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Complaints & Reviews

scammed in the name of bogo offer

I placed an order for a new phone and new line on November 17, 2018 because of a BOGO offer. I added a line...

my phone does not work from at&t

I had the phone wifi and tv instuled. the wifi dose not work and the phone does not work it has been trhee...

customer service reps.

I have been a Direct Tv customer for about 15 years. I have the Direct Tv Protection Plan in place. I am a senior citizen and live on a budget. So I downgraded to the Basic Family Plan to watch local tv stations. I have a Roku Smart tv that allows me to watch other programing outside of Direct Tv. Before I downgraded I was able to watch other programming, but once I downgraded my Direct Tv to the Family Package, my Roku Tv would not allow me to stream any other programing unless Direct Tv gave me permission.

So I contacted Direct Tv customer Service and spoke to a Representative who did not understand and when I asked for a Supervisor, I was transferred to another Representative who went throught the whole 50 Questions session, and at the end I asked for a supervisor and was transferred to another Representative and we began the entire 50 questions again...after 5 more representatives, finally I spoke to a "supervisor" who addmitted he was not a supervisor and then hung up.

Worst experience ever! I expected better from AT&T or direct Tv. I will not recommend Direct Tv ever again.

directv billing

This is our second complaint. The first was a month ago. Ever since AT&T took over billing for Direct TV, it has been a nightmare. We have auto-pay yet they still send us "overdue" notices and threaten to disconnect our Direct TV. The phone call a month ago was to a young woman in the Philippines who could barely speak English. Today we spoke to someone who speaks English but he could not access our records. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and we plan to drop Direct TV. AT&T's customer service and billing practices are unconscionable!!!


When I signed up for service I was told that I could get all the channels that I had they could do for less than $100 a month. My bills were $123 for the last 3 months now they say there $134 now it's over $243 this month. Whet in to pay the last 2 days and they said that they would take off the premiums channels said that it would lower it to $134 with is still higher than $90 I was told.

  • Da
    David ray york Jan 02, 2019

    same thing happen to me In sept. called new contract 103.00 monthly, well first oct. bill was 168.00 nov. 175.00 dec.205.00 all times i called they say pay the bill and we will refund you the next month. now i don"t trust them and I AN NOT PAYING NO MORE untill they get it right and i am dropping there service and the phone to direct tv with [email protected] sucks OH and i have been with them fpr 20 years good buy assholes [email protected]

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Called for a new router using what is suppose to be a landline. When I called the voice said "are you calling about the service connected with the account"... Silence... No number given. We could connect to the router but not the internet. Said they would ship one out and it will arrive the next day. No router came so my husband calls them and they blame it on ups saying they dropped the ball. I call ups and they never received any router to ship. All routers for twenty years have came from 30 miles away in nashville but when I tracked this supposed shipment it was coming from laredo tx and heading north then south to us but had not been received. I call again and "prince" or "zeus" says we dont ship routers you must have a tech visit. Tech comes and does not give us the router but one did come in the mail same day. We do not have voi (not supposed to have voip) nor tv only internet and a landline. The router they sent from mexico border is a voip router that we cannot disable sip nor ipv6! I always disable these and with this router it is not possible. I am sick with stage four cancer and just having it on, regardless if in use, makes me feel like I have an elephant sitting on my chest and I cant get my breath. Every time our phone rings every appliance with a fan in it starts playing tv/radio. I want a normal router asap. This has gone on since the line was installed in 2012. Call are routed both incoming and outgoing and I never know if I am really talking with the bank, etc, or not. The first month of service we were hacked from nigeria and australia! Went to bank to file against these and they were to call me back on monday. When they didn't call I called them and they said they talked with me and I said it was a mistake and to forget it. Same thing with paypal when I called to put my account on hold. I expect a call from at&t by friday or there will be legal charges against you. I am done with this. You are the most crooked company there has ever been. I cant wait till god's recompense against you. I will not shead a year for you.
Anyone who reads this please go to justia.com and read about their patents. Pure evil. Adding extra emf and so much more.
You have stolen my life at&t. Even the dog is sick. What goes aroud comes around.

at&t/directv package unethical behavior

i am tired of calling these two companies to solve the problem. they don't answer, disconnect, you wait for...

cell phone service

My name is patricia Wilder I have AT&T for over 11 years. They have shut my cell phone off twice and charged...

at&t uverse

Today I came home to my service with AT&T being interrupted! I have been in touch with AT&T regarding ...

installation of tv and internet services

I initially wanted TV and internet in my home. First technician stated he could not install because I wanted...

cell phone customer service

I've been with AT&T for my cell phones for 2 years and their customer service has always been subpar. Today I wasted another 75 minutes on the phone with a representative that reported he couldn't access my account or bill as the system is having problems.
I guess he got frustrated too as he then chose to disconnect me, an act that's happened before with AT&T. This comes on the heels of a 30 minute chat session a couple days earlier that had the representative telling me the system is problematic and they also couldn't access my bill. So I called back and asked for a Supervisor. That resulted in a contradiction of previous information provided by a supervisor the month before (I was lied to).

cell phone charge increased without knowledge/deceptive practice

Last month was of ATT associates changed the setting on my phone and caused my bill to skyrocket from $58.00...

two unauthorised charges to my credit card so far.

Complaint is concerning a prepaid sim with the number: [protected]. While on holiday in America in...

customer service

I contacted AT & T on 10/31 via the web portal at My AT&T. Spoke with Jessica who was sympathetic to my issue...

telephone scams started after filing an insurance claim

When filing a insurance claim to replace an insurance damaged iPhone we were met with an incredible struggle from the insurance company. First they wanted proof by my texting them a copy of my drivers license. This wasn't enough, then they wanted the last four digits of my SSN. They replaced the iPhone8 with a different color (white not gray) and it was refurbished. I now understand that this is "in the fine print of the contract." Also, that given that it is a later model that there is no guarantee of color, etc. The insurance company employee and supervisor were incredibly defensive. It is only when working directly with an AT&T employee I gained some satisfaction as a long term customer of AT&T. Thank you.

I read online that this insurance company manages almost every cell phone company; what a monopoly and no wonder they are not customer focused.

Directly after filing this claim (Oct 21, 2018) I began to receive SCAM calls and voice mail to my cell iPhone. One call [protected] Hyattsville, MD (Oct 24, 2018) went directly to voice mail, it did not record on incoming calls. How does this happen? They threatened that my SSN may have been compromised and if I didn't phone back I would accept the consequences of my inaction. Two other calls [protected] Waltham, MA (both on Nov 3, 2018) voicemail identified as AT&T wireless account verification department stating my account had been suspended for verification and I needed to reactivate (press 1) or contact AT&T and speak to a representative (press 2).

Coincidence, perhaps; however, it seems unlikely. I had never received these type of calls prior to dealing with this insurance claim. Please look into this. It is incredibly annoying, disconcerting and could compromise those who are vulnerable to these devious attempts.

A satisfied AT&T customer for many years

direct tv

On October 10 I paid my direct tv bill by phone as I have always done. I then, on the same day, called...

at&t, internet, directv and u verse tv

As a current premise technician in Springdale Arkansas, our management pushes us to get the job done a...

service representatives and supervisors

I have used At&t services for years. I have two cell phones with the company. Your company provides the poorest service and the most inaccurate service that I have experienced in a long time. I share the service with my daughter and granddaughters. Together, we have six mobile phones and two landline phones. Every time, we call and speak to the different representatives, a different story is given. I called to have my direct tv service transferred on October 3, 2018. I was told at that time by JR that the phone was needed for the direct tv service even though I told him I already had two cell phones. It said I could not use those phones because my service is under my daughter's name. I assist in paying the bill for the phones and never had a problem talking to the representatives concerning the service.
Since, JR proffered that the phone was free, I finally agreed after being on the telephone for a long time. I called back a few days later and cancelled the phone. They advised to send the phone back by the direct tv person when they came out to give me new service. I had reschedule several times. I did offer to send the phone back my mail the same day because I could not charge the phone because the phone is defected.
Today I received a bill for $169. 83 which the representative, Lubianca said the grace period was passed and I would have to pay the bill even though I never even charged the phone or used it.
Every time, I have called, I have received erroneous information which has cost me. They claim they are writing down what you say but when I called today, there was no record of me cancelling the service even though I in fact called and did so. Why in the name of the Lord would I need another cell phone when I currently have two.
Although, I can't even use the phone even if I wanted to, I am still being charged. This is outrageous and I am absolutely tired of all the misinformation that your representatives give out and cause people to pay more money. I am so disgusted with your company.
When I traveled internationally several weeks ago, I was told that I have a international long distance package which turned out to be a lie. Now instead of the package, I have a bill for over $400.00.
Of course, today I was told I still have to pay the bill but I would be give a credit of $80.00 because the time period was up for me to cancel. How very ludicrous. I hear people complain all the time about your service and I have wanted to change back to the old carrier. Today was the deciding factor. You treat customers like crap and it is totally irresponsible and rude.
I don't have any email correspondence because the representative claim they cannot send correspondence confirming what they tell you. This is why they can get away with giving out wrong information to the customer without the possibility of any liability on their part. I am fed-up. My number is [protected]. The main number is [protected]. The account number for the last transaction which is the subject of this complaint is [protected] and the number associated with this account is [protected]. If you check your records not one phone call was made on this phone because the phone is defective and could not be charged as I mentioned earlier.

wireless service and billing

I added a new line to my account on Sep.12.2018. I asked the representative not to activate it until September 26th, 2018. When I received the bill, they charged me for the line although it wasn't activated it. Later, when my wife put the simcard in a phone on October 4th, 2018, she started receiving tons of text with cursive language. That was very embarrassing as she was sitting with my family and her family and they saw all these texts and her dad got mad because of all these texts. At that time she was outside the country. I called AT&T and asked them to solve the problem. The first person said that they can't do it, I asked him to give me a manger, the manager said he will do it and placed me on a brief hold, 5 mins later, someone picked the phone and they don't know why I was transferred to them. I repeated the story, she said that the can't change the phone number immediately and I will have to wait 2 to 3 days and that line won't be active for that period. I told that person that I bought that line for the sole purpose to be used by my wife on her travel in the next 2 days. Then she said ok we can change it. 1 hour later over the phone, they were able to change the number.
I received my bill and I was charged a fee for changing the number and the international texts!!! Although I wasn't informed about the charges, The person who changed the number also said that I shouldn't be charged for the texts as they are not mine.
I called customer service and they refused to remove the fees and they kept saying that I was notified of the charges, I insisted that I wasn't and I told them that I will cancel with them. They transferred me to loyalty department whom I had to repeat the whole story again and his only words these are valid charges and his only solution is to transfer me to technical support because that's where the charges were originated.
I refused to talk to them because I don't want to spend another 30 mins talking to someone else about the same issue.
This is not an issue about money, but it's about the deceit and frustration that this company make its customers go through over small charges. I'm a customer with them for 5 years and I pay 150$ every month. But now I will switch to a respectful company who knows how to treat its customers.

wireless service and billing
wireless service and billing


billing, internet, phone & chat service

Lost internet on Sept 6, 2018. Called AT&T and was told my modem and router were bad. Went and bought new...

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