Avis Rental Carsovercharge

I rented a Vehicle from the Gold Coast Airport on 6th April until the 11th April. Because of unforeseen circumstances I had to return the car the afternoon before the 9-30 checkin the next day. For this I was charged an extra $220 (approximately ).
I had not refuelled the car but had no knowledge that I would be charged $5 a litre for this to be done. I understand that there would be some increase for this to be done but $5 is incomprehensible. I was not made aware of this at drop off.
I have emailed the Customer Services Dept several times all have been returned and I believe blocked except one that got through asking for my Reference number even though I supplied the R/A number. Also rang several times only to be fobbed off that " they couldn't access the enquiry because that Dept was down". This is seeming to be a very dodgy company trying to get out of explaining theft from a persons Bank Account.
My Booking Reference was #[protected]
Confirmation number 19320394NZ2
R/A number [protected] F-131
After reading some of the complaints regarding Rental Car Companies I am of the impression that some serious investigations need to be done into Customer Satisfaction Service and Accountability.
I have been extremely tolerant so far but am disgusted to think that they can just take money from Consumers because they can.
I want a Refund for the overcharge due to early return and at least a justified account of the cost of the Petrol refill which is nonsensical to me.
Christine Stringer

May 05, 2017

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