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Zazzle / very upset

Pamela Marshall on Sep 5, 2017
I usually ordered from them and had no problems, don't know why they actually occurred, but I couldn't leave it with no attention. I ordered business cards from them on 8.23 and still haven't received them yet. Every time I call them to ask my questions they give me different stories and...

Zazzle / business cards order

Teon ElCash on Aug 28, 2017
Ordered business cards and was given a 2 week delivery date (which I feel is extremely long). After 2 weeks I checked the status of production and delivery, only to find out that the cards weren't even started on yet. They apologized and said they will be made within 2-3 days, and they'll...

Zazzle / refusal to resolve ongoing technical issues

Maggie Garmley on Aug 13, 2017
Zazzle does not provide a stable working platform to designers as promised. Stores ‘disappear’; products ‘disappear’; created products do not display for public view – the list is endless. Zazzle ignores that it has major technical issues and refuses to correct same. When complaints are...

Zazzle / shirt order

BMorse on Jul 22, 2017
Ordered 8 customized t-shirts on May 13th and received an order confirmation stating that the delivery date would be between May 22-24. We would be going to Disney on June 8th so I was anticipating the shirts would be here on time, no issues. On June 1st, after not receiving them, I called...

Zazzle.com / zazzle black membership

EeJiao Winn on Jun 13, 2017
Same thing happened. I tried the 30-day free trial of their black membership and ordered a mug. The next day they denied my purchase because of content copyright issues. Fine I was ok with that. So I went to the website to delete my 30-day free membership. Turns out they don't have that...

Zazzle / crappy quality business cards

GeorgiaV96 on May 15, 2017
I am an extremely disappointed first-time customer of zazzle. First of all, I placed my official order for 3 sets of business cards on 13/04/17 and when they finally arrived yesterday (15/05/17) I noticed on my receipt that the “order date” said 04/05/17. After numerous attempts at trying to...

Zazzle / Pouf

golfinggal1 on May 10, 2017
I ordered 2 poufs from Zazzle. The quality was terrible and the color beige had a pink tone to it. Yes they will take it back as long as I pay the shipping which went to San Jose from Naples. It cost me $114 to ship them back...they sent these from North Carolina. So I am out $114 for...

Zazzle / crappy printing and worse customer service!

Bob Denton on May 5, 2017
I have had a Zazzle store since they began printing T-Shirts and have generally been pleased with their service. Occasionally they will not print enough white if ant, as a first layer for a design on a dark T, but that's what there "If you don't love it.." is all about. I recently ordered a...

Zazzle / Zazzle content review team

efhenneke on Apr 4, 2017
I am an angry Zazzle designer. I’ve been with Zazzle since 2011 and have two stores. I know the guidelines very well and do my best to adhere to them. Recently, I received a ton of emails notifying me that several images used on products for my Roaring 20s collection “contain content that i...

Zazzle / Products being sold with stolen designs

Shigil Jimbolji on Apr 3, 2017
Please have this taken down immediately. I created this piece of art. The design im referring to is - kerala mural vintage hindu deity metal ornament. This being sold by vanwinkle. Also noticed that i'm not the only artist who's a victim of this, already a comment about a similar incident. Thi...

Zazzle / 65th birthday invitations

pupomatic1@hotmail.com on Apr 3, 2017
on 3/29 i ordered 20 of you cute 64.95 cards. i did not want it filled in, i 2qw going to do that. at any rate i paid over 44.00 to have these cards expressed to me, i paid over 71.00 for cards i was filling in myself. i have not yet received them and it is april 3rd. i no longer need the...

Zazzle / Personalized paper plates

Kim Rice on Apr 1, 2017
Re: Order ID:131-22891291-3175569. Standard &. Order ID:131-02112288-7075205. Standard I received my order today, March 31, 2017 and i am extremely dissapointed I did receive the correct products as i ordered them, however, they arrived completely bend inside the box. The box was fine...

Zazzle / Invitation cards

MariamVikk on Mar 10, 2017
I have ordered 30 invitation cards from Zazzle and received my order in a timely manner. Cards were lovely, but unfortunately two of them were damaged. I contacted Zazzle immediately and asked for a replacement and they said that they were not able to replace only two cards. They said that...

Zazzle / Business cards/printing error

crystalgrid on Feb 22, 2017
I ordered 100 business card from Zazzle online, order #ID 131-26909021-2508605 on 11/12/2016 to be shipped to my present residence in Brazil. The cards werde received with errors on the back. Customer Support arranged for a replacement. However, the replacement was shipped with exactly the same...

Zazzle / These guys have the worst service ever!

Purrin on Feb 8, 2017
I have purchased personalized invitations from Zazzle and was very disappointed with the result. I did not like the quality and the whole thing in total and when I contacted Zazzle and told them about that they replied in a rudely manner. I asked the to fix everything and do as I asked...

Zazzle / My order didn't arrive

ZvidKas on Jan 10, 2017
I bought two t-shirts from this site and my order was made in mid November. One shirt was for myself and the second one was a Christmas present for my brother. They said that my order will arrive between 20-24 December but it did not show up and is still missing. When I contacted Zazzle...

Zazzle / No thanks Zazzle!

Kittson on Dec 23, 2016
I have ordered two bags from this site as Christmas presents over three weeks ago. Several days later I received a message from Zazzle stating that only one bag was left in stock, so they shipped only one and promised I'll get a refund for the second bag. Recently I got another message...

Zazzle / Customer service & product fulfillment

Amy Kreider on Dec 22, 2016
I've ordered from zazzle before but i will never order from them again. I placed an order at the beginning of december with a delivery date of 12/11-12/12. My tracking information never worked but i wasn't alarmed at the time since it takes a while for it to be updated. Once my...

Zazzle / Thirts ordered

LaToi Storr on Nov 22, 2016
I ordered on 11/15 and the order was supposed to come to me by 11/21 or 11/22. I emailed on 11/21 and the response was we will escalate your order for shipping but no shipping information. ON 11/22 I called and got hung up on. I called back and was told my order was still in production and...

Zazzle / Unable to submit product review or contact vendor.

GratisShark on Oct 11, 2016
I ordered multiple products on Zazzle.com and received the items two months ago. I have made numerous attempts to leave both positive and negative feedback on their site unsuccessfully. I tried using multiple browsers on my PC as well as through my mobile device and absolutely nothing happens when you push the "Submit" button.

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