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I have not ever encountered such unreliable services in my life until this month when I missed the deadline of my credit card payment by 1 day. I know I am a busy person, but I also like to pay my bills on time. To be safe and to not miss my payment deadline, I enrolled with the [protected] credit card Alerts, which would alert customers for many functions, which include payment deadlines. I appreciated this system because on September 2007, I received an alert email to remind me that my payment would be due in 7 days.

Last month, I did not receive any alert email from [protected]; as a result, I did not pay my bill on time. I called and emailed the [protected] customer services to ask why, but none of them could provide me the reasonable answers.

Worst of all, when I called and spoke to Tyler, one of the Internet [protected] credit card adviser, he told me that I should not rely on this Alert system to pay bill. I was in shock. [protected] provides such Alert system to help customers, but customers should not rely on [protected]. What a slap on their trustworthy words!

However, I was not satisfied with what Tyler said and seeked second opinion from other [protected] advisers. I spoke to Patricia and she told me that my email server could have filtered out their emails. Again, I disagreed with her because I have been receiving all other emails from [protected] except my alerts email. I asked her if there was any change in their system that [protected] didn't inform their customers to aware of, and she said no. But, from her, I learned [protected] did change their email address and they did not inform customers about the change. Instead of using [protected]@alerts.[protected].com, they just started to use [protected] as their email address.

The latter imposed two issues: 1) fraud email address without using [protected] as part of the domain name, and 2) negligence of informing customers about recent change of email usages.

Although I am responsible for my lateness, I don't agree that I am the only person who would be responsible for the whole situation. I post this statement because I think [protected] serves millions and millions of people in this world. Imagine if [protected] serves 4 million people internationally, only 1/4 of this population, who relies on the alerts system for meeting their payment deadline, could bring them a profit of $15 millions dollars plus finance charges imposed on the statement.

If some of you like me enrolled in this system and did not receive any alerts email last month, please respond to this statement to see if we could make a case. I plan to carry this on elsewhere; if you have any other advice, please feel free to offer here.


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  • Ti
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    If you would better organize your bills, without relying on an alert system, perhaps you'd pay your bills on time. If Chase sent you a bill showing your due date, then they did their part- the reminder system is just additional assistance they provide. Get your head out of your rear.

  • Ka
      19th of Jan, 2008
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    I too have been scammed by chase visa, and twice. First time I had a 4.99% Interest rate until bill was paid off, I had the account for two years and was late 1 day past the due date, mind you I had paid my bills on line thru Washington Mutual the same time every month, but this time it was one day late that was in July. They would not reverse the late payment and raised the interest rate to 22.49%. I was irate and I knew it would do me no good. So what I did I paid them off and ate the big interest rate. I had 4 Chase accounts and paid them all off thru a Home equity loan, and closed all of our Chase accounts. That was in Aug 07. I then received convince checks in Oct from CBSI Bank. It was for 0% for 6 months and 1.99% until paid off. So my car needed to be repaired and I had some other wants, and used the check, at 1.99% until paid off. Two weeks later my checking account was overdrawn because the check was denied; they told me the bank account was closed. So I tracked down the bank and found out it was Chase and it was the account that I had closed. If I would have known, I would never have used the check.. I called and was told that they set up those promotions 3 months in advance and so they go ahead and send them out. I did not have a choice and had the account re-opened so the check would go through. I was charged a declined check fee of 39.00 and a Finance fee of 150.00 at 16.99%. I then got a statement dated 10/15-11/14 which showed a check of 5000.00 at 16.49% interest. I made a payment 11/26 for 150.00 which was due by Dec 9 and did not notice that the charge was for 1000.00 more then what I wrote the convenience check which( 4000.00.) (According to chase that is a different matter) I then had trouble with someone taking mail out of our mail box and so I just paid all my bills Dec 2nd for January so I would be safe. I did not receive a statement until today 1/19/07 in the mail. It states that I am over due 180.00 and that my minimum is 434.00 due by 2/8/08. I called and talked with a supervisor Rebecca P. she refused to give me her last name or any other confirming number that I could refer back to in a letter or if I had to proof I talked with someone. She just said that it would be in there notes if they had to identify her. She told me that she was sorry but that the Dec 2nd payment was before the closing date and was considered and extra payment for Dec and I was over due for January. She would not budge on this. Even though it was a different check and clearly was for payment in January. I explained this and, she said that I could have gone on line and read that if the payment was made before the closing date the 14th of the month then it would be considered an extra payment.. I could have also got on line and down loaded my statement and should not rely on the mailed statements. She kept saying that they already had a late payment July (one day late) and they could not reverse the interest rate. I now have an interest rate of 16.40 because: I wrote a convince check on a closed account that did not show an account number, or a name of chase on it. And even though I made a second payment of 150.00 it is not considered a payment. (Guess that was in fine print) This really sucks and something needs to be done. Please someone if you can help I am paying over 150.00 in interest a month. Because 1. I was sent a convince check that was on a closed account that did not reflect that it was or the account number and because that I made a payment before there closing date. I was also told that all credit cards practice this procedure. I have never had a credit company practice this procedure. I would understand that if I made a payment with extra amount then it would be just extra on the account, but come on it was a separate check and different date.
    Thanks to any body that can help

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