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Shopped around for a panasonic bmp-bd55 blu-ray dvd player. I found one at for 399.00 which is the manufactured suggested retail price. I assumed Amazon had a good rep, so I agreed even though it wasn't a great deal, I had a 25.00 gift certificate and it said free shipping. Also, I was getting a little tired of shopping only to maybe save a few bucks if any, so I went ahead with the deal. According to they had the item in stock.

I agreed to pay Amazon $374.00 (399 less my 25.00 discount) for the dvd player that they said was being shipped by (a retail company). My card was promptly charged by amazon, and then three days later I got an email from the retail company that said they were out of them. They did promise (the retail company) they would sell me a replacement for the same price, however it wasn't what I wanted and those items are inferior to the item I ordered, so I declined, and asked for the refund.

I immediately went back to the amazon website. SURPRISE! They now have 3 in stock for $499.00. What's the deal? The under-the-table goings on over there don't matter to me as a buyer. I got baited into purchasing the 399.00 item, only to be told it's out of stock, and switched over to another retail seller at $100.00 more than what was agreed to.

This is nothing more than a BAIT and SWITCH Scheme! I called amazon, and talked to a robot. I couldn't get anywhere with him, and refused to get me to a supervisor. Rightfully, since Amazon advertised the deal at 399.00, and I agreed to pay 399.00, then the deal was made and they owe me that dvd player for the price we agreed on!

So beware. Although I guess there's little I can do about this, they get enough business off their bait and switch tactics, and their "free shipping" scams that I've heard about and the transactions are too small to pay lawyers to help you. It will never be fixed. I guess that's one reason why the american economy is in the toilet. People just want to keep ripping other people off. is no exception!

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  • Kr
      28th of Mar, 2010
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    I've recently had a couple of problems with One time, I found a dog toy at a great discount price of $5.00 and ordered 4 of them (my dog readily destroys toys). When I checked out, it charged me $9.00 each!! I got that resolved and though, ok, maybe it was just an error.

    So today I searched for and selected an item to view on Amazon, decided to buy it at $29.99, added it to my cart. When I went to check out, it showed as $34.99 in my cart!

    Is this kind of bait-and-switch legal?!? It's certainly not ethical. I'm disgusted with

  • Sy
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    I’m hoping that someone may be able to assist me or at least look into this situation. I’m dealing with a bait and switch situation with and at this point I’m getting absolutely zero assistance from their own customer service.

    On October 5th I purchased an expansion pack for the Lord of the Rings Online game from Amazon, called The Mines of Moria Collectors Edition. It was available from Amazon, not their “sellers, ” and they advertised it for $9.99 plus shipping. I figured this was a really good deal and I placed my order. The total coming to $14.97.

    As of October 25th, my order had still not even been shipped. I contacted Amazon customer service, via e-mail, and was told that the product is not available through Amazon and that I would need to cancel my order and purchase it from one of the “Sellers” on the Amazon product page. I was told to purchase it with Next Day Shipping. Not only does the Next Day Shipping option cost more, but the seller is selling the product for $29.95...that’s $20 more than was advertised as the original order I had made way back on October 5th!!

    I then contact Amazon, via telephone, and was told by a supervisor that they were still waiting for stock to come in and that purchasing it from the “Seller” was only a suggestion. I pointed out that the e-mail I received did not say it was a suggestion, it said the product was not available from Amazon (which, on the 5th, it was perfectly available when I placed my order). The supervisor told me that the order would be shipped on the 27th when the stock arrived. I asked her who I should contact should the order NOT be filled. She said, “you won’t need to contact anyone. The order will be shipped on the 27th, I guarantee it.” As you may have guessed, the order was not shipped. I received an e-mail from Amazon telling me to contact them if I did not get confirmation that the order had been shipped by the 28th. Today is the 28th, it’s 3:29pm and the order has still not yet been shipped.

    I know that to be on the “Seller” list for Amazon you have to pay a fee to Amazon. So, in any case, Amazon is conducting a bait and switch. They advertised that they had the product for $9.99 and are now attempting to force me to purchase the product from one of their sellers for $29.95. This isn’t right! It may not sound like a big deal to most people, but I want my product from them at the advertised price!

  • Ka
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    I just had a similar experience. I purchased an item which was a set for $199.00 and AFTER the funds were taken from my card, the order canceled and no one knew why when I called. So I re-purchased the order on a different credit card thinking my new card was the problem (since no one could tell me), only to have them cancel that order as well AFTER the funds were taken. Apparently the item was out of stock, but after I did a search for this product I found it for sale for $200 more than what I had ordered it for. So now I'm out of $400 until my money gets refunded and I have no product!!! And no one seems to think this is a big deal because my money will eventually be refunded, umm I do though. I don't have $400 to just lose for the hell of it, even if it will be refunded in 10 days. I am so mad and I'm looking to hire a lawyer. This is ridiculous and I'm pretty sure it is illegal. Certainly no way to run a business.

  • Ju
      4th of Jan, 2013
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    I heard a radio piece talking about how Amazon is using information about specific customers, i.e. how much they will and are able to pay and is adjusting their prices accordingly. I have had similar experience to those above and wondered if this was an issue. Particularly with toys at Christmas, when a lot of us are willing to pay more to get the requested toy..
    Most recently shoes were advertised as leather, until I saw them in my review list after purchase, where they were listed as 'faux leather'. This is from an outside vendor via Amazon. So sad to be having to reassess my relationship with Amazon, which for years has been a good one.

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