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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

ATT / shame on poor service from at&t

Ixje on Mar 26, 2017
Since January I've spoke to 91 grips I've been hung up on I've been transferred without warning I have had reps refuse to give their name I have had reps laugh I have had attitudes I have been lied to by two managers Leonard said he sent me a $200 we reward card found out on March 24th he...

AT&T Wireless / mobile service

Darla Bustos on Mar 25, 2017
I was contacted in the beginning of Dec. to purchase a cell phone through ATT and it would give me further discounts on my bill. I purchased phone under the understanding it would be bundled with my services except the digital life that could not be bundled. I called February 1st regarding...

ATT / deceptive behavior

Marc S. Roth on Mar 22, 2017
I have been a customer of at&t for 4 yrs. My most recent bill was $120.00 more than the previous bill-they claim I changed plans-I was unaware that there are different plans, since all companies are now offering unlimited data and texting for one price. At&t absolutely refuses to...

AT&T / internet satellite bundle

Cindra James on Mar 21, 2017
At the end of December 2016 the Direct TV portion of my bill went up by $60. I was unaware of this and called to ask about it. AT& T told me it was part of my 2 yr contract; my bill went from $88 plus tax to $153 plus tax per month for Internet and satellite. I complained and told them to...

AT&T Direct TV / bundle services offer

Dan Coll on Mar 20, 2017
The Sunday paper contained an ad offering Direst TV, Internet and home telephone service for $89.99 per month with free installation and a DVR with service to three additional TV’s. I called 888-778-8790 as listed in the ad at 4pm 3/20/17 and spent 55 minutes listening to Penny and all the...

AT&T / u verse

68sigma on Mar 20, 2017
In January 2017, before heading out of town for the months of Feb. and Mar., I called AT&T Customer Service to 1) change our Uverse plan, and 2) put our service on vacation hold while we were gone so that we wouldn't be billed for it. This was supposed to cost $17/mo. for those two month...

AT&T / your driver

Pref on Mar 18, 2017
Watch for the at&t van driving erratically on 34 east He was honking and tailgating drivers weaving in and out. All most pushed one car off road. Van number is 321814 I have posted this to Waze and google maps. If it was my employee he would have a write up or possibly fired. He i...

AT&T / customer service

At wit's end on Mar 16, 2017
I am at my wit's end with AT&T.  Please understand why: I became Power of Attorney for my cousin who entered a memory care facility in August 2016. On November 21, 2016, I wrote Customer Service requesting that her account be discontinued and the account cancelled.  I included a copy of the...

AT&T / vicksburg ms store

akinstley on Mar 13, 2017
Hello my name is Amber Kinstley and I want to file a complaint with At&t on their store in Vicksburg ms. I went into the At&t store in vicksburg ms on 3/9/17 to file an insurance claim on my phone. The man that helped me was very helpful and filed the insurance claim and told me I should...

Vista AT&T / charged multiple times for services not ordered.

SKG1 on Mar 11, 2017
After reviewing my bank statement I was charged a total of $103.03 which resulted in having to pay two over draft charges. My statement shows they were recurring charges from VISTA *A T&T 11950 SW Garden Place 866-608 and missing the last 4 digits. 1/30 Ref#636552000881 for $22.40, 1/9...

ATT / wireless - unlocking device, cancelling account

Karthi5 on Mar 10, 2017
Due to increase in monthly rates for grandfathered unlimited plan, I made the decision to move my wireless account along with my dad and sisters to another carrier. Note: I had been with ATT for over 10 yrs. On March 3rd: paid early termination fee as requested by ATT Customer Care for my...

AT&T / internet/email

Jenny Alexander on Mar 9, 2017
AT&T has been advised more than once about the fact that digitalpath.net emails are not delivered to any sbcglobal.net users. Many complaints have been filed and still we are unable to email anyone with the sbcglobal.net users. This keeps us from doing business...sending our construction...

AT&T / directv/at&t bundle package

Lynda O'Dowd-Morra on Mar 6, 2017
Direct TV & AT&T overdrew our bank acct. From 1/27 - 2/1 by $721.00 due 2 unauthorized chgs. We have several hundred $"s in OD fees & I was forced 2 pay a $106.00 bill they removed from my credit via Credit Karma in 2015.This caused a domino effect leading to a negative bal this month too for $671.00. We want all charges returned & cancel our acct.

AT&T / tv commercial

Tripster on Mar 4, 2017
Obviously the people who designed the commercial with the man screaming in the shower never had the misfortune of ever being in a mental hospital. Those are the horrifying sound you'd hear there. I have horrendous flash backs every time that commercial comes on. People screaming like that...

AT&T Beltline and the Tollway / cell phone

CatherineR on Mar 2, 2017
3/2/2017 - I drove my friend who recently had surgery and could barely walk to the AT&T store as her phone quit working while in the hospital. They said they could not fix it and she would have to buy a new phone. She was on a cane and barely walking but Ashley had her walk across the...

AT&T / warranty department

plh333 on Mar 1, 2017
My son who is away at school, phone broke 2/17, the screen is black, after buying it 9/16. He took it to AT&T in Boston who told him to call warranty and get a new one. He told him to tell them the phone was in perfect condition, no cracks, water damage etc. but he could not get into the...

AT&T / internet service

Tom on Feb 28, 2017
I paid my bills in time but my Internet is not working! I contacted AT&T support service and they said they had an error and promised to fix everything as soon as possible. It is now third day and my Internet still is not working!! I called AT&T and demanded some reasonable explanation and...

AT&T / cable still not buried after over 3 months. one excuse after another!

carolthurber on Feb 24, 2017
Have been waiting over 3 months to have cable buried that AT&T promised to have done in a week. After numerous calls regarding cable needing to be buried for not only safety but aesthetics as well, I've still got this ugly, dangerous cable hanging out on my front lawn. All I get from AT&T...

AT&T / business phone service -

Dschott on Feb 23, 2017
Our company - Anderson Machinery Co Acct #171-800-3346 001; Corpus Christi, Texas.. is now on day 4 of no phone service. On Monday February 20th before 8am.. a thunderstorm took down all electricity.. it was restored at 12:30pm.. except for the phone service . On Tuesday, Feb 21st.. 8:35...

ATT / tv and internet service

Wilfredo Feliberty on Feb 21, 2017
I completed a 1 year agreement with AT&T paying $89.00 per month. After 1year contract was completed my bill doubled to about &180.00 a month. I cancelled 30 days after my first bill. I was refunded my overpayment as I always paid early. After a few month I noticed I was in collections for...

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