Amazon.comno delivery to your front door!!!

Do not use amazon for anything!!! Ever!!!

For some reason, amazons so-called "delivery drivers" refuse to deliver packages to the addresses on the packages!! I live in an area where there are a lot of elderly people who order medical supplies and drugs to be shipped to their doorstep, and they are not! Even I have packages that have been shipped via amazon dumped on somebody elses doorstep!!!

The addresses are clearly marked and labeled on the package, yet these lazy, brain dead, worthless fuktards can't even get a package to the front door of the address where it's supposed to go!!!

Packages for this area have been found dumped behind bushes, dumped on the doorstep of vacant residences, dumped on the sidewalk, and there have been several people claim to have witnessed amazon "delivery drivers" dumping packages in nearby garbage cans and dumpsters!!!

I, myself, have seen a delivery drivers pull up to an outside garbage can and dump a load of small packages in it!!!

This is a vile, corrupt, and diseased company!!! Don't do business with them!!!

They cost the consumer industry billions of dollars a year in "lost" packages, merchants having to dish out millions a year in refunds because customers didn't get what they ordered, and billions of dollars a year in wasted resources, wasted products, wasted fuel, and wasted consumer time and effort in buying online!!!

Not to mention the billions of dollars a year, wasted on paying these pieces of human garbage to deliver your package that never gets to its destination!!!

Never use amazon!!!

And always, always ask any company you are purchasing from who they use as a delivery carrier! If they say ups or amazon, then don't order from them!!!

May 28, 2018

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