
2. Then online banking is not good at all.
3. Costumer service que does not have average handling time for customers making customers waiting for hours and hours.

lack of teller to assist clients

Hi. Can unplease check ur bpi branch in St. Francis a lot of clients is coming to transact in the branch but 2 to 3 tellers are assisting sometimes even 1 teller. It takes 30mins to 1hour the waiting time of the clients to finish their transactions. If there is a volume of people the manger must have a strategy to cater and assists the needs of their clients. Sometimes kung kelan mdaming tao sabay sabay ngcclose ang teller resulting to longer line ups. They are not customer focused so dissapointing. Hope to act on it. Thank u

[Resolved] 4pm dollar cut-off

Today, I went to BPI JP Morgan BGC around 3PM to buy dollars and was given a number to fall in-line. I wa...

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about the credit card delivery

The information that was provided to me by the branch manager of manhattan different information regarding...

worst service ever!!!

Worst service ever!!! BPI Tacloban Naghintay nang ilang oras sa pila pra makapagwithdraw over the counter...

unsuccessful disbursement request for return

I tried to withdraw my money amounting 4900 pesos on country bank bigte norzagaray branch at around 6:20 am...

customer service/gross incompetence

I'm currently overseas and need to move money from my BPI bank account in the Philippines to New Zealand. I've been sending multiple emails to the bank's customer service ([protected] asking how to process the transfer.
My email was easy to understand to ensure the least amount of confusion.
"I'm currently in New Zealand and might need to transfer funds from my BPI account to my New Zealand bank account. How can I do this?"
9 days later, there was still no response from anyone from the bank. I sent my email again.
When I finally get a reply, it's about how to send money to the Philippines and not out of it. Worst part is the text was just copied from the bank's website. I clarified that I did not want to send money to the Philippines. I needed to move money from the Philippines to New Zealand.

The next response is again the same kind of information. It's text that was copied from the bank website about how to send money to the Philippines.

It has now been 15 days since my first email and I am no closer to getting the information I need.

All I needed was information on how to transfer money from BPI to my New Zealand bank account.

new accounts customer service

I use many diff banks and they are all courteous &quick. I heard BPI was also a top bank, I decided to open...

enrollment of third-party accounts

I am an OFW in Saudi and currently, am trying to enroll my mother and my brother's as third party beneficiaries. I send money to my own account in the Philippines every month and I even got en e-pay card for my brother. I have an online banking account which is active which I use to pay bills. I have been trying to add my brother and mother's account and I have just found that I am not the only one encountering this nonsensical problem caused by BPI's archaic system of account enrollment. My God! You actually need to MAIL or SEND this enrollment form IN PERSON within 10 days of application???!!! I don't think they even considered us, OFWs when they made this protocol. I tried to print and sign then email the scan to my mother yesterday then I made her submit it to the branch of my bank account. Much to my dismay, they denied it because it isn't the ORIGINAL application form.

The hell??!! I am a FEMALE OFW in one of the strictest region of SAUDI ARABIA and I can not just go out on my own to send this document in saudi post. I have tons of work --- 12-hour shifting duty-- and days off are hard to get because of staffing shortage. And if I do get days off, I still need to get an outing permit and transportation appointment JUST TO SEND THIS DOCUMENT.

I recently found out that I am not the only one facing this issue as I have seen various comments on youtube on a certain tutorial on account enrollment. I hope they improve their system and give more leeway to those who are not residing in the country.

bad customer service of the teller in bpi rufino tower branch

I used to deposit money to this branch every month right after I get my salary for 3-4 years. Everything wa...

customer service

Customer Service is not replying on emails. Even BPI MS reply takes a few days. As if they dont like to have...

speed of service

Oct 15, 2018. Bpi tabing ilog branch. Im at the bank at exactly 12pm and my transaction was process at 2pm!...

inefficient customer service and real thrills rewards points redeemed but no getgo points credited in my account

I sent an email request for the conversion of my BPI Real Thrills Rewards (RTR) points to Getgo points last July 25, 2018. I received no feedback or response so I sent a follow-up email last August 8, 2018 but to no avail. I then sent another follow-up email last August 16, 2018 and received a response last August 21, 2018 from a CSR named "Amor Raymundo" stating the terms on points conversion which I am fully aware of in the first place that's why I already stated in my original email all the required details. His email also stated "Once you are amenable with the conditions, please send us another e-mail." which is not the response that I needed given that my request is already a solid proof that I am amenable to the terms and conditions on points conversion. Still, I sent another email that same day stating that I am fully aware of the terms and conditions and requested that they proceed with the processing of my request and received an email confirmation from "Marga Balita" few hours later, stating that my request was logged under Service Request Number (SR#) 1-[protected] and forwarded to concerned department for processing within 10 banking days. Almost a month had passed but I still hadn't received any update or feedback regarding my request so I again sent another follow-up email last Sept. 18, 2018 asking for an update and stating my frustration on my unprocessed request which already took months. I received a response (Service Request Number (SR#)
1-[protected]) the following day from "Marga Balita" stating that my request is still in process and assured me that they will revert to me once feedback becomes available. Days have passed and I still haven't received any feedback. Upon checking my BPI Statement of Account (SOA) for Sept. 2018 last Sept. 25, 2018, my 5, 000 RTR points were already redeemed but no Getgo points were credited in my account to date (October 2, 2018).

customer service failed!!!

Kindly inform your employees at BPI Laoag Branch espacially at Balintawak St. They move very slow. If you can see customers waiting you people of BPI, you need to make your transactions faster! WTF! Is it 1hr for you to assist a single customer ? Very poor customer service! You need to terminate employees who are slow movers!!! Very bad experience from you bank!!! Send them back to training!!! Get Lost!!! Get a life!!!

unethical behaviour

I'm Cristina Esteban.
When I need BPI to call me because of the mortgage money and last payment there was no problem in fact that service was smooth I was satisfied.
Now when its a different issue. BPI Phone bankers makes it as complicated as possible. Why is that?

I was scheduled a callback today Sept21 between 8am-1pm London time. I received a call 8:49 also 9:23. Both did not ring and showed voice message but did not leave a msg.
I want to set up Bill Payment and have been trying to resolve this for more than a year.
I called to resolve issue.
1st call Phone Banker hung up.
2nd Phone Banker was not listening to me. I ended up being on the phone for 21mins but not set up bill payment.
She was asking the usual confirmation questions then she ask for my USER NAME on my expressonline acct. That is unethical. Do BPI train phonebankers to ask for my password as well?
I asked her name she initially told me her name is "Ann" I asked again for her whole name she said "Carmen Soriano"
This call transpire Sept 21'2018 from 9:46am London time (4:46pm phils time).
I request you to listen to my call. That Phone banker should be fired.

[Resolved] staffs accommodation

I was mocked and yelled at BPI Lopue's East Branch Bacolod City around 3pm MNL today September 21, 2019. I...

opening account

I open a new account in your munoz market branch on sept. 19, 2018 It took me almost 2 hours for that because...

bpi cash deposit machines non functioning

Whats been going on with all your cash deposit machines? All the cash deposit machines in the malls in Glorienta and Mckinley Hills are all offline. Months and Months now! Gusto nila pala e pumila lahat ng tao sa mga counter nila.
E mga tellers nyo mga filingera! Kala mo hawak nla oras ng mundo. Ang babagal.
Baka kc sobrang bobita jones naman mga telelr nyo, mahihina utak kaya mahina din kumilos. Kaya wlang asenso yung bangko nyo.
so ayaw mong magaya sa malas nila sa buhay at masayang oras, sa machine ka sana magdeposit, JeskeLerd, all offline!
Bat kc naka display pa yang mga yan? Sana sunugin nyo nlng. wala kc mga silbi!