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AT&T Long Distance / scam and fraud!

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On Feb 16, 2008 a sales representative contracted out by AT&T was going door-to-door in my neighborhood. The representatives name was Robert Collins and his Sales Rep ID# was SCA7VN9W. He showed me a ton of paperwork and informed me that he could significantly reduce how much I pay each month for my long distance service. He showed me graphs and spreadsheets from his notebook. He had an AT&T identification badge and he had a representative from AT&T call my house while he was here to confirm my new long distance plan. The representative informed me that because I was going to get the Triple Choice Bundle Pricing the cost of the new plan ($26.99) would only be about $2.00. Upon receiving my AT&T bill on March 13, 2008 I noticed that I was charged the pro-rated version of the $26.99 plan and that subsequent months my long distance charge would be the full $26.99. There never was any savings shown. I called AT&T's billing department and the rep there stated that I was right, there was no benefit to the new plan that I had been tricked into signing up for. I gave the information about the scrupulous door-to-door sales rep to the billing department and they stated the matter would be handled internally. I have to admit I was please with the honesty of the billing department. They changed my plan back to what it was and refunded my pro-rated portion of the bill. My complaint is that AT&T sponsored this dishonest sales rep and had no problem with when he signed me up. AT&T only had an issue when I discovered that I had been swindled. This can't be how we allow big business to operate.

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      12th of Nov, 2008
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    I live in a subburb of Orlando, FL and recently had a sales person, named "Eligio Bonilla", Sales Rep ID MITBCF150. He was a bit annoying with his constant lame attempts to make jokes and his overusing of my name but I chalked that up to him being young and probably inexperienced.

    His pitch sounded good, he promised me that AT&T DSL guaranteed 6.0mps and that Dish included with tax would be $82.48, which is much lower then my current Brighthouse configuration. We signed after multiple reassurances that there would be "zero setup or install fee's or equipment fee's" and that there would absolutely NOT be a contract.. He said there were perks for doing a contract for 24 months but we didn't have to. Great.

    .. so after he left I got online and started checking things out. I noticed his claim of the guaranteed 6.0mps DSl was unfounded, the website said "up to" so I called... turns out, he signed me up for 3.0 since 6.0 wasn't available (he clearly knew this as he signed me up for 3 after telling me 6) and the price was about $25 a mont more then he quoted.

    The DISH service got worse, I called them next to confirm and it turns out he did sign me up for a contract and that there would be monthly fee's he insisted were not there. This guy just straight up lied to my wife and I and said anything he could to get us to sign up. As a sales person myself, I should have recognized those initial signs as what they really were, red flags of a misleading salesperson.

    Even with the fee's, it's still probably cheaper then my current cable setup, however, for principal, we canceled and will never utilize AT&T again. Trying to call them to complain was nearly impossible. The AT&T days of old are most certainly gone.

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