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Complaints & Reviews

no service for almost 3 months

Has anyone see that advertisement yet about [protected]@T's new service for $14.95 a month ? Stand Alone DSL. The service is nothing new actually, it was requirement mandated for them by the FCC after aquiring SBC Global. Problem is they didn't want customers to have so they didn't actually start advertising it until now. I have had the service before in 2007 and it took me the this same ringer to get, but then it was new so I chalked it up to that. Now after seeing the recent marketing promotions and adverts, I decided to take them up again on it, and see if they could connect me . Here is what happended which was almost a repeat of the exact same thing in 2007 when trying to establish dsl service.
Still waiting for dsl service in New Oleans metro neighborhood. Original Date was given from online order of 8/12/2010. Around the 13th I eagerly hooked up my modem, and no dsl sync . I remoted in to modem to look at log file, no dsl sync ( IE no service), checked pots line outside, not syc from test jack outside house ( this is the MPOE to the house so as any dsl tech would tell you, that means no service). I called for about a week straight 24-30 calls, seriously ! Each call round 1-2hours of explaining the same thing over and over and over and over and over again, and they kept insisting it was a problem with my modem ect, even thought I myself am a dsl tech and have proven this was not the case. Finally they did a test after the 24th call and verified just as I had said that there was no sync to my line. I was then given a new date of 8/24 because they had to do some work in my area. That date came and went and repeated the same incident of me calling and explaining the same thing over and over and over to about 24-25 different people from Inda. and finally, they sent an ATT tech out who wanted to come inside and look at my modem ! I directed him outside to the pots line and he hooked up his laptop to the test jack and confirmed, yes you guessed it ! NO [censored]ING sync ! !!!And these jerks were going to bill me for this !!!When the problem was clearly on their side !!! So then I was told by this tech that they would make repairs on ATT side and I would be notified when DSL was available at my location and I could connect my modem . Well its now 10/03/2010, I have been calling about every few days or so, and nothign is still being done . This is ridiculous . If it wasnt for cable internet I would have been out of service for almost 2 months. ATT is the worst most horrible serice, their Iphones are overmarketing garbage their service is beyone unreasonably horrible, their techs are newbies without a clue, they should just die out and let real ISP's come in an take over the DSL market, so people can actually get service.

no service for almost 3 months

poor installation and customer service

On Thursday, August 12, 2010 at about 9:30 a technician (Barron) came
out to install my U-Verse service. When setting up my appointment with
customer service, I was told that the job would take no longer than 4
hours and that I did not need a television for the install. However,
when Mr. Barron arrived, he informed that he would have to completely
wire the whole house and that a TV was needed. Because I had only taken
off part of the day, I told Mr. Barron that I had to go back to work. I
also went to Wal-Mart to buy him a TV for the install.

For the install, my husband and I marked the walls where we were going
to put televisions. I showed Mr. Barron each area, and he briefly
explained how he was planning to complete each task. He also told me
that he was going to have to get someone else to come out and help him.

Mr. Barron was very nice, very friendly and very informative;
therefore, I felt confident that he could do an excellent job.

My husband got off from work around 2:00pm and came home to see Mr.
Barron's progress. Yet, to his surprise, some of the cables were
installed in the middle of the wall. On the outside of the home there
is 20ft of white cable going down the side of the house. In the closet,
the wires are sticking out. When my husband asked Mr. Barron why he
installed some of the cable this way and he stated, "this is where your
wife said to put them."

I immediately called Mr. Barron and apologized for the miscommunication
and asked him when he could come and move the cables to the correct
location; he told me that he would be back on Saturday.

I felt very bad about the miscommunication; however, when I got home, I
noticed that some of the cables were installed correctly and some were
wrong. Now, if I told Mr. Barron to put the cable where I put the tape
on the wall, why were was some of the cable installed at the bottom of
the wall (which is correct), and no where near the location of the
tape? I was perplexed. I did not know if Mr. Barron was truly
responsible or if it was his friend who installed it incorrectly. At
any rate, Mr. Barron was very nice and I wanted to give him an
opportunity to correct the problem without involving customer service,
making another service call, etc.

On Saturday, August 14, 2010, Mr. Barron explained that he had a large
job and would not be able to come to fix the problem. He stated he
would come out on Monday. Monday came and Mr. Barron had another large
job. When I called Mr. Barron, he said he would try to get out
mid-week. When he did not show, I asked if I should call customer
service. First he said that is what his supervisor recommended, then he
said that he would get out before the end of the week and would not let
me down. Because Mr. Barron was very nice, my husband and I were okay
with that.

On Saturday, August 28, Mr. Barron returned to the home. My husband
showed him the problems, and Mr. Barron informed us that what we needed
would take up to 2 hrs and though he was apologetic, he said that was
time he did not have. Therefore, customer service was called and they
said they would send someone out to the house between 12:00-4:00pm.

The technician that come out to the house was Mr. Eddie. Mr. Eddie
called before he came out to the home. On the phone, Mr. Eddie asked me
what the problem was. When I started explaining, he proceeds to ask me
why didn't I "stay the full 8hrs for Barron to do the work so I could
make sure he did what I wanted." I told him that customer service told
me it would only take 4hrs. He proceeded to tell me, "I am sure they
said it would take at least 4hrs." I explained to him that I knew what
they said because I took off my job for 4hrs. He then tells me that
sometimes things come up when technicians come out to do the job. I
then explained to him the following: 1) when customer service tells me
4hrs, that is all I have to go by; 2) customer service also told me I
didn't need a television for install and that was not true; 3) I am not
a technician; I am a Health Communications Specialist at the CDC;
therefore, I expect the technician to know how to do his job; 4) I
could not call my job and tell them "I changed my mind, I actually need
to take off a whole day to get my cable installed!" After this back and
forth conversation, Mr. Eddie arrived at my home.

When I walked up to Mr. Eddie, he proceeds to tell me that "I do not
like myself right now." When I asked him why, he says, "Because I am
putting myself in the middle of something I have nothing to do with." I
said, "okay, but I had no intentions of calling customer service, my
technician suggested this." He then proceeds to tell me, "Yes, I spoke
with Barron; I trained him." I said, "Okay, " but I was unclear as to
what this information had to do with him doing his job.

Finally, Mr. Eddie said he wanted to see the problems. First, I took
him to the side of the house to show him the 20ft of white cable. He
proceeds to tell me that technicians put safety first and that for Mr.
Barron to climb that high was "a safety hazard for Barron and me, for
that matter, to climb the side of this home with this un level ground
and I am not going to put my life in danger to put up a cable." "Excuse
Me?" I am thinking to myself. So I asked him, "So you mean to tell me
you have never had to climb a high ladder to install a cable?" He, then
proceeds to tell me, "for me to install this correctly, I will need
someone to hold the ladder for me." I told him that my husband and my
dad to help him. He then says, "I need to call an ATT person because if
something happens to me with you, I am not covered." "Okay fine, I
said. If this was a safety hazard, Mr. Barron should have said
something when he initially came out to see what was wrong with the
install. When my husband showed Mr. Barron the cable, he admitted that
the person helping him installed the outside cable wrong and that it
(the cable) did not look good.

Next we moved inside my home. I showed him the problem where Mr. Barron
installed the cables wrong. He told me, "I am sure Mr. Barron installed
them based on what he found in the house; although, I would probably
not have installed it this way." He then proceeds to call Mr. Barron
and tell him how he (Mr. Eddie) was going to fix it. I tried to explain
to Mr. Eddie that the reason why I was a little upset about the install
is because Mr. Barron got a friend to help him and I could not tell who
was responsible for the improper work. That is why I wanted Mr. Barron
to come back out because I did not want to get him in any trouble by
calling customer service and wanted to give him the opportunity to fix
the problem. Mr. Eddie then asks, "did this person work for ATT who was
helping?" I told him, "I don't know, I left before the person got
here." Then he says, "That is why we ask customer to be here during the
install." I then explain to Mr. Eddie that I work just like he works;
can he (Mr. Eddie) ask for a whole day off to get cable installed when
he initially asked for a half day??? By this time, I was getting very
upset at Mr. Eddie and his tone.

When my husband came home, I told him how rude Mr. Eddie was to me on
the phone. Of course, my husband got upset and immediately called
customer service.

On the problem downstairs, Mr. Eddie moved the cable down. When he
moved upstairs to the closet area, he said he would install the cable
down the wall. I thought he meant inside the wall so I proceeded to
tell him to drill the hole. However, my mother recognized that the
cable was not "inside" the wall, so she told me to ask why the cable
couldn't be installed in the wall. He proceeds to try again to explain
why something could not be done. My husband come upstairs and expressed
that he felt the wall was hollow. Mr. Eddie then says, "I am sure it is
not. I am sure Barron installed it this way because it was not."
Instead of Mr. Eddie checking to see if it was hollow, he proceeds to
say, "I am trying to help you to the best of my ability, but anything I
do is not sufficient; therefore, I am going to have to call my
supervisor." By now both my husband and my father were very upset
because Mr. Eddie was rude to me. My dad tried to get some
clarification on the problem and Mr. Eddie cut my dad off in mid
sentence, putting his hand up to my dad and saying, "excuse me sir, I
am explaining." At this time, my husband told customer service he
wanted Mr. Eddie to leave.

After Mr. Eddie got off the phone with his supervisor, he packed his
things and left; leaving the job unfinished. Before walking out the
door, he again proceeds to tell me and my family, "I hate myself right
now. Here I am trying to fix a problem and help you out, when this is
not even a job I started and what I am doing is not good enough. This
is wasting my time. I have other jobs to do as well and I took this on
as a courtesy." He then tells us to have a "Blessed Day" and walks out
the door.

I have never had someone be rude like Mr. Eddie. Though Mr. Barron did
not install the cable correctly, he did provide me with quality
customer service as far as how he spoke to me and my husband, and he
did install somethings correctly. That is why my husband and I wanted
to give him an opportunity to come back out to fix it.

Yet, Mr. Eddie was VERY rude. Since when did doing your job become a
courtesy to the customer??? Not only have I wasted all this money on
ATT U-Verse service, but I now have several holes in my wall that will
have to be repaired and repainted and this man, Mr. Eddie, talks like
he was doing me a favor??? I had no idea that he trained Barron, that
he knew him and frankly, I did not care. I also did not care to hear
how fixing my cable would be risking his life and that he hated himself
for taking on a job he did not start. Mr. Eddie failed to acknowledge
that customer service, not the Tutt's and Goldwire's, asked him to come
to the house. If he was doing Mr. Barron a favor, what does that have
to do with me and fixing my cable???

Just do your job; that is all I ask. When a technician comes to my
home, he is the expert and I expect him to know what to do. All the
extra information is unnecessary. As I stated, Mr. Barron was very
nice, but he did not install correctly and anyone (professional or not)
can see that. Yet, I am not sure if he made the mistakes, or if his
helper was to blame. Add the incorrect install (which I could have
gotten over) to Mr. Eddie's actions and this has been a very unpleasant
and costly experience.

  • Tu
    Tutt/ATT Oct 04, 2010

    The point is that Mr. Eddie was rude from the moment he stepped on my property. If you don't like to fix other people's mess, that is fine, but you do not take that out on the customer. I am paying you to be here; it is not the other way around. As far as the 4hrs, they said "up to" four hours, but would you have called in and told your boss, "I think I need to take 4 extra hours of to get my cable installed?" The job was not listed as complete; the technician knew he would have to come back. And yes, I left the technician alone; there was nothing in the house; no furniture; nothing. I just brought the home and wanted the cable installed before he move in. He installed part of the job right and the other he installed wrong. For example, he used white tape on the outside of my house when he was actually supposed to use black tape in order to protect the line from sun damage. I did not know that until his supervisor told me. He ran the lines wrong in the house. I did not know that until his supervisor told me. So, regardless if I was there are not, there were still mistakes. Do you go up in the crawl space and check behind your cable person...?

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  • Bl
    BlahBliggityBlah Apr 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    THat second tech was rude so that was unacceptable. The first tech should have left when you did. For as long as I remember it is against AT&T''s policy for the technician to be inside a customer's home when the customer is not present. You really were very naive to only take half the day off. Even if the job says that it can take up to 4 hours, that is under normal circumstances. You have to account for any problems that may arrive and even if you are not a professional, you can not possibly believe that a house that needs all new cables can be wired in 4 hours or less. Finally, the job was obviously listed as complete because whomever scheduled another tech was able to schedule another tech. If it were not completed then another tech more than likely would not have been able to come out and the original tech would have probably gotten in trouble for not completing the job. Sounds like he was fleecing you so that he wouldn't get the job put back on him.

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false charges for & bundles & & ad lies

First at&t lied about the services I would get if I opted for their dsl extreme. Second, they never sent my rebate and third they raised my rates after they said there was no contract time limit. Fourth, mr. Baxter at [protected] (Aug 26th, 2010) stated he was a supervisor for customer relations/billing and would surely correct my bill and my plan. He told me how much to send in and even took my check number over the phone. Forward, sept 28th thinking I would see a corrected bill, I called and spoke with a "team lead" mrs. Johnson from jacksonville florida who stated that mr. Baxter has the conversation on record but did not correct it! Again, misrepresentation, even by a supervisor. Shame on you mr. Baxter!! Mr. Baxter took my check number over the phone and yet my next bill was not corrected but was higher. Hopefully mrs. Johnson will do the right thing and my next bill will reflect the proper amounts!
I say all those with similiar complaints should call mr. Baxter and remind him he is degrading his company. Two tips: always get the name, city and state of the person you speak with. Ask for supervisors and get their names. Hopefully you will get someone better than mr. Baxter. Keep a recorder handy!! I have the ads, conversation documentation and the names of those who did not do their job at at&t. (Always time and trouble aka att)

  • Br
    bryon sturgill Nov 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    At&t is a big joke!!!

    My wife and i had placed an high speed internet order from at&t. They are a joke!!! The technician who installed our phone line was awesome in which he helped allot. Immediately after the initial hookup we started having connection problems. From there on it was a head ache. The modem never received signal from the central office??? Ok. . . ?. . . Anyway, so i called the stupid people repeatably and keep complaining. So this one guy told me to downsize my speed from a 3. 0 to a 1 1 / 2??? Right?, didn't work (Of course) so to upgrade back to my 3. 0 there was a charger??? Wtf??? Ok, so i had called over 9 times and even went over my minutes on my cell phone talking to the idiots. There was even a black girl that had a real bad attitude??? My opinion on that isn't worth stating on here, anyways. . . To make a long story short, they tried keeping me as a customer??? Ok, i told them i wanted to unhook the garbage and i will never, never and i repeat never have anything else to do with at&t. With that said, i'll never reference them either. And if someone reviews this from the company, please fee free to call anytime. The number for my service was 6068550212.

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didn't get it

Here is the deal. I got on here thinking I was gonna get free music cuz that is what you are advertising now...

direct tv/at&t bundle package

I spent over an hour on the phone with a Direct TV salesman - ordering the bundle package - premier, etc. NO ONE told me that the phone and internet service was with someone other than Direct TV. I was told an amount I would pay and I asked three times was that the amount for all three and how long would that price be effective. I was told forever. At the end of the conversation I was told to call Direct TV Bundle to set up phone and internet installation. I had no idea I was talking with AT&T - their first question was - "How much are you paying for the phone and internet?" I told them I had no idea - that it was a bundle package - why would it matter - there was only one price given to me. After four days and many hours I found out that I would get a separate bill from AT&T and then a bill from Direct TV, but was assured that they would total the amount quoted to me. The next day, I was informed I had a new phone number - after being told I would be able to keep the phone number I have had over 20 years. After three more days and being on hold and cut off and told people would return my calls, etc. by AT&T my phone number was changed. I was not even home. I had delayed the installation for six days to try to work out the phone number, but they came anyway. I had just sent out over 50 invitaions with my old phone number as the RSVP - etc. - you can imagine the problems. I finally found someone at AT&T nice and knowledgeable and he is working on me getting my number back and assured me someone would call me back. IN the meantime, I still have not been able to get on my account with Direct TV to claim my rebates. Could this be because they do not want me to get them by my first bill???????????????????????????????? I have written five emails - been transferred 10 times back and forth and still cannot get to my account. They claim that they don't have me as an account and yet I am watching Direct TV now - already installed. And by the way, If I can get this worked out I can honestly say it is a million times better than Time Warner!!!1

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breach of contract

Hello a number of years ago I purchased from Cingular an aircard with a true unlimited usage plan, not the 5g/Month that most providers are offering now. On my last bill I was informed that AT&T is no longer going to honor that contract by changing the plan to the current 5g/month max usage. Overages are charged to your account and are very expensive.
I want to know is this even legal? I am not a lawyer but I do know right from wrong. This is a breach of contract on AT&T’s part.
Does this mean I can just decide $60.00/month is to much and only pay $15.00 for the same plan just because I decide too?

I am looking for some information on a class action lawsuit. Does anyone know if a lawsuit has been filed against AT&T?
Don L Love

  • Kh
    Khokamo Oct 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just opened an email from AT&T that said I was over my limit on airtime. When I purchased my air card I was told then it was unlimited and for 2 1/2 years I have had no overages and we use our card daily all day. I called AT&T and they informed me that now I'm on a 5 gig plan (which is only 40 hours). How can any company change a contract without a persons knowledge? I am seeking a Class Action Lawsuit for this matter as well. I paid over $300 for the card that will be useless since I am dropping AT&T.

    I contacted AT&T this morning and spoke to Chloe ID# RC367W and was informed that any overages this month would be adjusted without overage charges. (Oh how nice of her lol ...NOT.) This is just another way WE THE PEOPLE are getting bent over again by another LARGE Corporation.

    I was never informed about this change nor were we contacted with an option to opt out. Think about it... You could use 5 gig in 2 days so what is a person to do that works remotely from home with an air card?

    I also am seeking information for filing a Class Action Lawsuit against AT&T. Any information concerning this would be greatly appreciated

    [email protected]

    Joe Kennedy

    Prague Okla.

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  • De
    Debra Burns Nov 03, 2010

    I have been on the phone with them today, for the last few months they have cut off my air card 2 week into the month for over usage. this month they will no longer turn it back on, they want me to change plans that will cost me more money. they also want me to buy out the plan which was for only 1 year and I am 2 years this December, (they can not send me a copy of the 1 year contract) it is only $ 65.00 for the buy out but I have been without service for the last 3 months half of the month.

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  • Su
    Susan Oxford Feb 06, 2011

    Just had this happen to me this month. Was given no notice from ATT what so ever that my plan had been changed. My son just got back from the war and our ussage went up, it's been a long time since he's been able to get on line when ever he wanted. Out of no where we start getting warning we are out of GB, KB or MB's what ever. What a shock, never had this happen in 7 years. They pretty much told us they can do what ever they want. I too want to join a class action suit.

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We moved July 30, 2010 to our new address, we told AT&T first of july, 4 weeks a head of time of the move, on the day of the moved they would shut our phone service off, and connect the phone service at new address, no problem AT&T said. It took us two weeks to get service, we had no phone, no internet. we called everyday only get the runaround and excuses, some times we could understand what they were saying different language. WE WERE PROMISED A $50 gift card for our trouble, have'nt seen a gift card, we called customer service, run around time again, everybody telling something different. AT&T wants their money on time, hell with what we get. I am mad as hell.

false information and billing

Good day! In filing this complaint I would start with installation, AT&T sent me the equipment to install my...

double billing for dsl

When I moved from my apartment in Mauldin, SC to my relative's house in Taylors, SC, I was assured that my DSL had been cut off at the old address and activated at the new. I was never once told (in a 30 minute conversation) that I could not use the original modem without re-registering it. Never once was I told that I had to re-register it, or that the modem had a "go mobile" feature that allowed you to plug it in somewhere else and be billed for it.

So, in short, I was paying the phone/internet bill at my relative's house every month while unknowingly racking up a bill on the apartment's account. I only received one bill, that was the one for July of 2008. After that, the only bills I received were for my relative's account.

All of my mail had been forwarded, and I checked for nearly three months to make sure I wasn't getting anything. I never received another bill for the apartment's line.

In March of 2009, I started having issues with my service. I called and the technician said I needed to re-register my modem. We did and everything was fine after that. Then the collection calls came. For months, I was getting calls from AT&T's Atlanta Billing Office saying I owed them over $200 for internet service. I called and tried to reason with them, but they wouldn't listen and said that they couldn't prove that my service was to be terminated and that I was paying on my relative's account.

One lady said that she could take $150 off to help ease the burden I had bestowed upon myself for not paying my internet. I told her that she was going to take all of it off because I had been paying the internet on my relative's account. One time, I called to get the matter settled with a manager and the girl I talked to was very rude and made me lose my temper.

I said a few explicative terms to her and she informed me that she wasn't giving the phone to her manager if I was going to talk like that. I have stress-induced seizures and I nearly had one that day. I was shaking so much that a fellow co-worker who used to be an ER Trauma Nurse was concerned.

After arguing for months on end and not getting anywhere, (even my relative called and tried to fix it, she is retired from BellSouth- AT&T owns it now) I stopped answering the phone. It went to a collection agency and I tried to sort it out with them, but they said I would have to deal with AT&T if I wanted the charges removed. I tried again to talk to AT&T, but no one would listen.

I spoke with a woman that seemed to understand the situation, but later I found out that not even she could help me. The rule with AT&T is, if you want to dispute a bill it must be done within 90 days of receiving the bill. Because I never received a bill, I couldn't call. I didn't know about it until the account had been delinquent for almost a year.

In the end, I got so tired and so frustrated with all of the harassment from AT&T, that I paid the bill using the last of my tax return. The entire time I was agreeing to pay it with the collection agency, I was sobbing. The man on the phone was really nice and he hated that I had to pay it. I told him everything that had happened and he believed me and said I shouldn't have to, but AT&T wouldn't listen to me.

I am still paying for the DSL on my relative's account, plus her phone bill. I was billed double for the months of August 2008-March 2009. I will never see that money again.

  • La
    lani00 Sep 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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unauthorized ad renewal

I was contacted about renewing my yellow pages ad and I specifically told the agent I did NOT want to renew. Instead, the agent apparently wrote that I couldn't be contacted and increased my rate from $63/mo to $270/mo. When I noticed the auto-billing and contacted AT&T, I was told that I was part of an auto-renew program and they had no record of my cancelling. I asked for a recording of the call since I HAD spoken with an agent and definitely relayed the cancellation. AT&T says they are going to reimburse me but they have not. They also are still forcing me to pay $840 for an ad wherein I followed their rules of cancellation and they did not apply it. At&T representatives state they have no explanation for not logging my cancellation request, no proof that what I'm saying is untrue, no record of my ever speaking to them, but that I am still liable financially for the ad. This has GOT to be illegal! If you've had similar problems, please contact me!

speed problem

Hi, I'm using AT&T internet DLS line 3 Mbps speed since one month. But actually my internet speed is very low. When I checked on speedtest.net my internet speed show 1.7 mbps always. It is not even 2 mbps. When I called to AT&T customer care they verified everything on my internet line and they said that since my apartment is far away from the internet server I can not receive 3 mbps speed. Now, I'm paying for 3 mbps speed and I'm not able to receive even 2 mbps. This is ridiculous.

internet speed downgraded

Since I got my business number from AT&T in March, I have had so many issues with AT&T that it'...

this is a fraud

To whom it may concern, in the month of may 2010, ettel palomata from at&t advertising solutions talked me into advertising on yellowpages.com. Right away he made sign a contract. He said at&t would make a demo ad so I could get an idea of what I wanted. They made the ad and there were just a few minor changes that needed to be made. I told the web designer I wanted the pictures changed to the ones I had supplied through email. I also told him that the date needed to be changed. The ad said that i've been in business since 1988 and the correct year is 1982.
I also told ettel that I needed to postpone making the ad until july due to financial reasons. I was diagnosed with skin cancer during this time. But despite my request, they ended up posting the ad in june. The date in the video was still wrong and none of the pictures had been changed. So not only was my request to postpone the ad rejected, the information and all of the pictures were still wrong. So i've been getting charged $465.00 a month for this botch ad. All i'm asking is for some way out of this contract and a refund for the amount that was charged to my credit card each month.
My name is michael sherwood (The pro extractor) and if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Times are too tough right now for me to be going through this mess with this company. I will send a copy of this letter to other agencies as well.

  • I am going threw the same thing. I dont know what to do. They just ran the add with out even letting me see it.

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  • Sa
    Samantha Robinson Jan 14, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    **********IF YOU HAVE ISSUED ANY PAYMENTS TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY SERVICES AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND PLEASE CONTACT US - We can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! --- 800-982-0221 Ext 401 --- email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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  • I want to thank all the wonderful individuals who have taken their time to respond to our comment/complaint and, apologize to those whom we have not returned contact. Your response (needless to say) has been over whelming. AT&T-Yellowpages.com and Blue Ribbon Auto Glass, Llc. have mutually agreed to terminate our contract and we have received a full refund. This does not excuse AT&T's misrepresentation of their product or unconscionable behavior. Nor does this make-up for our total financial losses. However, at this time we are not pursuing our law suite.

    If I could pass on what this experience has shown me, I would say to, Not go quietly into the night. Let your voice be heard. File your complaint with as many organizations outside of ATT's control as possible. The BBB, Federal Trade commission, State Attorney Generals Office etc... If you are paying with a credit/debit card, STOP PAYMENT NOW! And dispute the charges with your card company (AT&T must prove their charges are valid to the card company and are not allowed to contact the person or business disputing the charges about the amount disputed until it is settled). If they do so, file a complaint with your card company (Visa/MC/AMEX/DC) not your bank. If you have been sent to collections, dispute the validity of the original bill. Make AT&T prove they provided the service. Your contract is for clicks, not calls. AT&T must show a preponderance of proof that your clicks are in accordance with your specific contract. The plain and simple truth is they can not. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE THE SERVICE STATED IN YOUR CONTRACT, THE CONTRACT IS NOT VALID. Finally, USE the experience and advice given on the complaint board. It is a great resource!

    Thank you,

    Mathew Korba
    Blue Ribbon Auto Glass, Llc.

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  • Sl
    SLoghry Mar 16, 2011

    Any suggestions would be helpful- March 16, 2011

    I was visited by an account representative of AT&T Yellow pages.com back in September of 2010. I was adamant about not signing up for a pay per click campaign. I needed a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign for my company. AT&T Yellow page.com assured me that this was an SEO/SEM campaign and guaranteed that I would see nearly 35% increase in traffic to my website. I was informed they would automatically withdrawal approximately $1600/monthly from my account. In return for this rate, AT&T Yellowpages.com would create a clone of my website and launch a comprehensive SEO campaign. In order to do just this, I was informed by the sales representative that a website technician would phone me in a few days collecting comprehensive data for keywords in order to best feature exactly what we do as a company on the search engines they will utilize.
    In short, the clone site was launched live without any phone interview with me-therefore, no keywords were collected. I repeatedly attempted to reach my sales representative to no avail. My next course of action was to contact the customer resolutions department in hopes to simply dissolve our agreement. My reason in wishing for our agreement to end was I found that I was working way too hard for something of which I had paid someone else to execute. I questioned as to why I was having to make certain the correct keywords were listed and why I was having such difficulty in connecting with the person that was overseeing my account, i.e., my account representative. After many discussions with the customer resolutions person, he explained that someone from AT&T Yellowpages.com would be contacting me since he did not have the authority to dissolve our relationship. October passed, November came...the next person representing this account was a Telecheck representative inquiring as to why I haven't honored the $1600.00 payment.

    After submitting a letter to Telecheck, I stopped all future payments to AT&T Yellowpages.com. I did NOT receive what I thought that I had purchased; a comprehensive SEO/SEM campaign catered to my specific company with an account representative to assist with modifications and additional needs. What I received was dismay, aggravation, and disgust all with a hefty price tag.

    February 2011-Collections contacts me for a second time, I again reiterate the situation and my frustrations. I explain that I have made numerous attempts to simply dissolve our relationship due to not receiving delivery on what I had initially purchased. I explained the numerous phone calls made to resolve our situation and how I continuously came up empty handed. I explained that I was the client and yet there has been absolutely no attempt to assist me the client and my needs but every attempt to withdrawal money from my account regardless of my level of satisfaction.

    Collections gave me the name and number of the General Sales Manager for our demographics. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts in contacting him, I used another number that would not have my caller ID listed; miraculously he answered.

    March 1, 2011, We set an appointment for him to visit me in our office/home office to discuss the situation. March 3, 2011, he came with the sales representative that sold us the advertising campaign. To compound an already delicate situation, the General Sales Manager and the Sales Representative, neither knew anything about my history with AT&T Yellowpages.com except that I was unhappy. Neither sales reps had any written documentation substantiating phone call made and received from me to AT&T Yellowpages.com, dates of communication and content of communication, dates when the site launched live and who was the technician responsible for collecting keywords. The two representatives had nothing other than a Laurel and Hardy routine prepared for me; it was adding insult to injury. This only defined that they did not care for me as a client, but cared for me as a monetary account.

    After some discourse, we requested the General Sales Manager to simply dissolve our relationship. He said that he did not have the authority to do so, but on our behalf would propose to those who did have the authority to do just that. March 16, 2011, the General Sales Manager and I connected. He said that AT&T Yellowpages.com did everything that they promised to do for me and that they would NOT cancel the contract.

    So-here I stand...tethered to incompetency and frustrated beyond. I was informed by the General Sales Manager that they had a contractual agreement with Google...who apparently is really behind our advertising campaign. I have tried contacting Google to understand the terms they have with AT&T Yellowpages.com. I am considering a class action suit against the company. If you have any ideas, I would be grateful. If anyone reading this is willing to be listed in a class action suit, please contact me at 303-394-1831.

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  • Sm
    Small Business Supporter Jul 07, 2011

    To whom it may concern,

    I would really like help with a company that I believe is scamming multiple small businesses. If you research AT&T Advertising Solutions you will find many people with the same issues our company is having. I have posted what we sent to the BBB. I have emails back and forth with the agency that’s here in Indy. If you type in the google search engine: AT&T Advertising Solutions Scam you will see them on [redacted] and all other complaint boards. I got the same response as other businesses have gotten. I just want help for our company and the other companies that have been taken for a ride. If you have any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.


    Small Business Owner,

    I can understand your frustration, I can open a claim for the Indianapolis issues as well, but we do have a signed contract by you on March 22, 2010, your rep was Thersa Angleton, I’m not sure who told you that she would be coming back out to see you but typically once a sales rep get a signature on a contract, they don’t go back out.

    However, the claims rep that was assigned to your account for the EVAIN and ANDIN should be calling you in the next week or so and you can make sure to tell him about the Indianapolis directories as well.

    There is a signed contract taking advertising out of the east suburban, west suburban and the south suburban directories.

    AT&T Advertising

    Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 11:17 AM
    To: (ATTADV)
    Subject: RE: billing,

    Thank you but we were trying to cancel the whole thing before the Nov 2010 contract started. That is our issue. We feel as if we were scammed because how everything has been with this. We were told that our rep would be back and never showed up again. She said if the bill was above $400.00 then she would still be coming in. Even with the dollar amount if that was an issue couldn’t phone calls still be returned?? Then we have a new rep after no phone calls were returned and then after we told the new rep we have been trying to cancel our old rep then calls us. Wouldn’t that make you feel like something was up? When AT&T has the automatic renewal policy if they don’t hear otherwise??

    I appreciate you removing the advertising for Anderson and Evansville.

    Thank you,

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 10:57 AM
    Cc: (ATTADV)
    Subject: RE: billing,

    I do see where you cancelled your advertising for Anderson and Evansville, and yet, you are being billed for those directories, I am opening a claim for you to get and adjustment on those billing items.

    However, the bill you are being called about is also for Indianapolis print, Indianapolis companion and Internet advertising which you signed for March 22, 2010. The contract runs from November 2010 – October 2011. It was billed on your phone bill until May 2011 when it was moved to a direct bill.

    The amount that is owed for May: $416.90
    The amount that is owed for June: $416.90
    Total amount owed by June 27th: $833.80

    I will open the claim for ANDIN and EVAIN billing and remove the late fee of $6.86. I have updated your billing address to include the STE number. You can mail your payment to the address on the bill- which was sent to you on 6/21/11, but let me know if you haven’t received it yet.

    If you have any questions, please call me at 317-347-2274.

    Thank you,
    Customer service Specialist

    From: (ATTADV)
    Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 8:41 AM
    Subject: RE: billing

    AT&T Advertising Solutions

    From: (ATTADV)
    Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011 1:46 PM
    To: (ATTADV)
    Subject: RE: billing

    What is the cust id please?

    From: (ATTADV)
    Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011 10:57 AM
    To: (ATTADV)
    Subject: FW: billing

    From: (ATTADV)
    Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011 10:47 AM
    Cc: (ATTADV)
    Subject: RE: billing

    You can call my manager Mike

    AT&T Advertising Solutions

    Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 2:10 PM
    To: (ATTADV)
    Subject: RE: billing

    Could we please have the contact to the head of AT&T adverstising so that we may get this issue resolved?

    Thank you,
    Vice President

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 12:56 PM
    To: Subject: RE: billing

    Your advertising was cancelled but the remainder of your current contract is still in effect. This billing will run until November. I have cancelled your next year’s renewal.

    AT&T Advertising Solutions

    From: To:
    Subject: billing
    Importance: High

    Good afternoon,

    I am writing in regards to a bill we just received yesterday in regards to AT&T advertising, which came in by surprise starting with a phone call from collections on Friday. I told them we had paid our final bill and they stated we currently had new charges and past due charges. They had the old address so I told them to send the bill to the new address which we have had for 2 years now. But we did not want to renew the contract that’s why we had been trying to get this issued resolved before we received anymore. I strongly disagree with being charged for something we had tried for months to get canceled. Buck had left messages for someone to call him back and never got one. But then when we finally got someone we had a new rep?? We know the contract had to be canceled before Nov 2010 and that’s what we was trying to do. Could we please have the contact to the head of AT&T adverstising so that we may get this issue resolved?


    I’m not sure if I have this complaint set up for the right AT&T because I have the billing address of
    this: AT&T Advertising Solutions
    PO BOX 5087
    Carol Stream, IL 60197
    Account #: 7000121253-00000 .

    Is this were I need to file the complaint with you? I have been dealing with this issue and it won’t go away. If you could please help it would be greatly appreciated!

    COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # Better Business Bureau, Inc.

    Consumer Info: Business Info: AT&T Midwest
    800 244-4444

    Location Involved: (Same as above)

    Consumer's Original Complaint:
    We were wrongly charged for advertising that we had been trying to cancel for months. I feel as if we were scammed by our sales reps.
    We had been trying to cancel our advertising since Nov. 2010. No calls were returned and kept getting the run around finally after they renewed the contract a new sales rep came out and we was told we had a new rep. But when we told her we wanted to completely cancel with AT&T she refused to let me. So then she came back in and talked to another person here and we again told her the same thing. At this time she had our old sales rep call in and we told her the same thing. About a month later we received cancellation forms. Last Friday I received a phone call saying that we had an outstanding balance with current charges and past due. Which shouldn’t be the case since we had been trying to cancel and it is not our fault we were played to the point past the cancellation date. I think it was very conveniant to switch reps. But then when the cancellation came about she wanted to work with us. The previous year we had canceled a majority of the advertising we could. She had told me she would be back to get the rest set up for cancellation. I had tried talking to customer service and got the run around. I emailed both the reps before I went this route and one email bounced back and the other rep never responded. I also emailed customer service and got sorry for the inconvenience and to call customer service. I copied our company attorney on the email so he could see the response if this has to go any further.

    Below is the information I found on the bill they just sent me. Which we have been at this address for 2 years and they were sending them to the old address.

    AT&T Advertising Solutions
    PO BOX 5087
    Carol Stream, IL 60197
    Account #: 7000121253-00000

    Consumer's Desired Resolution:
    I want to be reimbursed for Nov 2010 ($456.40), Dec 2010 ($456.40), Jan 2011 ($456.40), Feb 2011($45640), March 2011 ($456.40) and April 2011($456.40). For a total of ($2, 738.40) I want this service to be canceled and the bills to be voided for May 2011 on...We should not have to pay for something we don’t use or want. I feel as if we were scammed by AT&T Advertising Sales Reps. Why would you do that to someone? We completely canceled everything with AT&T even our phone service. I would greatly appreciate your help in getting this issue resolved.

    BBB Processing

    06/29/2011 web BBB Case Received by BBB

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conflict of interest

An employee from the brookhaven at&t wireless store is selling at&t wireless items including cellphone...

horrible customer service


After being a loyal 5 year customer of at&t wireless, I think it's time for my wife and I to take our business elsewhere.
Long story short:

Sept 5 2010: called to order a new palm phone to replace my blackberry that had just died. Spoke to a very polite, very hard to understand indian woman. Everything I said, I had to say twice, everything she said, she had to say three times. I eventually asked for another sales rep. 5 minutes on hold later, I get another indian woman. She was much clearer so I decided to stick with her.
Ordered my new phone, no problem. She asked for my delivery address, I gave it to her, she read it back to me twice, full address and apartment number. City, state and zipcode. Hung up feeling fine about the experience.

Sept 9 2010: stayed home all day to wait for fedex delivery of the phone. Website tracking number stated "out for delivery".. .3pm rolls around, no phone. I look at the tracking number again, site now states "delivery exception: incorrect address"... Great. I call fedex. After 15 minutes on hold, the woman tells me the address is correct but that there is no apartment number. She can't add "4d" to the delivery, I have to call at&t and request that they call in the correction.

35 minutes on the phone with at&t. Rep after rep, hold after hold. The first woman told me, it would be no problem for her to call in the fix. She asked me to wait on hold while she called fedex. I waited... And waited... And waited... Someone else gets on and tells me "the address change has been made, fedex says they will try to redeliver tomorrow, no problem"... I call fedex, "no change has been made, no call from at&t sorry". Already feeling like this is going badly, I call at&t again...

Next woman states, "i can take care of that for you, just let me do some research... I need to put you on hold".. .14 minutes later, she picks up and tells me "ok, I found it, here's your tracking #"... Getting sort of frustrated but trying to be nice, I said "i don't think you understand, i'm not looking for the tracking, i'm asking you to call fedex and add the apartment # that you forgot to add originally to the shipment"... "oh" she says... "please hold"... Click. I was hung up on.

This happens two more times (Getting hung up on/put on hold) before I finally get a very nice southern lady. She listens to my plight, apologizes for the problems and promises "before I hang up, we will get this fixed"... Great. "let me just put you on hold while I call fedex"... I started feeling very relieved. She seemed like she knew what she was doing and was pretty confident. 20 minutes on hold... Stomach aching from not eating breakfast yet... She finally gets back on the line "sir, you have to call fedex and make the change, we aren't allowed to do that"...

Now at this point, I feel like i'm on some sort of cruel reality show, waiting for the cameras to come out of hiding and for a host to tell me it's all a joke. I call fedex again, "no sir, at&t has to call and have the address corrected"...

I call at&t, we're now approaching hour 2 of this nightmare... After listening to their happy ### music for 10 minutes, a rep finally picks up... I demand to speak to a supervisor, he puts me on hold for another 15 minutes. "natalie" finally picks up. I explain the situation to her as well as my complete unhappiness at how i've been treated. I asked her "is it really this difficult to add two digits to an address?"...

Her answer?

"sir, someone should have told you... We actually aren't allowed to change any part of the shipment once it's out the door. What you need to do is wait 3-5 business days for fedex to send the package back to us, we have to check it in, then process a return and then send you out another one".

"and how long does that take in total?!" I ask...

"anywhere from 10-20 business days usually... " she says.

I explain again that i've been charged in full for this phone, the invoice for the phone has my complete address on it (Including apartment number) and that i'm now being punished because someone at att didn't create the shipping label correctly. I asked her if she thinks that's really an appropriate way to treat a 5 year customer...

"again sir, that's the policy".

Zero compassion for the 3 hours I just wasted, zero compassion for the fact that they screwed up, zero apology for the error... And now i'm told to sit on my hands and wait a few weeks to get the replacement phone that I use for work. I was so disgusted with the way she was talking to me that I wanted to smash the phone. I told her that when my contract is up in 3 months we'll be leaving at&t...

"whatever you want to do sir... Is there anything else I can "help" you with today... ?"


  • Le
    LedR23 Mar 10, 2010

    I cancelled my AT&T wireless account on Jan 20th. I did not have any contractual committment. When I had initially signed up for service, I was billed for the prorated first month of service PLUS the full second month. From then on, I have been paying for my service one month ahead of time. Since my billing cycle was from the 3rd to the 2nd, I expected to have to pay only for the 18 days in January that I did use the service. Since I had been paying for the next month's usage, I held off paying my last bill expecting my final bill to have a credit for the unused portion of January. The customer service rep said that it would be ok and also said she would be making a note as such on the account. Then, I got an email in early February billing me late fees as well. Again, I did not have access to my bill and had to find out the amount only by calling customer care. The rep I spoke to in Feb saw the previous note when I had cancelled the service and removed the late fees. She then said that I would have to pay the current balance and that I would be processed a credit in my final bill once any pending roaming charges came through. So, I did pay that bill in full. Today, I got another email saying that my bill was available online.

    As soon as I cancelled the service, my online access was DISABLED, but I still keep getting emails from AT&T asking me to check my bill online!! See example below...

    Your Wireless Bill is Ready Online


    Your monthly wireless bill for canceled account XXXXXXXXXX is available online for review. Note: Your online access is restricted and will be made available only for a limited time. Please log in and make your payment today.

    Thank You,


    This is the error I get when I try to go to my online account:

    L123: We are unable to process your transaction at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. You may contact our Customer Care department at 1-800-331-0500 or dial 611 from your wireless phone.

    I called customer service again today and spoke to a rep named Jesse. After I explained my situation, he said that AT&T DOES NOT GIVE CREDIT. EVEN IF I DID NOT HAVE SERVICE FOR THE SECOND HALF OF JANUARY, I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR SERVICE FOR THE FULL MONTH OF JANUARY. I told him that this was very rude and unethical.


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  • Ch
    Chas G Jul 12, 2010

    When you cancel your service AT&T sets your lines to cancel on the last day of the billing cycle as they do not pro-rate your final bill.

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  • As
    ashleyachee Sep 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Can I agree and disagree?

    I understand there was mix up on your part. I feel that AT&T should have made a better effort in making sure you were satisfied. If they wanted to ensure your service..they should have been a little bit more concerned.

    If you DO switch, ask whatever sales rep if they will pay the early termination fee of your current service provider. Most of the time the major companies will pay the 200 early termination fee just for switching!

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  • Pa
    pamtherosegirl Dec 23, 2011

    See, the problem most of us real Americans are encountering is a change in society. It use to be where businesses and just common folk were accommodating and hospitable. The customer came first! There are so many foriegners living here in America that want to bring their culture here that have not adopted our ways of living nor have they been cultured to the once standards Americans were governed by. This world is in such choas that everybody is doing for themselves and if you dont like it the heck with ya. The only thing we can do as consumers is walk away from patronizing a company and their services, but they know you are not because you "need" your phone, you want your phone, and you wont go with out it. So you will take what they give you. Society has become a material crazed bum, that we are willing to compromise our integrity and morals to get our fix and they know it!

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  • Ma
    macrowe Sep 21, 2012

    AT&T- The worst nightmare, Sunday September 23rd is my 13th wedding anniversary. It would have been wonderful-Nice hotel, upscale dinning. Until AT&T Wireless destroy it. Please read: Order 2 iPhone5's on Sept.14th at the 3am est ATT release. Took till 6am to actually order- Saturday morning get an e-mail that there was a issue processing and to call AT&T. Spend 7 hours over the weekend finally on monday after 3 hours got a rep. said just needed to check the card I used. I let him know maybe there was a issue cause it has a different billing address, No just had to confirm the card. Reported all set and there would be no delay of receiving my new iPhone5's, Sound professional and confident. Okay all set. Until Friday Sept 21st morning. Get another call that there is still an issue. Okay ran the card numbers again AMEX with $0 balance but hmm did not work. Female Rep. had me use another card VISA- Okay that one was all set. Then the 2nd one. But the card would not let it go thru so she had me use another one. Okay finally all set. She said AT&T would release the hold and the iPhone5's would arrive by Monday. I asked if she was sure and a happy absolutely. Little delay on one of the anniversary gifts. So I thought. Note I said it was my wedding anniversary, so like a great husband I like to surprise my wife of 13 years and 2 fantastic healthy beautiful kids, Plus all the great things she does. So as I mentioned reserved a nice hotel and dinning. Left work picked her up and headed to a nice romantic evening. Until the hotel canceled my reservation cause my card declined and the dinner was part of the deal. Found out the AT&T rep. charge for 4 iPhone5's Just enough to get my pre-planned anniversary weekend destroyed. Wife totally upset I started the process of canceling the phones and the service after 14 + with AT&T and all the issues I had stuck it out. After an hour on hold found out there were no iPhone's on the way for monday but back ordered for Oct 11th, Finally got over to a live person in Premier Care who was very nice and got me right to a supervisor. But that supervisor had to transfer me to a Victoria M. who seemed nice but became less and less helpful and found it funny this happened on my 13th wedding anniversary and then I could hear other people in the back ground saying who cares let them cancel we don't need their business. Victoria went on like I could not hear them. Then I said I want to cancel my service and she said she could not help with that and would get me over to another person that could cancel the service. Instead of transferring me to a person she dumped the call back to the beginning of the system where I have to enter all the information to get a real person again. At no time did they ever try and save me from leaving.

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programming errors, other problems

First, I have attempted recording some movies only to find that a completely different movie or program was recorded!

I contacted Showtime, for which I pay extra, and they I was told that they are having many complaints of this type and gave me specific days and times that the movie in question should appear on Uverse, but it didn't!

Secondly, the settings for HD do NOT work. I have a high end HD TV, but Uverse will not recognize my 1080p, etc., so I can only set it for a 4:3(?) ratio, but now I am having problems with the size of the GUIDE!!!

Also, Uverse has a LOUSY customer support system. It is impossible to contact UVERSE by Email and I just don't have time to deal with a bunch of ninnies that can't help, because they have no idea what I'm talking about!

I love Most of my Uverse, but am extremely frustrated with all of the glitches and the lack of real contact without having to deal with the their customer service on the phone and having to go through many a plethora of menus, just to get to the point that I'm told their office is closed!

In this day and age, not to have an Email contact on their website is obsurd and beyond comprehension!!!

service charges

I am deeply disappointed with the treatment I have received at At&T. As a new customer, I did the necessary research and came to the conclusion that this company was respectable, honest, and the best fit for my current situation. I was incredibly wrong.

My issue began when I signed up for a contract for DSL service. The special I was to have received was to pay 24.95$ for ANY package for the first year and 35.00$ thereafter as well as receive the wireless office gateway for free after a promotional rebate. I tried to use one of the representatives to sign up but they informed me this was a internet only promotion. Seeking the promotion, I went ahead and signed up online. My first bill came to 144.08$, something I was definitely not expecting. When I called customer service, I was simply told they would look into it and place a note on my account. After numerous calls and four months, nothing has been resolved.

I am sincerely dissatisfied with this company. I will discontinue my service as soon as the contract expires and will be sure to share my unpleasant experience with everyone I meet, including friends, relatives, and my social network.

Nelly Lopez
At&t customer id: [protected]

  • Is
    Isop Sep 18, 2010

    I also had the same problem. I was a subscriber of att for the last year with $19.95 per month. After our contract expired, i renew a contract with $14.95 promotion price. This month, i was expecting the $14.95 on my bill, to my surprise, my bill went up to $48.57! I called the customer representative again to ask for all those charges. He was saying about a lot of adjustments and the bottomline is, after all those adjustments, my $14.95 promo will not start for 2-3months with a full price of around $40. I never heard any of those $40 dollars that i need to pay for the first 2-3 months before i will get the promotion price. They didn't informed. I looked at the website of at&t, there is no terms and conditions written that you need to pay the full price for 3 months! So unfair!

    In the end, the just given me 50% discount on my bill and next month or 2, i will need to pay the full price before i have my promotion price. That was crazy! I will unsubscribe to at&t as soon as my contract expires! THey are crazy and cheating on customers!

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  • Li
    lisa082010 Oct 09, 2010

    at&t is the most horible and dishnonest company I ever had. I was asked to connect to their DSL only account for $14.95 in Aug. 2010. You can hear this promotion all over the radio. After two months, they still charge me $40 per month. I have made many phone calls. Everytime they told me to be patient for the credit to show up. Sometimes, they said the promotion was not properly showed up. I am very concerned about their behavior and definitely the costumers should be united to sue at&t and make records.

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  • Li
    lisa082010 Oct 09, 2010

    In addition, at&t always over charge people! Please do not set up automatic pay. Your account will be abused.

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att direct tv bundle

Stay away from at&a bundles!!!

I submitted my order on-line with which I was supposed to get $49.99 choice ultimate direct tv package with hd assess for life and $19.99 elite high speed internet for 12 months. I printed the confirmation for my order which stated that I will get $50 promotional card, free installation, and $100 back in rebate for wireless router.

Guess what? Next morning I received an e-mail form direct tv informing me that my bill will be $80.99 (Not $49.99).

So, I called at&t and they told me that it is not their problem. I called direct tv and they told me that I ordered a different package which does not come with promotion. I have the printed confirmation of my on-line order with the correct package, and the customer service would tell me that I placed an order for the wronge service! Total non-sense!!!

They would not change the package and want $400 termination fee in case I cancel the service!!!

Total shame on at&t direct tv!!!

People, please stay away from their services!!!

Total lie!!!

at&t rewards card expiration

Received rewards card info in the mail and reedemed promptly. Several weeks later my reward card arrived with a sticker to call and activate. I threw the card in my wallet and thought "I will do this as soon as I have a chance". I called in a few weeks later to activate, and the card has already EXPIRED!?!! The customer service person I spoke with told me that it had expired at the end of last month, not more than a week previous. I asked politely if she could reinstate the card, as I was not aware that there was such a short timetable for activation. She bluntly told me no.
As soon as my contract is up with AT&T I will be canceling service for good. They obviously do not care about customer loyalty or satisfaction.

rewards card ($100)

Received rewards card info in the mail and reedemed promptly. Several weeks later my reward card arrived with a sticker to call and activate. I threw the card in my wallet and thought "i will do this as soon as i have a chance". I called in a few weeks later to activate, and the card has already expired!?!! The customer service person i spoke with told me that it had expired at the end of last month, not more than a week previous. I asked politely if she could reinstate the card, as i was not aware that there was such a short timetable for activation. She bluntly told me no.
As soon as my contract is up with at&t i will be canceling service for good. They obviously do not care about customer loyalty or satisfaction.