Avis Budget Car Rentalfalse claims of returned car with damages

I have never gone on-line to complain about a bad product or service. But I am so upset and concerned about the ways Budget Rental Car have conducted their business. I'm traveling a lot and usually renting a car at the airport.
I have chosen Budget because they offered low renting daily rates. They did include hidden fees but I did not pay attention since I needed a car at the time and agreed to pay all of the insurance fees they added to.
The last time when I rented the car, I did not buy the damage insurance because I just did not think I needed it as I kept good care of the car. Right at the time I was at the counter, the clerk was warning (actually threatening) me that I would pay the damages if I declined to buy additional insurance for damages.
Then they gave me a car in very bad condition, dirty and previous damaged.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Parsippany, NJ I should have changed it but since I just needed to drive a few miles a for a couple days I did care to spend more time to make the change.
When I returned the car, there were two employees checked the car and they agreed the car had been previous damaged with the paint still there; otherwise they would do a report and would not let me go without my acknowledging it.
A few weeks later they sent me from Viking Billing Service, Inc, asking me if they could charge my insurance for the "false" claim. I wrote them both Budget and Viking Billing but they sent me another letter asking to charge my insurance again. I don't know if they have not read my letter or just ignored like they have not received it.
I will call them. They cannot do this to the customers who have done business with them.
If anyone has the same problem or other false charges on their accounts, please make your voice heard.
We need to stop this illegal practice.

Jan 27, 2017

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