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NoFlame E-Cig reviews & complaints

NoFlame E-Cig complaints 6

NoFlame E-Cig - no flame

Hello Vigo,

My vigo id is [protected]. I am not satisfied with you because despite of real video and real account you didn't give me single flame yet. I am trying since four months even I seen instances where people used my video for duet they get flame but I am not. Can you please look concerned and provide appropriate feedback.


NoFlame E-Cig - battery for cartridge

Last year I was send a defective battery which i mailed back to the company at the address they gave. They said they never received it. Since I did not send it to you certify mail there was nothing I could do so I just took the lost.
Last August 7th I had a different defective battery which I return to
6538 COLLINS AVE #114
MY RMA#[protected] which this was send certify mail
Tracking# [protected] 53 sent on 8/27/2018 (COPY BELOW)
It was sent back to me RTS
I called NO Flame on phone and they checked the address and said it was right.
They told to to return it again. I went to the PO and resend it.
Today 09/19/2018 I received it back Return to sender. I have 6 boxes of cartridges and no battery. I want a new battery ASAP

NoFlame E-Cig - Electronic cigarette unauthorized credit card charges

I won this package, so gave this to a friend, has a present, and noticed that this company has been taking 2 x lots of £49.99 per month since November and only just found out who and what were taking...

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NoFlame E-Cig - They did not deliver my order!

I brought 4 ecig batteries from warehouse worth $1.50 each and paid $12 for express next day post. After 2 days of waiting item I started emailing the company with complaints to which I received no reply. I then tried to find a phone number as to ring up and complain only to find they had none.

I have received 2 refill packs of NO FLAME ecigs I did not order them, I don't want them as I have now stopped using all cigeretts, cancel my account and were do I return these it to, and please refund my money £59-99 thankyou.

Mr.W. Mcguffie. 30/06/17

my name is ron i also bought a scam deal i was told i only needed to pay postage which i did but when i got my bank statement they have stole a further £69.99 from my account i can, t afford this i live of my state pension i would, nt mind but i, ve seen a brand on sale for £15.00 .

The phone number I have is [protected] and the address is 1521 Alton rd. #752 Miami Beach, FL 33139 hope it helps

i bought no flame cig kit 2 mlo. ago battery will not charge up.please send replace ment battery as soon as possible...richard brown


4 tenth st. retsof, new york 14539.thank you much. ill be looking forward to the replacement battery whic i needf badly..

i ordered the kit a a week and a half ago, , , still no kit..please put a rush on it

NoFlame E-Cig - Free offer scam

I have got free offer but they have been taking money out from my credit card. The stolen sum is $73.98 and can’t afford myself such a loss. What can be done to stop this? I haven’t...

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NoFlame E-Cig - Hidden Subscription

On 10/25/2012 I ordered a FREE e cig trial from It was supposed to cost me 4.99 for shipping which I did get charged. I recieved the kit. I was very careful to look for strings on the web site before I ordered but found none. The kit came with no info except a thank you letter. 14 days later my account was charged $100.47. On 11/26/2012 my account was charged $80.26 and today I got a package of refills in the mail from "No Flame E- Cigarette, 6538 Collins Avenue #95, Miami Beach, FL. When I went back to the web site to complain, it was gone. Now I have no clue who to contact to stop this.

I have been scammed by their free offer. I excepted the free starter kit and now am now being charged every month for a product I do not want. They are taking 49.99 out of my account each month. How do I stop these transactions?

Not sure. Do you get in touch with me?

May 6, 2013
I also have been misled and over charged by this company.

I to did the same thing...and then the next thing i knew i was being charged $79.00 a month...which has been going on for months!!! they certainly keep this quiet. I called them the 4th of dec 2012 and had this cancelled, i recieved a cancellation email saying that the order was cancelled...then the following friday i recieved another shipment...I sent then an email about their so called practices and i've contacted tne Better Business Bureau...and if i don't recieve a response from the company...i definitely have the money and meabs to let my lawyer handle the situation...this kind of business tactics need to be put a top too