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Have been with this company for years. Their service has been liking for a long time. Talked with there...

at&t landline

My husband was living on the coast last year for health reasons in a home I had not lived in for years as I was still working. Many years ago, initial phone was put in my name and I thought he had switched it to his. Long story short, he got a terminal illness and moved out of the home but apparently was too sick to shut off phone service. I had notified AT & T in Jan. that he had a terminal illness and supposedly bills were put on hold. I got a bill today from a collection agency for $201.30 for unpaid bill from last year which I had never received before since it went to a place I do not live and did not realize my name was not taken off account. I have filed an FCC complaint and am posting this also. I would like to get at least a partial refund of money I am paying to agency before I decide whether to also file a complaint with Better Business Bureau and other agencies. Bill

local tv stations

Channel 11 has been taken off the air. This is included in services. They go through this every time a contract runs out. We the customers have to pay for services not rendered. Att should be ashamed of treating customers the way they do. Every time you get to a budget you can afford, they figure out a way to sneak prices back up. They are people who care not for average people. They cater to the Ritch. Quit playing around or loose customers.


Last year I got the Internet and some kind of way that change for my TV. Plan it wouldn't be that must...

phone/internet and directv

Unfortunately my promotion period with at&t (phone and internet) and directv has expired . I called the retention dept and they cannot and will not match the price that i have been paying for 2 years. Upon looking thru the available packages i can get a much better price as a new customer than a loyal 2 year customer who has never missed a payment. This is so totally wrong on so many levels. I will be visiting spectrum to see what they will offer me. I hate the hassle of changing providers to get a reasonable price to watch tv, talk on the phone and have internet service. I also will wear a sign when i go into sam's and costco and anywhere else they attack you in the aisles of stores to get you as a customer to say how unfair they are to loyal customers. I guess there is nothing i can do about this but i am definitely angry.

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u-verse/ directv bundle

My price increased for the months of May and June by $50. I have been a loyal customer for over a decade. I...

confirmed install with directv two times and they didn't show up for either of them

I have been trying for weeks to add Direct V back to my existing AT&T account since July 5th. Nobody at AT&T...


Signed up for U-verse on June 30 of 2018. Cancelled U-verse on July 1st 2019 because bill was going up $60.00...


I am unable to access my e-mail at [protected]@sbcglobal.net. I have not been an AT&T customer for probably well over a year but according to AT&T's own policy, if I am paid in full at the time I cancel AT&T, I can keep my old e-mail address. I was paid in full at the time I cancelled and have been using my @sbcglobal.net e-mail address for many, many months without problems. Then, without warning, I am suddenly denied access to my @sbcglobal.net account for several days until just as suddenly I am allowed access for a week or so. And then I am denied access a second time which is where we stand this morning.

This is B.S. I don't believe AT&T let me access my @sbcglobal.net e-mail account after I cancelled out of the goodness of its corporate heart. I believe that AT&T allowed me access to my @sbcglobal.net account because they were required to by some governmental entity which in the State of California is probably the California Public Utilities Commission. If my e-mail isn't accessible by tomorrow morning, I am going to the PUC's web site to see if I can file a complaint against AT&T.

If you need to contact me, try [protected]@yahoo.com. My [protected]@sbcglobal.net doesn't work.

internet equipment

I made the mistake of using AT&T for internet service while living in California. When I moved out of state, I tried to return the equipment to the AT&T store. They laughed in my face and told me to ship the equipment back to the company. I shipped through UPS as instructed. I still have the receipt. I paid the last bill that I received. Three months later, I received a bill for $161.34. I have been to the AT&T stores, called customer service and finally paid the bill. Almost two years later, I am still fighting this bill. I still do not know what the money was for and now Franklin Collection Services has reported this to the credit bureaus. When I tried to call Franklin Collection Services, they told me to use the internet to pay this bill, IF I knew how to use the internet. All the internet does, is send me to pages telling me about the scams that are pushed upon anyone that deals with AT&T. How many times do I have to prove that I returned the equipment and paid the final bill AND the additional $161.34.

internet —

Your online customer service with your tech support staff have been unable to connect me to the internet after many hours discussion. Had the problem for months. I had left a competitor for AT&T and am now forced to return to the competitor. Will be cancelling all AT&T internet, Uverse and phone as a result. Your people tried very hard to help but couldn't. Simply couldn't sign in to my account to get anything fixed.
Never thought the problem couldn't be solved but apparently it couldn't after many many hours. Competition had no problem fixing it. Really don't understand why this couldn't be resolved and it is the only reason why I can't stay with AT&T.
I'm in the process of switching and returning equipment.

wireless service

The wireless service has been out since Tuesday July 2nd, 2019. Been told 4 different reasons why it was out. I have been told to turn my phone off/on/off/on. I need my phone to clock into my job. The resolution I want: for at&t to provide service that I pay for. I want custmoer service reps who understand english. Fix the tower near my house zip code:77377.

Wireless service

I am an AT&T Wireless customer using their $2 daily prepaid plan for a long time. The plan does not include data. A data add-on can be purchased for $1 for 100MB for 24 hours. When used up there is no Internet connection until you buy another add-on. This is how the system has always worked. Recently we used the sim in a different phone and suddenly strange things happened. I had not purchased a data add-on and so as far as I knew I was not using data. My account balance as of June 27th was $25. I started getting text messages from AT&T indicating a new balance as a result of a transaction. I had not done any transactions so I had no idea what this was. Within a short time I kept seeing my balance drop until it reached $17.57. I decided to call customer service to find out what was happening and suddenly a text message came stating that my balance was $0.00 after a transaction of $17.56. What transaction could cost that much? I wasn't even using the service.

After speaking with customer service the conclusion was that the network had automatically activated a data pay-per-use feature and was charging money without my knowledge. I had not been aware of such a service since this never happened before. I knew that if I didn't buy a data add-on or it had expired then there was no data. Apparently the pay-per-use was designed for old feature phones that use small amounts of data and for some reason the network did not identify that my phone was a smart phone and so began charging for data use. Since it was a smart phone I guess apps in background began using quite a bit of data. Even so, how could there be one transaction of $17.56?

Had I known there was such a feature I would have turned off mobile data. It is totally unfair that the meter is running in the background and the customer has no idea why. Imagine that the customer had the $1 daily 100MB add-on and after it expires the system automatically switches to pay-per-use mode. The customer will think he still has data in his add-on plan and will not know he is suddenly being charged high rates. There should be a message sent to the customer indicating that the data package has expired and asking if the customer wishes to switch to data pay-per-use mode.

In addition, the transaction messages should indicate what the transaction was. All it says is "your recent transaction". If I had seen that I could have figured out what to do. It is also not clear how suddenly there was one huge transaction of $17.56 that wiped out my entire remaining balance all at once. If this feature is intended for phones that use very little data the network should put a cap on the amount of data to avoid massive charges to the customer.

In summary I believe that I am entitled to a credit of $25. Also AT&T should be compelled to make the necessary changes to prevent this from happening.

Wireless service
Wireless service

  • Updated by Jacob Nachman · Jul 02, 2019

    I'd like to add one more thing. I told AT&T Customer Service that I would like to escalate my complaint and I asked how to do that. They replied that there is no escalation path. Apparently there once was but they abolished it.

  • Updated by Jacob Nachman · Jul 02, 2019

    I have a further update that really makes me even angrier. I managed to reach someone at AT&T who allegedly would accept my complaint. After I insisted that I have been using the service for a few years and this never happened before, the agent confirmed that the addition of the pay-per-use policy was instituted only recently, say over the past couple of months. So how could it be that AT&T did not inform all customers on the $2 daily plan of this major change to the plan details? Unbelievable! In addition, the plan now makes no sense at all. There is an option for a $1 100MB 24 hour data add-on but if you don't buy it you get charged $0.01 per KB. If you do buy it you have to make sure you notice when your 100MB are used up or the pay-per-use will kick in and your account balance will be drained! I asked the agent how I could submit a formal complaint and she said there is no way to do that. She would enter my complaint for me but there would be no feedback and no follow-up. Shocking! Thanks for any help you can provide.

unethical and rude person as section supervisor

I moved to 760 S Harbor blvd in fullerton, ca 92832, 3 weekes ago and called for service before I moved in . In short I still don, t t v program and my Internet just started working 5 days ago. I called your center maybe 30 times and wasted so much time waiting and explaining my situation. Apparantly there was a mix up between my unit in the building and another unit in the same complex. The manager of the complex called and explained to the technicions supervisor sevaral times and explaining the mix up, nothing happens, finally the manager ask the supervisor MELVIN to call me to fix the issue. Mr Melvin was a very rude and useless when he called me and instead of helping to solve the issue he accused me of making mistakes by ordering the T V programs, and after 2 minutes talking he hung up the phone on me and ended the conversation. My wife and I decided not to accept any more T V programing from AT&T and here, there is no alternative for another supplier
but we got Amazon and YOUTUBE to sovle the problems. Just for you to know you are just wasting the customers money on a bunch of unproffetional people like Mr Melvin, your company behaves like companies in third word countries. I hope some one in the company would listen to this issues.
Farshid Joubin

problems with att support plus

Support plus needs to be fixed .
I'm paying for this extra service and it's the slowest service that I have to upload..and sometime it doesn't at all. And they don't seem to want to correct this problem even when I send a help message to microsoft.
When it does upload.. sometimes it doesn't scan correctly. At times, after it finishes a scan, it will not stop buffering ( like it's doing now) and I have to completely uninstall it and reinstall it to work correctly!
This is a pain that I don't have with other ( paid for service sites) .. needs to be fixed ! The customer service sucks and don't fix anything.

billing quotes and misleading information

Three times (each of the last 3 months), I have spoken to someone at ATT to review my bill and make changes to reduce my expense. Each time I am greeted with what appears to be a competent person. I have learned it is important to ask very detailed questions regarding "additional" fees to their quotes. They neglect to factor in taxes, administrative and "extra" fees when providing a quote. The first month, I made change based on "$100 per month for three devices". Then, I received my bill which exceeded $200, nowhere close to $100 per month.

This morning, I spent almost 30 minutes on the phone with a rep who walked with me through my bill, line item by line item. I had done the same with Verizon and could offer their comparitive pricing, line by line rolling up to a final cost, including all taxes and fees. After all of this, the rep could offer no reason why Verizon was offering a much lower program. So, he transferred me to another number. I ended up on hold and then was advised via message, there were no call agents because they are not available until 8 am California time. Excuse me! The whole country does not live on California time. I am so frustrated! After being an AT&T customer for 30 years I have just about had it! One last call to get a competitive bid on my service and, if I don't get it, I am gone.

technical support to fix my cable.

Call was placed on Friday 21 June for repairs. None of the tv work in my home. They have me opening for Tuesday 25 June ( 5 day repair window). I was told that they will fix line from outside and my tv will work. Did not happen. June 25 Tuesday appointment was 10 am to noon. Got text 11:38 am that they cannot make noon. If I wanted to keep or re-schedule. I took a day off from work and I said keep. Called again to get tech. Window and Call center could not help. Got call at 1:19 pm from someone asking me if I wanted to re-schedule or keep. I told them the same thing. He said that techs. Could be in by 8 pm. He could not give me window and said that he will try for priority and call back. Now is 3 pm and still no tech and no call. Your repair service is a joke. Have been loyal customer for 20 year. Six cell, internet, home phone and u-verse. $1000 per month customer. Please help

email service

My email was working fine until about 3 weeks ago. I had email addresses on my PC, Ipad, & Fire tablet and I could switch between my two email address without problems. Now, I have lost one email account and cannot get both addresses together on my browser, I am using Microsoft Edge because of the email features but I also have email accounts on Internet explorer. Neither browser will work with both of me email account. Likewise, My Ipad and fire tablet have the same problem. I have tried to contact ATT customer service via chat line and was told they would call me back. We agreed on a time of day and the day. I waited for hours but no call back. I talked to another agent and his accent was so bad I could not understand him. I have a hearing defect which makes talking on the phone difficult. I have tried all of the help sites for att and nothing works. Today, I talked to another Att tech and was told that the problem I was experiencing was a problem with att software!!! WHY DON'T you tell people about things like that??? I have been a att customer for a long time but this kind of action will not keep a customer especially with the better deal from Spectrum!

R. Lewis
email: [protected]@att.net (if it is working)
Phone: [protected]
Account # [protected]


AT&T has proven once again that they Hate old people and the disabled. Also they jacked the prices without notifying me of the price raise in violation of their own policy and FCC rules. I plan to switch to Spectrum as most my friends have due the the AT&T bullies. They want me to pay $191.66 in advance for a service I had to change due to their rip-off. They said it would adjust back to Basic charge after I pay for what I don't have. They are very rude on the phone, and act like they never finshed school. While on the phone they said they are getting a lot of complaints about this. I can't trust AT&T even for their deals. I even got rid of my AT&T cell phone --- $40. plus tax w/8 G .I changed to a service for $28. every two months that has plenty of Gigs and better service, Again AT&T Hates elderly disable people. I've been with AT&T for years. Acct # [protected]. AT&T is trending on Social Media as the worst and Rudest service.

att customer service a madhouse

AT&T is the worst company I have ever dealt with with regards to customer service.

On June 13 or 14, 2019, I requested DirectTV service from them; I just recently moved into this place and initially I just ordered Internet and a land line. A service call was scheduled for a technician to come by to put up the dish on Saturday, June 15. However, he was unable to do the work because of some issue with the ladder, and advised me that his supervisor or 'someone' would call me Monday or Tuesday (6/17 or 6/18) to come by. Seeing that no one had called me, on Wednesday I contacted at&t to inquire. After a long time on the phone, I was informed my order had been cancelled and that I would need to place a new order.

I told the rep I did not want to place a new order because it had taken me a long time the previous week to unfreeze my credit information, which I have on a freeze, for them to check it, that I had unfrozen it for 24 hours when I initially placed the order for the dish to give at&t access and that now it was frozen again, that they had cancelled my order on their own without informing me and that I wanted them to look for it and reactivate it and have a technician return.

This call took 4 hours and 40 minutes, as shown on my phone. I would be shuffled from one person to another, there was a lot of static and background noise and it was hard to understand them. After explaining the whole thing to one person and the person working on it (without results), I would be transferred to another person who would ask me how he could help me, completely ignorant of the fact that I had already spent maybe an hour with someone else explaining the problem. They actually don't know what is going on, it's total madness and the whole system is a mess.

After the 4 hours and 40 minutes, someone informed me I would not need to place a new order and that a technician would come by the next day (6/20) between 8 and 12 to install the dish. In the morning I called again to find out the status and they told me the technician would be by. Close to 2 pm no one had shown up so I called again and after much back and forth I was told the new order had been cancelled, no one being able to provide a reason. They again told me I would need to place a new order and have my credit information checked. I again told them they had already checked my credit the prior week. There were several other calls back and forth and nothing was resolved.

I do not want anything from AT&T. I just don't want to ever deal with them again. My only interest is that this message be published in some customers' review site so that other people know what a disaster of a company it is.

Thank you.

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