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At&t Complaints & Reviews

AT&T Universal Credit Card / credit card

JDominguez on Jun 8, 2017
Here is a letter I sent to my credit card company after attempting to resolve the matter with Hotels.com with no success. To Whom it may concern: Attached please find the signed letter regarding my dispute of the Hotels.com charge dated, March 10, 2017. You will also find an additional...

AT&T / identity fraud

BGaines on Jun 5, 2017
After noticing an increase in my bill, i called cust. Service and asked why. They couldnt explain but credited me 20.00 to my account. After checking my app I found out 2 lines were added to my account without my authorization. I was told by in-store rep that person who added lines acted...

ATT / bundling

Greenokie on Jun 1, 2017
I was convinced to accept a bundle plan with att and direct tv for a particular price for 2 years. Bills since them are always much higher than I was told. Reason they say is when you signed up for plan you lost an employer discount. Sorry we didn't tell you that before. I asked to revert...

AT&T / internet, phone, direct tv bundle

bensherb on May 24, 2017
I responded to an offer that was mailed to me, to get Internet, phone and direct tv from AT&T for a fixed rate of $89.99 a month for two years. So far after three billings (2 months) I have not recieved a bill anywhere near the $89.99 I signed up for, one bill was over twice that. I went...

AT&T / no customer service at all

Rich Sottilaro on May 19, 2017
The customer service is garbage. I joined at&t mobile a year ago. After having multiple issues (No text delivered, no wireless service, phone calls that don't go through, iphones freezing I decided to get to the bottom of this and called 611. What a frigging mistake. They want to do...

AT&T Wireless / I ordered 2 iphones 7 plus the sent wrong 2 iphone 7 regular instead:

edy joseph on May 19, 2017
my name is Edy phone number 631-353-1453 at&t company client for about 5 years on dec. 2016 my line was upgrade allergeble well the customer agents always asked me to upgrade my services but i never wanted to do so its was on December 2016 I decided to upgraded my services by taking advantage...

AT&T Direct TV / charges never the same

Vinnie Valentine on May 17, 2017
Every month -4/27/17, 3/29/17, 2/28/17 Client # - 111053556 Every month my Direct TV bill is different! I originally at Uverse and was talked into taking Direct. We live on a fixed income and we cannot afford $200.00 for TV and Internet. I have AT&T Mobile and the bill is always the same. Will have to disconnect if the bill is high again this month.

AT&T / wireless

skue on May 12, 2017
I cancelled my insurance plan on my cellular device in April. That same month I received a $1.86 in credit. This lowered my phone bill. Yesterday, (5/11/17) I received the new bill and it was two dollars more than last month's bill. I looked at all the charges for each phone and realized...

AT&T / direct tv

Tiffany Altman Chernault on May 11, 2017
I cancelled my service with directv because the cable kept going out. For months, I called to get it resolved and the final straw was when they said they would send out a technician but I would be charged a fee. I cancelled my service and they sent me a bill for early cancellation of...

AT&T Uverse / bundle

kw2017 on May 9, 2017
I was quoted $60 for the bundled service for internet/phone/tv. After battling 2 weeks to get the service at my address (which had been listed after disconnecting from same service 1 week earlier in a different person's name as UNserviceable?!) I am then told that guess what: I do NOT get...

AT&T Digital Life / home security camera's

Connie Fabrizio on May 5, 2017
Bought three inside camera's and one outdoor. We have had the system for about seven months. I cannot tell you how many calls and chats I have had in attempt to keep the camera's working real time. Then, if they cannot fix your problem remotely- which is usually the case- you have to be...

AT&T / wireless upgrade

Amanda77 on May 3, 2017
I have been a loyal at&t customer since 2012. Today I paid off an installment phone on my sons line, and wanted to get him an upgrade. After being given the run around, being put on hold, disconnected, me calling back, I was told that since our phones go into off network when we get to our...

AT&T / billing

aretha ward on May 3, 2017
All i need is a 5 day extension to pay my bill a 5 year loyal customer and i can't get a 5 day extension . I do not want my account or cable suspended when yall can give me a 5 day extension, my account number#108269082 . so i would love to renew my contract after june, 2017 but it's hard...

AT&T / cable/internet bundle

Taleisha Lewis on Apr 21, 2017
I've been a customer for about 2 and 1/2 months now. I have the cable and internet bundle with free HBO, Stars and Cinemax. I recently moved to a different area and I had a transfer for my bundle service. Before the transfer request, I called to notify that I will be moving in a different...

AT&T / beware of door to door sales

CBMerlin on Apr 18, 2017
I just cancelled my new AT&T install, when the installer arrived, due to what I think is “bait & switch”. I had one of those door to door AT&T salesman, actually 2 of them, come to my door to sell me a new service for my Internet, cable TV & phone. This is the second time this ha...

AT&T / landline service with at&t

bigpreer on Apr 18, 2017
My complaint is about the overall service that I have received from AT&T for my new landline service. My service was originally supposed to be established on 21 MAR 17, it did not happen nor did I get a call or any notification. I called the customer care and they told me that no order wa...

AT&T / charges

udrc1 on Apr 15, 2017
I'm charged $55.50 every month since last year. The charges are deducted from my bank account directly. I have no USA mobile number. I only purchased a pre paid line when I visited usa last year. Strangely, the charges never stopped since then. I only new about it when my bank told me. I...

AT&T Systems, Inc / landline

Sharon Heinz on Apr 14, 2017
Trying to cancel service, first disconnected when I said I wanted to cancel, next rep has me on hold for 23 minutes while he said computer kept logging him out. Really? Surely a communications company can get their computer service working? Or is this some sort of bogus stall tactic? account...

ATT / at&t home internet/phone & directv bundle

lspooner10 on Apr 13, 2017
Mr. Stephenson, I am writing to you because I am at my wits end with your company. I have had to spend hours on the phone between at&t and directv within the last two weeks in hopes to get the bundle package I set up on 03/25/17 to actually be set up correctly. Again last evening I spent...

AT&T Internet / billing

Mike_elvis on Apr 11, 2017
I ordered Direct tv and Internet in November. Within 1 day I was not satisfied with direct tv service. It did not give me the channels listed on the package. I called and complained and they said I would not be charged a disconnect fee. The problem was that att and direct tv do not...

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