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Zazzle paying of services I provided

Have -previously- been paid my earnings but as another person below stated. They NOW will do everything they can NOT to pay you. Never mind the ridiculous percentage they take from your earnings from YOUR work. The "support" are rude and condescending and refuse to acknowledge legalities from other countries. I have my screen captures of emails where they instruct me to add something to my form. I do then they say that is not enough and change it again. I have been trying to get my earnings for about a year now. The "support" person is beyond rude, condescending and extremely unhelpful.

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    ZazzleSM Nov 15, 2019

    Hi Designer,

    We are truly sorry that your having difficulty with getting paid on the site. Please note the documents are required by law now to release any funds. When you got paid, the law was different unfortunately.

    Our team are more than happy to assist you with this process.

    All the best,

    The Z Team.

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Zazzle order number from zazzle 131-[protected]-5070710

My fiancé and I placed an order with you on the 9th September for invites to our wedding, in November.

We finally received our package only to find that they are not our invites, and are invites to a Halloween Party in the States.

We are extremely disappointed with the service we have received from you, especially given that our wedding is only a few months away.

I urgently request that you resend the order to us as a matter of urgency and reimburse us for this error.

Kind regards

Vicky Swift and James Lucas

Zazzle closing of account/ royalties not paid after 120 days

Back in March, I closed my account, or tried to as soon as I was informed by Zazzle that if I do not create new work for them I would be charged fees and it would be withdrawn from money I was owed as royalties.
After a dozen emails with customer service, and many hoops to jump through, it is now 120 days since closing my account and still no final payment from them to me has been made.
Realizing I still had not been paid the balance that was in my account, this week I wrote to customer service yet again, who wrote back claiming that there was something wrong with the info I provided and that I needed to go into the account and check. I did as instructed seen there was nothing wrong with the payout info and realized that they reactivated my account!!!
How many other artist are they screwing over? Zazzle does not create the artwork you see on their site, artists do, and this one, me, along with many others I am sure are not being treated fairly.
As requested back in march and am still requesting, I want my account deleted as originally requested and payment made immediately, without any fees taken out as I closed the account before the fees went into effect and have the emails to prove all this.

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    DarkElegance Nov 07, 2019

    they have done the same thing to me! refusing to pay me my earnings!

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Zazzle credit card error?!

I have never received a credit card error/decline before and I made sure my information was correctly spelled out.
When I completed one of my orders on and clicked on "place order, " a message came up stating there was an error with my card and to contact my bank. I looked on my account and the transaction is showing up as pending! Starting to think this company is a scam.. especially charging me almost $30 for save the dates and some invites. Yuck!

zazzle inc12 Years Account Suspended

I became a seller at Zazzle in 2007. Have made the company in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Have had issues over the years with a forum and moderators who are indifferent to many personally and have gone on banning spree's and insult and post about the person on the forums they do not like ( I have hundreds of these posts). Three of my so bans from the forum were lied about saying it was my browser. My last one something for a reply I got from support I posted to answer a forum question was told I could not do that and was banned from the forum, no biggy many are, .

However, almost a year later, I tried to contact a member of the forum as I cannot post there about a post I thought she wrote same name (only two people with this name) and was asking her about another place we worked online which is talked about all the time in the forums, with no objection from Zazzle. Accidently I sent it to the wrong person same name and it was sent through the artists store (Contact Seller link). It also contained concerns on the forum about referrals not being credited but give to Zazzle another concern of many artists. Again publically both issues are talked about on the forum.

So Zazzle after 12 years sent me a email saying my stores of over 5, 000 products hand designed were removed for what they claim was "Poaching". I wrote the person I thought I had and found out it was not her. So I wrote the person a amends and that the message was not meant for her, . I also spoke to the person it was intended for and she confirmed we had in the past talked about this other company and i was not poaching her either.

Several years ago they took down thousands of my designs that they never again gave me the chance to discus. I had to fight for days for them to stop and listen to my side. And was allowed to put them back up but it was to late I lost 7 years of rankings and never was able to recoup. I went on did not cause any problems about it or look for legal remedy. But this again is showing they have it in for me personally.

After sending this to Zazzle they have refused to review it, and now refuse to send me my pending earnings and a doc on all earnings I have made for my records as I can no longer see them/

I am pursuing legal action and that person in the process of contacting the owners if Zazzle does not reply within a time frame we have established giving them more than enough time to reinstate my 12 years of work and earnings as seniors we need, worked hard for and depended on.

This is total disparate treatment which we are giving Zazzle the benefit of the doubt as being unintentional treatment until we can conclude they are not going to answer which so far have not.

It is shameful what they have done to a 79 year old man and he is not alone, have seen this happen to several people they just do not like.

Zazzle ties

I tried to have them print a math problem on a tie. They stated they couldn't do it because it represent a bugs life. I think they need to watch the movie. The tie has a non copyrighted snip of an elephant and a flea. I guess they think the flea is a bug and therefore from a bugs life. The tie is about math. I've emailed them several times and have gotten no response. I don't know what else to do so I'm going to another company. I won't use them again. For anything.

Zazzle wedding invitations

LOST ORDERS, TRACKING INFO NOT UPDATED FOR 5 DAYS, UNKEPT PROMISES RE: EXPEDIATED SHIPPING. STILL AWAITING LAST ITEM - TRACKING SHOWS IT WAS PICKED UP IN RENO 5 DAYS AGO and have not received them in NY. Tracking shows UPS was shipping choice (although all other items came USPS). Called UPS for update and was told their service UPS Mail Innovations actually contracts with USPS and they have no tracking info from that point on. What kind of company is this??? A decptive one!!
I'm begging you not to do business with this co - you'll be sorry if you do. I wish someone warned me now I'm paying the price!!!

Zazzle 131-[protected]-1075179

I need someone to contact and get back to my email ASAP.
Order is placed since 5 June, got lost in tracking and did not get it.
Asked a CS to support and re-send the package instead I get a wrong thing re-printed and it's not what I asked for.

This is wedding invitation card and details I am talking about here. I am sure you guys know how important this is. And due to time difference in me, it's so hard for me to log all this. I have to wait for 3 weeks for nothing now. Am so beyond disappointment. How can this simple thing happened so wrong and its causing me so much inconvenience!!!

You better make sure this is rectified immediately or I will bring this matter further.

All my log from chat and email should be traceable from [protected]

I urgently demand and request for reprint, re-shipped for the 20x invitation and detail card as I have ordered and lost.

Zazzle — capricious and inflexible order cancellation

I have been a Zazzle customer since 2004. Every year, I would order t-shirts for a small do-it-yourself gaming convention. Most years, Zazzle would deliver promptly and without a...

Zazzle custom glass mug

Ordered a custom glass mug on 4 May 2018 for my wife with her name and a photo on it. What I received on 8 May 2018 was a mug with someone else name, no photo and some totally irrelevant info on the glass. Clearly someone else's order.

Despite sending Zazzle a photo of what they sent me, not once but twice, they still wanted further info such the order number of the other person (as if I would know) before they were willing to recognise they messed up.

Despite multiple requests to get the item remade and sent in time for Mothers Day, they have still not done so!

I want the item I ordered as well as a refund on the expedited shipping which I paid a significant amount of money for in order to have my item as quick as possible...even if they send it now, it will not be recieved within the timeframe for which I paid the extra expedited shipping!

custom glass mug
custom glass mug

Zazzle — 2 x las vegas binders

114874 I had ordered a gift for my daughter who married in las vegas i had ordered these 2 personalised wedding albums 1 for me 1 for myself a was totally shocked what i was given its 2...

Zazzle image copyright infringement - blue crab

c/o LindysTees and BootsPlace

It has come to my attention that your site and vendors on it are using my U.S. copyrighted Maryland Blue Crab image in your products without permission and are not currently paying a licensing royalty for its use in your products.

See links below to their products using my copyrighted image (for sale on your Zazzle website).

Please inform these companies of their illegal use of this image.

Please cease display or, use of, or sales of any and all products that contain my copyrighted Maryland Blue Crab image until a royalty agreement has been negotiated with me.

I can be directly contacted at the phone number and email to negotiate a royalty for any and all past and future use.

John Consoli
Cell: [protected]

Here are Zazzle links to vendors (LindysTees and BootsPlace) that are currently illegally selling products with my copyrighted image printed on them:

image copyright infringement - blue crab

Zazzle damaged goods - printed map

I ordered the printed map on 27/11/2017 from the Zazzle website
Order ID

On your website, it stated that their could be an 18 day delivery window,
However the product was delivered on Friday 22nd December, which is 25 days after the order was placed.
On receiving the package, I noticed that there was visible damage to the exterior of the parcel. (Please see photo attached)
When I opened the box to get the printed map out, I was astonished to see that the picture was considerabley damaged and un-usuable due to the print being so badly packaged and handled.
In the lengthy wait I was panicing that it wouldn't arrive in time for Christmas as the arrival date had passed, I therefore had to spend more money on other presents as I couldn't gaurentee this print would arrive.

As this was a gift I would like my money back as I was too embarrassed to give it to some else.
What was meant to be a lovely gift has unfortunetley been a waste of time and money.
I was devastated to unwrap it and find it damaged after all that time

Kind Regards
Corey Litherland

damaged goods - printed map
damaged goods - printed map

Zazzle I have never been paid for my sales.

I have been with Zazzle for over 3 years. I'm not doing high volume but have had quite a few sales. I have never been paid even though I requested that my account be closed and a check for the balance sent. That started almost a year ago. I have never received even one penny for my work. I have had numerous emails with customer service promising to investigate. The promising one was in October promising me my check in didn't arrive. I contacted them again and they said for sure it would be in December. Still no check. My last response from them stated that they would start an investigation if it hadn't arrived in November. It never happened. This is impossible. All I'm getting is BS.

Zazzle shady business practices and account removal

I've been having a hard time simply deleting my account after they made unauthorized charges for a zazzle black membership, and am still waiting for some kind of confirmation that my account has been deleted.

It started when I received a "welcome to zazzle black" email after having not logged into my account for months. I had cancelled that service back then after receiving terribly slow service (all i ordered was a mug and it took forever to arrive). When I submitted a complaint to support they claim its an auto-renewal. How the do you auto-renew an account that was cancelled? I also cant login to my account no matter how many password reset links they send to me.

I think they don't bother sending confirmation emails when you cancel that service just so they can scam you a year later and claim they're auto-renewing the membership that you cancelled. If you have no proof of the cancellation they can makeup any story they want.

I would stay away from zazzle and always make sure you have alerts setup with your bank so you can keep a lookout for unauthorized or fraudulent charges from shady businesses.

My only desirable resolution is for my account and debit card information to be deleted. I want nothing to do with this company.

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    ZazzleZucks Jan 01, 2018

    Zazzle auto renewed the zazzle black without my authorization... As if that was not enought... Zazzle does not let you remove your credit card information so they can find illegal reasons to charge your credit card!!

    0 Votes shirt printing

I purchased a T shirt order number 131-[protected]-5076802 from on the 12 th of December 2017 for my nephews Christmas present. When the shirt arrived I was very disappointed to see the quality or should I say lack of any quality control. The printing on my t shirt is so faded and washed out it looks as if it has been washed about 500 times the definition of the printing is also very poor, the font looks fuzzy and blurred. On the whole this is pretty crappy t shirt. I don't think I will be rushing back to use them again!
The cost of the tshirt is extortionate in comparison to the quality of the product! I would like either a full refund or a decent well printed T shirt.

t shirt printing

Zazzle — delivery

I bought a mug as a specific work gift, paying for extra shipping to ensure it would arrive in time. The last date it should've arrived would've been today and I've spoken to...

Zazzle suspicious actions and discrimination to artists

I have been with Zazzle as a artist now for going on 11 years. Have designed many stores with them and have made them hundreds of thousands of dollars just my work alone.

About 6 years ago they started implementing actions that overnight took many of their loyal first time members down in earnings. Mine 3, 000 a month to now barely a 50 dollar threshold pay day. The reason for this partially as I was not well liked at their form by a male moderator that up until the day before Thanksgiving has been stalking me, banning me from the forum now 5 times and not one email showing what I did wrong. I in fact for 6 months was told I was not banned and it was my browser. Well again the day before Thanksgiving just like before with this moderator I get insulted, and I respond and I am banned. My posts and other members posts deleted when they tried to stick up for me and tell this moderator he was out of line what he said to me. Not the first time, in fact I have the emails and posts asking him to leave me alone.

My husband is going on 77 years old, and last year they sent us a email saying our 12 step graphics after 10 years were copyrighted. They knew very well they were not as when we started with them that was made clear to them that they were Public Domain. Since then the A.A. logo and use of the name has now been copyrighted and we have no problem with that. But they took down in 3 days 1304 of my products, and hospital posters which took me 10 years to promote to the level they were and consistent income. Even after finding out after I had A.A. World Services in NY contact them, they refused to reinstate but 3 of the 1304 they removed. For 3 days my email was flooded with hundreds and hundreds of take down notices, each item receiving notice they removed. My husband ended up in the Urgent care with chest pains as although we called, we emailed we begged them to stop they ignored us.

Since then they have pretty much continued their quest to ruin us and have. There are some very suspicious things going on a this company. One of them is their referral stripping. At one time we made a decent amount of their affiliate program. However they stopped our bonus program claiming it was just that a bonus and subject to being removed at any time. And since then most of our referrals are stripped using whatever form they are, with emails, even all the way to check out. I can refer a item and within minutes to a day or two get a sale on it. The cookie is suppose to last 90 days or so, it changes so don't quote me, but it always for me anyway comes back hijacked as a 3rd party sale. Something wrong in my opinion with a company that has a affiliate program and is also affiliating their own products, seems like a conflict of interest which should be carefully audited by a outside source like the IRS to make sure they are not using software like stealware and getting these referrals legally, if they are allowed at all.

I am not alone. After again being banned the other day, I received over 20 emails from angry artists that have become like a family in 11 years many that posted and were deleted, many who also feel they are being targeted after years and years of loyalty and sales that made this company.

I think it would behove someone to really look into things at Zazzle. The average age of the employee's there is mid 20's and they seem to be running the show, with either the owners unaware, or not caring.

I have pondered sending all my posts of the last years to them, but we are talking thousands, and/or just the insulting ones to me when asking a question and mocking my memory and intelligence to other members. Also I have asked for proof of one post I did that warranted the multiple time I was banned from their forum which I use to promote now cannot and chat with other members.

This time they used the excuse I posted a email I received from them about this moderator stalking me. The email had 5 people in the CC line when I got the answer back, and nothing about it being private. In the forum I did not say who it was from. The reason I posted it is this. It told me that from now on the moderators have been instructed not to answer me, and want me to get any answers from the members (something in that order) not word for word, so I posted it as now I had no way to get help without the members, and sooner or later I would have to tell them when the moderators ignored me per their instructions. I replied back and said so I get punished because your moderator insulted me? I then was banned.

I am up in the air on what to do, . I still have my stores with them, but sales have been destroyed for personal reasons. Oh and let me also point out. Not one other store on Zazzle selling the same niche as me was targeted, until I insisted the ones breaking copyright laws either be removed or I would contact the owners of A.A. Copyright. I was given disparate treatment still am, and hope someone looks into this company as they have hurt so many of us.

Thank you for the venue to do this.

  • Updated by Bob Tinker Mellinkoff · Nov 26, 2017

    I wanted to add. I now fear more retaliation for posting this here. They would not work with me, my husband and I are both seniors just trying to make extra to exist. I have been loyal send probably a hundred or more artists to them, and have over and over thanked them and it appears unless you have no concerns your welcome, but question anything and your now on a list. I need this income, this was not easy to have to do, but they have not been forthright with us artists and make us do things to keep our status that some have to work all day to keep up with for fear of losing their rankings and sales. I belong to 9 other companies doing the same thing and have never seen anything like this anywhere, where moderators bark out orders and if you do not like it end up like I have and many others. Thank you

Zazzle — envelope productions/no eta/past delivery date

I was told I'd have a delivery by Tuesday, I just now got off the phone with customer service and they said they have no ETA as to when anything will be finished because they have...

Zazzle absolutely unreliable

This was the last time I ordered something from them. What a terrible customer service they have!!!
I didn't receive my order, so I started calling them. And every time they tell me the same story that it will be shipped soon.
Oh yeah? Then why haven't you actually shipped it before? It's been a month and you are going to ship it now? It's so stupid of you.
I really don't care you have many orders. What do you expect from me?
A complete understanding? No way. If you can't do your job properly, hire more people or don't do anything at all. But stop making excuses for not sending orders, because it's ridiculous.

Zazzle — very upset

I usually ordered from them and had no problems, don't know why they actually occurred, but I couldn't leave it with no attention. I ordered business cards from them on 8.23 and...

Zazzle business cards order

Ordered business cards and was given a 2 week delivery date (which I feel is extremely long). After 2 weeks I checked the status of production and delivery, only to find out that the cards weren't even started on yet. They apologized and said they will be made within 2-3 days, and they'll upgrade my shipping to overnight for the inconvenience. Well I waited 5 more days only to find out that the cards still weren't made. Finally, I decided to cancel the order. A complete waste of time and an absolute horrible experience.

Zazzle — refusal to resolve ongoing technical issues

Zazzle does not provide a stable working platform to designers as promised. Stores ‘disappear’; products ‘disappear’; created products do not display for public view – the list i...

Zazzle shirt order

Ordered 8 customized t-shirts on May 13th and received an order confirmation stating that the delivery date would be between May 22-24. We would be going to Disney on June 8th so I was anticipating the shirts would be here on time, no issues. On June 1st, after not receiving them, I called Zazzle's customer support. The woman I spoke to could give me no reason as to why I had not received them and told me she would look into it and to check back next week. It almost sounded as if the order was never started. I emailed them on June 7th after still not receiving the shirts and requested a cancellation of my order. After several confusing correspondences through email (one email stated that my order had been cancelled, another stated that my order could not be cancelled) I was notified by a family member that was back at home that a Zazzle package came. Once we returned and I looked in the package I had only received 7 of the 8 shirts, and one of those 7 was not even personalized as ordered! Again I emailed this company, voiced my frustration and disappointment, and requested a full refund as 1) I was not satisfied with the experience, 2) I did not receive all shirts as ordered, and 3) I did not receive them in the delivery window that Zazzle said they would be delivered in. I returned all shirts I received (again I only received 7 of the 8 ordered) and once my refund came through just a few days ago, I only recieved a partial refund!!! I paid $191.27 for this horrible experience and Zazzle had the audacity the refund me $143.28!!! That is $48 missing from what I paid! How they even came up with this number I have no idea. This is by far the worst consumer experience I have ever had. I have been ordering through Amazon for years (multiple times per month) and have NEVER had an experience like this. Amazon has some of the best customer service and Zazzle by far has the worst.

Zazzle.comzazzle black membership

Same thing happened. I tried the 30-day free trial of their black membership and ordered a mug. The next day they denied my purchase because of content copyright issues. Fine I was ok with that. So I went to the website to delete my 30-day free membership. Turns out they don't have that option on the website. So i went in my account and delete all my banking information. They billed me 30 days later for a year-long membership. I emailed their customer service right away asking for a refund. They denied me. Seriously? I am super pissed.

  • Be
    Bellamie Jun 13, 2017

    Well it took 10 seconds to find this on the zazzle website:

    How do I cancel my account?
    To cancel your Zazzle Black program membership, visit theZazzle Black program management page in My Account and click the "do not renew" button. Your membership will no longer auto-renew, but you will continue to enjoy benefits through the term of your membership. We do not offer refunds for cancelling the Zazzle Black program prior to the end of the current term.

    So they DO have that option - and they also explain it in their FAQ - not sure how hard you looked.

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Zazzle crappy quality business cards

I am an extremely disappointed first-time customer of zazzle. First of all, I placed my official order for 3 sets of business cards on 13/04/17 and when they finally arrived yesterday (15/05/17) I noticed on my receipt that the “order date” said 04/05/17.

After numerous attempts at trying to get in contact with zazzle to find out where the hell my cards were, it took over a month for them to be delivered to me. Certainly not a good first impression. 

to make matters worse, the real reason why I am fuming out my ears at this total lack of professionalism, I open up my business cards in anticipation, expecting them to turn out the way I ordered them (Is that too much to ask?!) - and yet my hopes were completely diminished when I saw what happened to my business cards - poor printing of my headshots and space between the photo of my headshot and the edge of the card - how can you look at what you did to my cards and happily post them off to me thinking I would be okay with this? If they don't look like what I ordered, then it is not what I ordered. Extremely disgruntled - absolutely embarrassed by what has happened here. Terrible service.

The printing was just crap. On the back side of my business cards, it looks as if they double printed my headshot and so on every single card, there is an extra bit of my head showing on top of the actual head shot - the pictures will explain what I mean. Just ridiculous. After waiting over a month and receiving no updates on whether my product is actually being shipped to me - as a first (And last) time customer, I have no plans on recommending zazzle to anyone - i'll go to vistaprint next time. Anyone but zazzle.

This is ridiculous and completely unfair. I paid for a service and the service was incredibly unprofessional in terms of communication and product quality, so why should I have to fork out more money?! I just wanted some nice looking business cards the way I ordered them. So regretful.

I want a full refund.

crappy quality business cards
crappy quality business cards
crappy quality business cards

Zazzle — pouf

I ordered 2 poufs from Zazzle. The quality was terrible and the color beige had a pink tone to it. Yes they will take it back as long as I pay the shipping which went to San Jose...

Zazzle — crappy printing and worse customer service!

114874 I have had a Zazzle store since they began printing T-Shirts and have generally been pleased with their service. Occasionally they will not print enough white if ant, as a first...

Zazzle — zazzle content review team

I am an angry Zazzle designer. I’ve been with Zazzle since 2011 and have two stores. I know the guidelines very well and do my best to adhere to them. Recently, I received a ton...

Zazzle — products being sold with stolen designs

Please have this taken down immediately. I created this piece of art. The design im referring to is - kerala mural vintage hindu deity metal ornament. This being sold by...

Zazzle — 65th birthday invitations

on 3/29 i ordered 20 of you cute 64.95 cards. i did not want it filled in, i 2qw going to do that. at any rate i paid over 44.00 to have these cards expressed to me, i paid over...

Zazzle — personalized paper plates

Re: Order ID:131-[protected]-3175569. Standard &. Order ID:131-[protected]-7075205. Standard I received my order today, March 31, 2017 and i am extremely dissapointed I did receive the...

Zazzle invitation cards

I have ordered 30 invitation cards from Zazzle and received my order in a timely manner. Cards were lovely, but unfortunately two of them were damaged. I contacted Zazzle immediately and asked for a replacement and they said that they were not able to replace only two cards.
They said that the only thing they could offer was to place a new order! Are you kidding me?? Why would I order a whole new set if I wanted to get only two cards replaced!?
I regret the day I found Zazzle and decided to use their service. These people simply don't respect their customers and they are not ready to help!
They gave me nothing but headache and almost ruined my wedding!

Zazzle business cards/printing error

I ordered 100 business card from Zazzle online, order #ID 131-[protected]-2508605 on 11/12/2016 to be shipped to my present residence in Brazil.
The cards werde received with errors on the back.
Customer Support arranged for a replacement. However, the replacement was shipped with exactly the same error again.
I contacted customer service by e-mail again. Received apologies and a
second replacement was ordered which I received today, 02/22/2017, however, again with the same error.
Three shipments with the same printing error.

business cards/printing error
business cards/printing error

Zazzle these guys have the worst service ever!

I have purchased personalized invitations from Zazzle and was very disappointed with the result. I did not like the quality and the whole thing in total and when I contacted Zazzle and told them about that they replied in a rudely manner. I asked the to fix everything and do as I asked them but they refused and claimed they already did everything they could. Then I asked for a refund but they said no. These guys have the worst service ever! Not only quality of their work is poor, but they also have nasty and rude employees. I would never recommend them to anyone, I'm sure there are better companies out there who treat their customers with respect.

Zazzle my order didn't arrive

I bought two t-shirts from this site and my order was made in mid November. One shirt was for myself and the second one was a Christmas present for my brother. They said that my order will arrive between 20-24 December but it did not show up and is still missing. When I contacted Zazzle support for the first time they said that I have nothing to worry about and when I contacted them for the second time they simply didn't reply. I hope I'll get my order soon and I will not buy anything from them again. Very unprofessional service and sipping takes way too long.

Zazzle no thanks zazzle!

I have ordered two bags from this site as Christmas presents over three weeks ago. Several days later I received a message from Zazzle stating that only one bag was left in stock, so they shipped only one and promised I'll get a refund for the second bag. Recently I got another message that they cancelled my order because nothing was available. Previous time they claimed that at least one bag was already on its way. You can see that Zazzle is definitely a scam! I would not recommend buying from them. I'm out of money and have no presents. No thanks Zazzle!

Zazzle — customer service & product fulfillment

I've ordered from zazzle before but i will never order from them again. I placed an order at the beginning of december with a delivery date of 12/11-12/12. My tracking...

Zazzle thirts ordered

I ordered on 11/15 and the order was supposed to come to me by 11/21 or 11/22. I emailed on 11/21 and the response was we will escalate your order for shipping but no shipping information. ON 11/22 I called and got hung up on. I called back and was told my order was still in production and did I still want it? how it was for tday with turkeys on it why would I want that after the holidays? Now I have to wait 7-10 business days for their mess ups. classy company right? IF you couldnt honor the order update the customer not have the customer chase you around to get an answer

  • Za
    zaggleapp Dec 21, 2016

    Hi LaToi Storr

    Thank you for your feedback. We constantly strive to provide our customers with the best service. At Zaggle we take pride in providing world-class gifting solutions that offer our customers freedom and convenience. We will definitely take your feedback into consideration.


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Zazzle — unable to submit product review or contact vendor.

I ordered multiple products on and received the items two months ago. I have made numerous attempts to leave both positive and negative feedback on their site...