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+1 800 288 2020 (Customer Service)
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+1 877 782 8870 (Check Wireless Order Status)
+1 314 925 6925 (Support For Travel Abroad)
+1 800 901 9878 (AT&T PrepaidSM)
+1 844 827 7057 (Order New U-Verse TV Service)
+1 866 861 6075 (Order New Digital Phone Service)
+1 800 331 0500 (Wireless Customer Service)
+1 866 294 3464 (ConnecTech PaidTechnical Support)
+1 866 435 3264 (Dial-Up Billing & Payments)
+1 877 990 0041 (Order New Fixed Wireless Internet Service English)
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+1 855 288 2727 (Digital Life)
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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

ATTwireless phone service/upgrade

I contacted ATT online chat to clarify info regarding upgrading my phone

I am including transcript of the conversation I had with 2 people(one was supposedly a manager)

I contacted ATT because a year ago when I signed up for service I told them I wanted the plan where I could upgrade my phone every 12 months if I so chosen... As you will see in the transcript below, the manager acknowledges that ATT basically lied to me hen I signed up and I m forced to pay almost $600 to upgrade
AT&T: Welcome to AT&T Chat. While we connect you to an agent, please share how we can help you today?
Jeff: i have an iPhone xrmax and when I signed up last year I told them I wanted the plan with the ability to upgrade my phone yearly if I chose to... I checked my upgrade eligibility and it says I have to pay an additional $580 on top of the $576 I have paid in installments???
Jeff: If I chose to switch carriers, what would the cost be?
Harry Moore: Hi! My name is Harry Moore. I'm happy to help! Let's get started.
Harry Moore: Please give me a moment to review your request.
Harry Moore: Jeff, we do not wish to loose valued customer like you please be assured I will provide you best resolution on upgrade
Harry Moore: Jeff, I see your device is under 30 months installment and currently you are on 12th of 30th months installment and you pay $48.34 / mo
Harry Moore: so as per the contract policy you will be able to upgrade your device only after completing 25th installment of 30
Harry Moore: So the charge $579.91 if you pay this it will cover installments up to 25th months and you will be eligible for upgrade it
Harry Moore: But no worries I am checking other options for you
Jeff: That makes no sense... if I signed up for a plan to upgrade yearly, you are basically telling me that I can't without a heavy penalty
Harry Moore: No this is not penalty however the mobile cost instead we are not even charing you other 5th installment payments, let me check other better options
Jeff: i signed up to upgrade yearly and you are telling me I have to wait until the 25th month????
Harry Moore: That is correct because the yearly upgrade comes with 24 months installment however you have 30 months installment plan
Harry Moore: I am checking other options
Harry Moore: Which will be better without any charges
Jeff: ok... let's see what you can offer...
Harry Moore: Thank you.
Harry Moore: Please allow me a moment to check this for you.
Jeff: ok
Harry Moore: Thank you.
Harry Moore: Jeff, I am sorry to inform you that you won't be able to upgrade until and unless you pay up till 25th month or wait since you are on the 30 months plans, but I am transferring tis chat to manager for further details
Harry Moore has left the chat
You are being transferred, please hold...
Agent Adam enters chat
Adam: Hi! My name is Adam. I'm happy to help! Please give me a moment to review your request.
Adam: Yes, you opted for the 30-month installment plan hence won't be able to upgrade now. Please pay off the device balance or pay to upgrade for device eligibility.
Jeff: When I signed up I told them I wanted to be able to upgrade yearly if I chose to (12 months)
Jeff: now I a, being told that I can't upgrade until the 25th month??????
Adam: Yes, it was on the 24-month installment and you are on the 30-month installment plan
Jeff: so basically I was lied to regarding yearly upgrades...
Adam: I understand
Jeff: So, I don't appreciate being lied to and I find that totally unacceptable
Adam: I agree
Adam: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Jeff: Ummm... so I have no options other than bending over and accepting no other resolution other than bad press or legal action.. is that what you are telling me? I've been lied to and that's the end of the conversation?
Jeff: whats it going to cost to drop ATT?
Adam: Just the remaining device installment balance plus service used so far.
Adam: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Jeff: No... I guess you've lost me as a customer...
Adam: I am sorry to hear that
Jeff: glad to know it's ok for ATT to lie to customers
Adam: I understand
Jeff: i will, be changing carriers and either go to small claims court and/or contact members of the press
Adam: I am sorry to hear that
Jeff: i am speechless
Adam: I completely understand
Jeff: so it's going to cost me another $576 to, drop ATT?
Adam: I am afraid yes
Jeff: o

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    Sep 10, 2019

    AT&T — “customer service”

    At&t received my address after my ex-husband's mail was forwarded as the la féria, tx, post office provide...

    A T And Tunethical behavior

    I went with AT&T wireless because they had a buy-out plan. What a joke! I lost almost $1000 with this scam. They didn't pay what they said they would on my phone and didn't pay anything for my daughter's. She mailed her old phone in and since they couldn't find it, wouldn't pay for the buyout. Since we didn't find out that was the problem for 10 weeks, she no longer had the proof that she' mailed it. I had been calling about the refund for over a month, if they had been upfront from the beginning I wouldn't be out all that money. I got the run-around, misinformation and general rudeness. By far the worst consumer experience I've ever had, and one of the most costly.

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      I moved to a new community that is AT&T exclusive. I placed my order for UVERSE online the day I moved in 8/29/2019. AT&T gave me an install date of 09/10/2019. I've called twice requesting an earlier date due to my disability.

      I see installers in my community daily, sometimes just sitting in their vans or 2 installers standing outside their vans talking for over 30 minutes. My husband has asked them to install our service, as told to do by a rep. She said they would be happy to do it. Not only were they not happy to be asked, but they were also rude.

      I called today and placed a new order in my name this time and added phone service. I was given an install date of 9/9/2019.

      Later I received an email stating install date was changed to 9/12/2019. I called back and the rep said that time was still available and changed it back to 9/09/2019. She sent me multiple emails.

      Well, I later received another email that install day changed back to 9/12/2019.

      There is clearly a problem. Someone moved in today and an installer drove up this morning and installed their service.

      I was the first one in the building.

      I use the internet for everything and need my service installed now.

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        AT&Thome phone landline, not uverse

        I have spoken to 4 different representatives and none of them could help. I kept being transferred to the billing department they said, but it never happened. The 4th guy hung up on me.

        After chatting on line with two agents the rep finally understood it was regarding my home phone and he told me the chat doesn't work with phone issues!!! He said someone would call me and ended the chat as I was sending him my phone number. Unbelievable. I want to get my current billing corrected and cancel my home phone service. If there is anyone with enough intelligence to call me I'd be happy to talk. [protected] home, but I'd rather get a call on my cell at [protected].

        I've been a customer of AT&T for more than 50 years, but now I've had enough.

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          Sep 03, 2019

          ATT Store — unethical behavior in regards to purchasing an apple phone

          o/a 24 June 2019 I had purchased an Apple XR phone outright from the ATT Store listed above. Before deciding...

          AT&Tpromotional gift

          On June 15, 2019, I was promised a s gear 2 smart watch. I was excited, with this was the agreement I just try direct tv on my mobile phone. I had paid about $37 dollars and try to use it on my phone. Direct tv didn't work on my phone. I waited until the end of the month, called and cancelled on line. Next thing I kept seeing that the gift was in back ordered, it continue for a while and then I get email that it was canceled. Today I had spent my morning talking to a woman at at&t to then tell me that I can pick up my watch at 16 E Foldham AT&T's. I went over to the store and to my knowledge they do not hand over watches without an order from At&t. She lied. At&t store told me it was a retention tactic. To keep me, then to be called and told they will help me. Then courtesy gave me the round around and became nasty with me about it is not in the factory. They do not have it. I called again to give an official complaint and the person was trying to give me a phone, I didn't ask for a phone. When he asked me how many people are in my house, I was upset because I didn't understand the question. I was angry, I asked to speak to someone else and after a few minutes the line went dead. This was the icing on the cake. Today is Aug. 30, 2019. 1:41 pm

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            Aug 27, 2019

            ATnT — mobile phone connection with “atnt frauds”!!!

            We took 2 phone lines connection with atnt in nyc USA under the promotional plan of 80$ all included for 2...

            ATTcustomer service

            My bellsouth.net email suddenly stopped worked. Spent countless hours on phone and online chats with customer service, had my password changed seven times, and after 4 months, I still cannot connect to my email account. Their customer service people are difficult to understand over the phone. I think they just tell you whatever they need to in order to get you off the phone. I am disgusted with ATT.

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              Aug 21, 2019

              Prime Communication — horrible customer service or no service at all

              Prime Communication provide horrible service or no service at all!!! Great business model!!! Att would be...

              Aug 20, 2019

              ATT — prepaid cell phone payments

              Have a 92 year old Aunt that is quite capable of doing most everything and is a good record keeper. She pay...

              Aug 18, 2019

              ATT.com — Customer service

              I absolutely cannot stand direct tv right now. They continually send me late notices when they apply it to...

              Aug 17, 2019

              AT&T — different charges to my account

              I am really having problems with Direct TV and AT&T bundle account they are charging me different amount...

              American Telephone and Telegraph1) promise not fulfilled as promised, 2) stop outsourcing

              1)Told by two persons on two different days the $30 activation fee was deleted and I would not have it showing up on first bill. First bill had activ. fee included. When I called they told me(3rd person)that I was not given whole info, that the promo that had been on since last year was still on and that you get $30 off activ and another discount of $30 more, but both won't come off until 2-3 months later.
              2)Please consider to stop out-sourcing to other countries. The English when speaking to is poor, and if try to chat the grammar is poor also and makes for difficult understanding, and non-answered questions! I asked to speak to person in USA, and they said it was not allowed by contract. They said if I called back I may or may not get a person in the USA. I have to say T-Mobile has you beat! I was just reading about their assigning customer service to USA REGIONS, where when you call you get to talk to a person in your region of the USA, and they won't out-source, plus there are no PHONE TREES, you get to talk to a live person right away! THIS makes me want to change over NOW to T-mobile! I'm still considering it! I've been a long time AT&T customer, but you really need to fix this problem, or you might be losing more customers besides me. The only thing keeping me here for now is trouble of trying to get 2 devices switched over to new carrier, but I'm still considering this.
              I hope some CEO of AT&T will read and consider this, even if I don't ever hear from such a person, maybe this can help them consider making changes in the future to their Company.

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                Why is it that AT&T can't get service out to my area of Allen, Oklahoma? Every day, I deal with poor service. I am sick and tired of padding the pocket of the jerk CEO who does not like getting complaints in his inbox. I pay $40 a month for 8GB of service, and only get service half the time. I should only pay $15 a month for the lousy service that I get. I will be looking for another company who far outweighs this useless company.

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                  My account no with At&T: [protected]. I started my service with At&T on July 11 and ended my service within the 30 days. As addresses on the phone about the Att 30 day money-back guarantee, I decided to try, but because of the worst internet service, I decided to quit with them. As per the correspondence on 27th July (2:48 PM EST)with Tisha (Ref TP8415 ), initial installment charges and first-month charges were waived off with the Order # [protected]. But today suddenly they sent me a $285 stating the early termination fee. Why should we liable to pay any amount if we decided to cancel within the stipulated period ?

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                    AT&Tinternet sere

                    A tree limb fell knocking down all power lines and wifi lines on July 29th the light pole and power lines were repaired the next day. AT&T was supposed be repairing the outaged in our area twice and everytime someone came out they did not complete the job. I've had 4 service techs to come out and say that things were not fixed at the pole, AT&T was out here three times working on the pole and no one seems to get the job completed. They keep telling me the ser uces will be restored in 24 hours and it has been a full week. All of my neighbors services have been restored. For some reason, they refuse to get my services back up. They have several times. I have expressed repeatedly how i work from home and go to school online and need my internet services. They will not get it fixed.The service has been awful. I still dont have service and no resolution in sight as of Aug. 5th. Service tech was out today and still didn't fix it we made another call to att and was lied to buy a supervisor that another tech would be out between 7:15pm to 8:45pm when he did show we call back and was told that there was no service tech scheduled to come out I've had enough were changing service

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                      AT&Tscam: premier protection plan

                      This protection plan is useless. We received a contract stating that our televisions would be coveredd for accidental physical damage.

                      We called to file a claim and were sent to the billing department, the technical department, and the premier protection plan department. NO ONE could help us.

                      When we finally spoke to a "supervisor", we were told that televisions are not covered.

                      There is absolutely no accountability.

                      Do not get manipulated into buying this plan.

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                        AT&T Direct TVat&t customer service

                        July 26, 2019, 8:50pm. My name is Jere Hawkins, I called AT&T to order an additional Genie mini this part of the called start at 6:30pm. I was transferred 5 different times and then disconnected 2 times while attempting to order new equipment. I keep getting transferred to different departments, and the common response was " I don't know why they transferred you here your account is with Legacy or U-Verse or Direct TV etc.. " After 1 hour and 45 minutes I gave up, after being placed on hold while I was waiting to speak with a supervisor then the call went back to the beginning like I was a new caller. I have been with AT&T/Direct TV for a little over 90 days, this is by far the worse customer service I have EVER experienced worse than Xfinity when I was with them until I moved. Not sure what's going on with your systems and departments, but when I call tomorrow, I will be calling to cancel my service and go back to spectrum. This frustration is not worth my time or effort attempting to order additional service. Desire resolution is for AT&T to wave the $99 dollars charge for the genie mini Wireless, if they would like to keep my business and for my time I will never get back.

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                          AT&T Customer Servicecustomer service

                          On 11 July 2019 my wifi and phone service was hit by lightning. I called at&t and they said they would ship me a replacement one on 13 July 2019. At 3pm on 13th I called at&t and they said it was delayed 5 days that I would'nt received it till 16 July 2019. I got upset. On monday I called at&t and ask to speak to a customer service person in the states and they switch me. He said he could get it faster to me by scheduling a truck to come out on 16 July 2019 to replace it since they have it on their truck. At first he said the wifi tower was on back order till 27 July 2019. When they did'nt show up on the 16 July 2019 I called and ask customer service where they was located? I was told they did'nt have to tell me. So I hung up. I called again and ask to be transfer and they said they could'nt do that. That when I want to a at&t store and a nice young lady called customer service and they told her that there was'nt anything schedule for me. So she set them to come out the next day and even got a comfirmation #. She also seen how hard it was to tlak to them. Well they did'nt show up. I went back to the at&t store and they got the store manager and when I explain to him what was going on he just said you see what we have to deal with. I finally received the equipment on 23 July 2019. Almost 2 weeks without a phone or wifi. I think that this was the worse customer service that I have dealt with. They lied to me 3 times and it seem that nobody cares. All that their customer service told was was thing happens. When I get a chance we will dropped at&t and never go back to them.

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